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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kellan Kyle Interview with Eye Candy Bookstore

Interview with Kellan Kyle

Mornin' Kellan Kyle! Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by us Eye Candy Bookstore ladies today for our page and your many adoring fans!

Is there anything you'd like to start out by saying to the ladies? Carrie has a request for you to say "Mornin" to everyone. Lol! ;) Um, well, I guess I’ll start with mornin’ then. Mornin’, ladies. How’s it going?

We just have a few questions for you whenever you are ready!

Question #1: Toski asks- What made you decide to get involved with music? Who influenced this decision? I suppose that was my parents’ doing. They gave me a guitar to keep me…entertained…and it just felt right. It felt good.

Question #2: Carrie wants to know when you began your love affair with coffee? Lol! I don’t know if I would go so far as to say “love affair”, but it seems like everybody drinks it here, so I’m around it a lot…and it’s delicious. It’s warm, smells good, and feels amazing going down my throat first thing in the morning. What’s not to love?

Question #3: What are your feelings about Denny? We all decided "toolbag" was a good nickname for him. Toolbag? What? That’s not very nice, girls. I think Denny is a truly great guy. He didn’t deserve any of the shit that happened to him, and I’m just thankful that he felt guilty enough for kicking my ass that he forgave me. Eventually.

Question #4: What is the craziest thing a fan has ever sent you or said to you? Well, that depends. What’s crazy, what’s normal? I’ve had girls offer to blow me before they’ve even offered their names. To me, that’s normal. On the crazy scale…I did get cornered by a girl in a wedding dress once. She told me that she wasn’t leaving my side until we were married. She even had handcuffs on her. I managed to get away from her, but now Griffin likes to hum the wedding march song to freak me out. So not funny.  

Question #5: If you had to choose ONE song that is not yours to describe your relationship with Kiera, what would it be? Just one? That’s difficult…we’ve had so many ups and downs. How about “Won’t Stop” by OneRepublic? Yeah, that sums up a lot for me.

Question #6: Sarah asks- OMG the car scene, you were pissed, really pissed. What made you stay and call the truce the next morning? I don't think many guys would have stuck around if they were in your position.... What I did and said was awful. I owed her an apology. And…I loved her. I couldn’t leave.

Question #7: Tell us about your band mates, one thing about each of them that they'd probably kill you for telling us? Ah, are you trying to break up the band? I would never spill private stuff like that. You will never get me to say that Griffin has, on occasion, pranced around the bus in Anna’s underwear. Never. Please don’t make me relive that moment…

Question #8: When you first saw Keira at Pete's what was your instant thought? That she was one of the most beautiful girls that I’d ever seen. Tell us in your own words what it was like for you at the espresso stand. Intense. Confusing. Emotional. It all worked out for the best, but that was a really hard moment for me.

Question #9: You just about lost your shit when you found the pregnancy tests, if they were in fact Keira's, thinking back on it now, what would you have done? Fuck, I don’t know. I probably would have raised the baby with her. Or not, if she didn’t want me to. Jesus, I don’t want to think about that. Next question.

Question #10: Hmmm, is this a Kellan-choice question? All right… Kellan, what are your plans for the holiday? Well, Kellan, that’s a very personal question, but I guess I’ll answer it. Kiera and I rented a cabin in the woods for the week before Christmas. We’re going to trek through the snow, drink hot chocolate by the fire, and potentially be eaten by wild animals. Wish us luck.

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