Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Inescapable Desire by Danielle Jamie

This book is part two in the Savannah Trilogy with Irresistible Desire being Part I and Part III being released later this year. If you read Part I then you are probably already in love with Kayden Knox and if not, after reading this one you definitely will be. The writing in this book, as well as the editing improved tremendously over the first book, showing enormous growth by the very talented writer, whose ability to draw you in and make you feel every emotion of the characters is second to none. 

I am blessed enough to call Danielle my friend, due to the numerous hours we spent as she wrote this book, BETA reading and editing with her, and I must say, she does a fabulous job portraying this story to the very fullest and you will love every page you read. The cliffhanger ending will be something you never see coming and everything leading up to it between Savannah and Kayden, Savannah and her ex and Savannah and her friends will keep you enormously entertained. Oh, and the sex? Super hot! Look for my previous review of Irresistible Desire further down the blog posts for a back story on these characters, as I do not want to give too much away or be repetitive but I DO believe that you will be missing out if you do not read this book! Hell, this series! Five stars Danielle, well done. Release date is May 24th, 2013. <3 Kellie 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Changing Fate by Amy Cox

This book was amazing- I loved it! I will admit to skimming over some of the sex scenes as I felt there were more than plenty of them and they were not all necessary to understand or love the story. The  best thing Babe (Rachel) could have ever done for her life was leave the dead end relationship with Tim, the man that just didn't see her, or their daughter Alyssa. Going home and leaving Tim when she finds out her father is sick, Rachel stumbles (literally) upon Ray while helping her sister Kate with a job serving concessions at an auction. Little does Rachel know that Ray will quickly and change the lives of herself and Alyssa forever. 

This book was funny, heart warming, made you fall in love with everyone in it (except Tim, lol) and also made you cry and wail like you were reading Taking Chances by Molly McAdams again. Don't worry, it's not what you think or expect. ;) Changing Fate is well worth a read and I think Amy did a fabulous job making this book into something that everyone who reads it can relate to. You should definitely add this to your TBR list and I cannot wait for the continuation of the story between Kate and Zack. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

From Ashes by Molly McAdams

After reading Taking Chances by Molly McAdams, I was nervous to read this, book shy if you will, and almost passed on giving it a chance. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved Taking Chances, it was just so heart wrenchingly sad that I was not prepared to deal with the heartbreak again should From Ashes take the same path. Luckily for me it was nothing like Taking Chances and I flew through this book, never being able to tear my eyes from the pages. It was awesome! 

Cassidy grew up in a very abusive home and her best friend since birth, Tyler, was all that kept her alive through it most days. When they graduate from High School and Tyler decides to move from California to Texas to live with his cousin and go to college, he doesn't hesitate to bring Cassidy with him- they were each other's everything, growing up basically like brother and sister. Or at least that is what Cassidy thought- Tyler had some other ideas about the two of them that soon begin to get in the way when Cassie meets Gage. Tyler's cousin Gage is infatuated with Cassie from the moment he lays eyes on her and can't believe his dumb luck that she comes to Texas to live with him and Tyler....who tells him Cassie is HIS girl and not to even think about trying to make her his. 

Cassie and Gage find themselves getting closer every day that passes, only to have Tyler sabotaging their every opportunity to take it further by secretly telling the two of them behind their backs things to keep them apart. This is a great story with the best ending for a book I have read it years and I highly recommend that you read this and fall in love with a good ole country boy like I did. <3 Kellie 

Afflicted by Sophie Monroe


This was a fabulous read and I highly recommend if you like tattooed bad boys and rockers that you give this a read. This is the continuation of Battlescars, with this book focusing on the story between Piper and Blake. Like a good story should, the love affair between Piper and Cole and then Piper and Blake will both make you happy, sad, angry and believe in true love. Piper feeling torn between a sense of obligation to her first love and the intense passion she feels for her new love have her torn throughout the story, at times making the reader want to punch her through the pages when she doesn't see what we want her to as she explores her feelings for both men and finally gets her happily ever after. Where Battlescars had Jake meeting the first woman he'd ever loved, Aubrey, in a most unexpected way and them quickly falling into a passionate relationship, Blake and Piper were friends first; Blake still hurt from the woman he loved for years hurting and leaving him and Piper involved in a relationship with a recently returning war veteran with a severe case of PTSD who takes all of his anger out on her. This is a real story with real characters and real problems. A refreshing change and something everyone who reads it will fall in love with. ❤ Kellie

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Irresistible Desire by Danielle Jamie

I had no expectations of this book since this is a brand new author and is a brand new series, but I was quickly converted to a believer and loved it to say the least. Kayden Knox immediately proved to be book boyfriend worthy and is actually my second favorite now, behind only Christian Grey. He is young, sexy, powerful, rich, tattooed and a country boy.....all things to love in a book boyfriend. With a past marked by hurt from the woman he once loved, Kayden has sworn off the "relationship thing" and has taken the stance that single playboys don't get broken hearts.

Savannah has had the same boyfriend for four years and sees only him in her future when he proposes to her and then subsequently gets busted cheating on her.....the same night.
Reeling from the painful breakup from Logan, Savannah swears off love and rules in favor of fun with no attachments instead. When she comes face to face with Kayden Knox while he is being interviewed by the magazine she works for in LA, plans quickly change for them both....

For a first book I thought this story was very well told and for me easily brought to life- I immediately am able to picture Savannah as bratty, sassy and sexy blonde Blake Lively and Kayden Knox with his sex appeal, tattoos and "megawatt" smile as Colin Wayne. Being able to so quickly see the characters brought to life is the mark of a well told story to me. Other than the hotness that is Kayden Knox, I loved this story so much because it is set in my hometown (partly, when not in LA) of Houston, Texas and surrounding Galveston where I have spent lots of summers throughout my life. To have a book relate to towns and places I have actually been to makes me love it even more. This book has a Book II and a Book III both due this year, in May and September respectively and I can tell you this, not reading all three books in this series would be a shame- Kayden Knox should be on everyone's smokin hot BB list. ;) Kellie 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Beautiful Bastard 

by Christina Lauren

Love, love, loved this book! However, I H-A-T-E-D it when I started it and almost put it down. So, when you start reading and are frustrated like I was, do not give up! Keep reading, you will fall in love with Bennett Ryan, just like I did. When Chloe Mills is asked to become the assistant to Bennett Ryan, returning to Chicago from France to take a top position at his family's media company, she never expects the "Beautiful Bastard" to be someone she HATES seeing every day. Bennett feels the same way about her, with not a day going by that he doesn't give Chloe a hard time, just because he can. 

Little does Chloe know that his "asshole tendencies" are a defense mechanism against his growing attraction to the beautiful woman that works for him. The two of them engage in a passionate affair, never expecting the line between love and hate  to become blurred. This book is everything you want in a love story, fighting, passionate love making, drama, tears, anger....I loved it. I will say this- I WAS disappointed that the names of all of the major characters in the book with the exception of Bennett and Chloe were taken directly from Twilight. This led people to call it a "rip off" of the Twilight franchise and rank this story rather harshly, when in reality the names are THE only similarity at all in the book. I recommend this read, definitely. <3 Kellie 

****NOTE: Author says the book has been edited since I read it several months ago and there are no longer any Twilight names being used in it. 5/7/13 ****