Saturday, May 18, 2013

From Ashes by Molly McAdams

After reading Taking Chances by Molly McAdams, I was nervous to read this, book shy if you will, and almost passed on giving it a chance. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved Taking Chances, it was just so heart wrenchingly sad that I was not prepared to deal with the heartbreak again should From Ashes take the same path. Luckily for me it was nothing like Taking Chances and I flew through this book, never being able to tear my eyes from the pages. It was awesome! 

Cassidy grew up in a very abusive home and her best friend since birth, Tyler, was all that kept her alive through it most days. When they graduate from High School and Tyler decides to move from California to Texas to live with his cousin and go to college, he doesn't hesitate to bring Cassidy with him- they were each other's everything, growing up basically like brother and sister. Or at least that is what Cassidy thought- Tyler had some other ideas about the two of them that soon begin to get in the way when Cassie meets Gage. Tyler's cousin Gage is infatuated with Cassie from the moment he lays eyes on her and can't believe his dumb luck that she comes to Texas to live with him and Tyler....who tells him Cassie is HIS girl and not to even think about trying to make her his. 

Cassie and Gage find themselves getting closer every day that passes, only to have Tyler sabotaging their every opportunity to take it further by secretly telling the two of them behind their backs things to keep them apart. This is a great story with the best ending for a book I have read it years and I highly recommend that you read this and fall in love with a good ole country boy like I did. <3 Kellie 

Afflicted by Sophie Monroe

This was a fabulous read and I highly recommend if you like tattooed bad boys and rockers that you give this a read. This is the continuation of Battlescars, with this book focusing on the story between Piper and Blake. Like a good story should, the love affair between Piper and Cole and then Piper and Blake will both make you happy, sad, angry and believe in true love. Piper feeling torn between a sense of obligation to her first love and the intense passion she feels for her new love have her torn throughout the story, at times making the reader want to punch her through the pages when she doesn't see what we want her to as she explores her feelings for both men and finally gets her happily ever after. Where Battlescars had Jake meeting the first woman he'd ever loved, Aubrey, in a most unexpected way and them quickly falling into a passionate relationship, Blake and Piper were friends first; Blake still hurt from the woman he loved for years hurting and leaving him and Piper involved in a relationship with a recently returning war veteran with a severe case of PTSD who takes all of his anger out on her. This is a real story with real characters and real problems. A refreshing change and something everyone who reads it will fall in love with. ❤ Kellie