Saturday, July 13, 2013

Taming The Bachelor Review

Taming the Bachelor by MJ Carnal: 

The Moretti Novels Book One

This book was great and I could hardly believe when reading it that it was a debut novel by this author- it was written and edited like a professional, which I really appreciated. So many books these days get automatic deductions when being reviewed because they were so poorly worded and edited. Not this one though!

Mark Moretti is a player- a man whore- a man that stays as far away from commitment and love as he can. At twenty-eight he has never been in love and he is just fine with keeping it that way. Until a beautiful blonde rams into him with her shopping cart one day.....

I read some pretty harsh reviews about the behavior of Mark and Sophie in this book and how they behaved like children in regards to their romance and Sophie came across as weak for forgiving Mark when they fought and begging him for forgiveness when they had a huge falling out. What these people failed to remember about this story and these two lovers is that Mark had NEVER been in a real relationship- never been in love. Sophie had been in love only once before and it ended badly, with Sophie picking up huge issues with trust and honesty. So they WERE new to real relationships, new to the level of commitment they had embarked upon and new to the feelings that were brought to the surface as they became closer. I completely understand their behavior and the way MJ portrayed their reactions to this behavior and if you keep these things in mind while reading then you will too and it will make you love this story so much- it is a very real life relationship problem that most of us can relate to- trust. Anyway, what all of this boils down to is this, Taming the Bachelor is a great story and you will fall in love when you read it! Five-star, highly recommended read! <3 Kellie