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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Eye Candy Bookstore Review of Meet Me in the Dark by @jahuss


Well JA Huss… you are brilliant and quite frankly, I am a little scared of you too ;) This book was absolutely captivating in the most complex, confusing, and beautiful way. If you want a book that makes you think, and I mean really think, while reading it, this is the one for you. I was blown away with how invested I was in this story.

Merc Case (Merric) is one of those characters that I didn’t know if I was going to love or hate… and to be honest it was up to the very last chapter of the book before I could definitely give you an answer on this. I didn’t know if he was the good guy in the story or the bad guy, it was confusing as hell, but oh soooo good. He challenged my theories at every turn and held my attention the whole time.

Sydney Channing is a cluster of contradiction in this web of craziness, is she the captive or the asset, what is real and what is made up. Her world is complete chaos, you can’t help but completely feel for her on so many levels, but then you think, is she playing us???…. AHHHHH

JA knows just how to complete destroy and rebuild every theory you have while reading this book and it is amazing and refreshing to not know what is coming next! This is book is twisty, complex, dark, and beautiful all rolled into one and it is a 5 star read to boot! I can’t wait to read more from this author, she definitely just moved up on my reading list!
Reviewed by Tonya Nichols @ Eye Candy Bookstore