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4 Play Release Blitz



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Ready for a bedtime story? Not Mother Goose or a fairy tale, but something a little hot and sexy? 4Play is an eclectic collection of four tales of erotic romance guaranteed to set the mood.

“Second Chances” - Claudette Bernard owns the upscale gentleman's club, Le Phénix and rules with an
iron fist in a velvet glove. Formerly Claudine Jackson from the
projects, she knows what it means to reinvent yourself and what it feels like to lose someone you love unexpectedly. When she meets Adam Jennings, widowed on his wedding day, she recognizes his
misery and vows to help him somehow. Enter Tracie, running away from her small-town roots and looking for work. Fate puts these three on a collision course toward their second chances
at life, love and happiness.

“Viewer Discretion Advised” -Hard working, but self-absorbed and egotistical, actress Sara Parker finds herself simultaneously ending a relationship and beginning an exciting new role on a prime-time television drama. Her co-star, Brad Watson, a professional football legend with no acting experience, is handsome, sexy, and infatuated with Sara. She kills her growing attraction to him when his star status and popularity eclipses hers, but Brad will do whatever it takes to get her where he wants her – in bed, even if it’s on set with the cameras rolling.

“Ghost in the Machine” - What would you give to talk to the love of your life one more time after death has separated you? Lindsay Armstrong, unable to find closure after her husband is killed during a convenience store robbery, is grieving herself out of existence Lost in memories of pleasure in her husband's arms, she feels cold and alone until Jared finds a way to contact her from the other side. Unless he convinces her to embrace life again, they will both be stuck in limbo between this world and the next.

“Interview with Mistress A” - When freelance writer Jordan Buchanan lands an interview with a dominatrix infamous in the BDSM underground, she didn’t expect to meet a warm, compassionate woman. She certainly never dreamed Mistress A would share the very personal story of her relationship with Vanessa, a lively young woman exploring her submissive sexuality. Will “the” Mistress lose her legendary self-control and break all her own rules with this tiny temptress, or will she bend Vanessa to her will? (Prev. published as Interview with the Mistress)

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Jordan Buchanan was born and lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia for most of her life. Now residing in northern Michigan, she misses the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, but living in the home state of the mighty Detroit Red Wings helps ease the pain.

Jordan writes erotic romance with both heart and heat. She has published the BDSM story, Interview with Mistress A, and the short story collection, 4Play. She is currently working on two novels, For Love or Money and Xander’s Garden.

When she’s not reading, writing, or watching hockey, Jordan spends quality time with her charming husband, three young Labrador mixes, and two older, and quite disgruntled, cats.


Love Bites Cover Reveal Sept 25 @HJBellus

Love Bites
"Love Can Kiss My Ass"
A Romantic Comedy by Author HJ Bellus
Two stand-alone stories same theme.
It always gets you when you least expect it.
You know the times when you have no willpower or desire to fight back. Then when you’re on the hunt for it, it becomes as elusive as a great white. But the day it knocks on your door you’re such a love-scorned woman you tell love to kiss your ass.
That’s right… LOVE BITES.
Sage Clark is no stranger to this game. She’s been beat down time after time in the vicious cycle of love never coming out the victor. When all hope is given up and every option depleted, Sage settles in for a lifetime of yoga pants, pop tarts and a steady flow of chick flicks.
Raise curtain and cue the choire.
In walks the man of her dreams and he’s seemingly perfect from head to toe. Sage feels her ovaries heat up at just the mere sight of the man but knows all too well love is a losing game for her. However, her prince charming just may have enough willpower to win her over.
Follow Sage as she slips and slides her way into the arms of the man who could be her Mr. Forever. She just might make the game of love her bitch this time.
Model: Bob Gerrity
Photographer: FuriousFotog
Oh Tate Martin, king flirt, sex God!
Finding his fiancé and best friend all tangled up in his bedroom sheets was enough to turn “LOVE” into Tate’s worst enemy. Happy endings, fairytales, and all things associated with women hardened his heart and extinguished all his hopes of finding his future queen.
That’s right…LOVE BITES.
Tate rubs some dirt on his wounds from the game of love and opens up his very own business, “Date Tate, Casanova on Call”. Custom tailored to the needs of the women in the city. There’s no limit to his services, women call him night or day in search of the perfect wedding, business, or “meet the family” date.
You need a date? Tate is your man. He never claimed to be original just smoking hot, fly and ready for action.
Cash is flowing, Tate’s getting his sexual appetite fulfilled, and the silver lining –nobody’s heart gets broken in the process. He’d challenge Prince Charming to a duel in the swag department.
Until a certain brunette bombshell named Royal Fox hires him. The once cocky, smooth talking charmer finds himself at a loss for words and can’t quite explain the butterflies fluttering about. He’s felt the tingle in his dingle from other women, but this time it’s different. Hell the slightest breeze gives him a stiffy that lasts hours around Royal.
Follow Tate as he gets trapped on the highway to hell some call LOVE and find out if LOVE makes Tate her bitch.
About the author
I'm just a simple girl who loves the country life.. .oh yeah! & a good corn dog! Throw in a little Vanilla Ice, and shits bound to get crazy! Be brave...
-Loves country life & music
-Gets the case of the "eff-its" often
-Loves Big
-Hurts Big
-love corn dogs & candy.... & (sex & candaaay)
-My heart is happy writing!!!
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Even Better (Stripped #3) by Skye Warren Release Blitz

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Release Day Blitz


Book Title: Even Better 
Author: Skye Warren 
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Release Date:  September 22, 2015

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Book Blurb

A story about how coming together can break us apart…

An old military friend of Blue’s comes to stay with us, and suddenly I have two muscled men surrounding me. Before I can take a breath, we’re diving into something dirty together—something dangerous. Dangerous because three is a crowd.

This is Blue’s best friend, and one of us will have to leave.

EVEN BETTER is a sexy follow up novella best read after BETTER WHEN IT HURTS. Fair warning: Contains two hot ex-military men and a girl caught in the middle.

     ½. Tough Love (prequel)
  1. Love the Way You Lie
  2. Better When It Hurts
  3. Even Better
  4. Pretty When You Cry

Praise for Better When It Hurts:
“5 Angsty Love-versus-Hate Stars! Better When It Hurts sucked me in hook, line, and sinker within the first few pages.” – Allison, The Reading Escapade Book Blog

“There’s one thing I can say with certainty, Skye Warren never fails to deliver a heartfelt, slightly dark, I can’t stop turning the pages story. This one is no different.” – Di, Twisted Sisters

“Very Angsty 5 Star Read! This book is so compelling, you won’t be able to put it down, this is one of those books that you’ll want to save to re-read.” – Melissa, Books Can Take You There

I expect West to laugh. They have a competitive camaraderie that is fun to be around. Except he doesn’t laugh. He doesn’t even crack a smile. Instead his gaze drops to where Blue’s hand is on my ass. For the first time since he showed up, lust flashes across his face.

Nervous, I glance at Blue. He’s watching me, lids low, a dark expression on his face. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and I think he likes it. It’s some kind of tease, an extension of their friendly competitiveness, natural and somehow intimate.

So intimate it makes me wonder if they’ve ever done more than tease.

My eyes widen. “Have you and him ever…?”

The corner of Blue’s mouth lifts. “What’s that, beautiful?”

“You know,” I stammer. “Shared a girl.”

The words come out in a rush, and I know from the sultry, smug looks on their faces that I’m right. “Not shared,” Blue says. “Not exactly. But I watched sometimes, sure. We’d get a night off and head to the bar near base. There are, what? Two men for every woman there. Maybe more.”

“Some girls like an audience,” West says, the drawl in his voice more pronounced.

The room feels twenty degrees hotter as testosterone and arousal swirl in the air. I had no idea that Blue was kinky enough to watch a couple have sex—although he’s been plenty kinky in other ways with just me and him. I imagine being some girl in a bar, being picked up by two men as big and strong and sexy as these two. It’s overwhelming…and I realize I may not have to imagine it after all.

Blue watches me from slitted eyes.

My voice is shaking. “Did you want me to—”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, beautiful. We’re just getting to know each other, after all.”

It makes me wonder if he thinks I’ll do more once I know West better. It makes me wonder if I even want to do more. Of course West is a handsome man, but being shared? “Umm.”

Blue shifts in his chair slightly, so my leg is trapped around his, and I’m slightly more exposed—facing West fully. “Maybe we could give him something to see,” he murmurs. “A nice little memory to bring to bed with him. Would he like that?”

West is completely still, lean body full of tension. “Christ, yes.” He pushes back in his chair, his expression more pain than pleasure. “Only if you’re okay, Hannah. Only if…”

“I’m okay,” I say, stronger now. God, if there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s to give a man a show. “I want to.”

Just like Blue and West think all they can do is fight, all I can do is dance. And this isn’t even dancing for strangers. This is dancing for the man I love—and his best friend.

Except dancing isn’t what Blue has in mind.




Meet the Author

Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dark romance. Don't miss a release! Find out about new releases and exclusive giveaways here: And like Skye Warren on Facebook here: Thank you for reading! <3

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A story about how coming together can break us apart… New release from Skye Warren!


* Release Blitz: * Blindfold Vol. 2 by M.S. Parker & Cassie Wild



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I knew it wasn't my fault that my boss, Isadora Lang, had gone missing. I was just her assistant, not her bodyguard. Why, then, did I feel so guilty? Right, because I'd been fooling around with her older brother, Ash, when she'd been taken. Worst mistake of my life.
When heiress Isadora Lang disappears from her house, her brother Ashford is convinced that she's been kidnapped. The police, however, do not believe him. They think she just left on her own. As more time passes, it becomes clear that something isn't right.
Be sure to check out the second sizzling installment from M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild's Blindfold series.
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M.S. Parker
M.S. Parker is a USA Today Bestselling author and the author of the Erotic Romance series, Club Privè and Chasing Perfection.
Living in Southern California, she enjoys sitting by the pool with her laptop writing on her next spicy romance.
Growing up all she wanted to be was a dancer, actor or author. So far only the latter has come true but M. S. Parker hasn't retired her dancing shoes just yet. She is still waiting for the call for her to appear on Dancing With The Stars.
When M. S. isn't writing, she can usually be found reading- oops, scratch that! She is always writing.
Cassie Wild
Cassie Wild loves romance. Ever since she was eight years old she's been reading every romance novel she could get her hands on, always dreaming of writing her own romance novels.
When M.S. Parker approached her about co-authoring Serving HIM series, it didn't take Cassie many second to say a big yes!!
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