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Saturday, July 1, 2017

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We're on the verge of another couple releases this month, Swole 4 on July 3rd and Swole 5 on the 17th!
Are you ready to hit the gym for the final time with Trent, Jonny, and Jared? I certainly hope so!

Are you ready to get Swole?

Swole: Chest Day
Swole: Leg Day
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Swole: Wet Wednesday
SWOLE 4 ebook cover
Trent Cassidy has a proposition for his roommate Jared Hughes and nerdy house guest Jonny Cameron.
Both men have been invited to a shoulder workout at Swole, and the session would involve all three of them at the same time.
As luck would have it, the final decision rests squarely on Jonny’s shoulders. Will his choice be the right one or will it end up tearing them apart?
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Finale to the gay erotica short story series.
Spring break is coming to an end. 
That means reality is about to kick Trent Cassidy, Jonny Cameron, and Jared Hughes right in the balls.
As the trio finds out each other’s true feelings, will it be enough to endure, or will their friendship, like the adventurous week, simply end?