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BOOK BLITZ - Playing Without Rules by Rachelle Ayala @givemebooksblog @AyalaRachelle

Title: Playing Without Rules
Author: Rachelle Ayala
 Release Date: January 26, 2015


A ballplayer's girlfriend hides his daughter from him because she fears he's like his abusive father.

Marcia Powers wants nothing to do with ballplayer Brock Carter, especially after she told him to go away and pursue his dreams. She has more than she can handle with an elderly father, a business to run, and a four-year-old daughter posing as her baby sister.

Brock Carter's back in town to rekindle his romance with Marcia, and this time, he's not letting her run him out of town. Marcia is unable to resist Brock, but determined to keep her secret.

Brock's already lost his heart to Marcia once. Will he lose every dream, including baseball, when he discovers the real reason Marcia sent him away?

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Author Bio

Rachelle Ayala is an author of dramatic romantic suspense and humorous, sexy contemporary romances. Her heroines are feisty and her heroes hot. She writes emotionally challenging stories but believes in the power of love and hope.

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Fiction: Michal’s Window, Broken Build, Hidden Under Her Heart, Chance for Love Boxed Set, Knowing Vera, Taming Romeo, Whole Latte Love, Played by Love, Playing the Rookie, A Father for Christmas, Claiming Carlos

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Release Day Blitz for February by Audrey Carlan @givemebooksblog @AudreyCarlan

Title: February
Series: Calendar Girl #2
Author: Audrey Carlan
 Release Date: February 20, 2015


A muse. Me. The motorcycle riding, ass-kicking, concert t-shirt wearing chick from Las Vegas, is a world-renowned French artist’s muse. For a month. 

I had no idea when I took the escort job with Exquisite Escorts I would be standing naked in front of a blank canvas in a Seattle warehouse.

“Love on Canvas” he calls his exhibit, a combination of photographic stills and paint entwined to create the most awe-inspiring pieces the world will ever see. Except every last one of them features me and a moment in time where I was vulnerable.

Alec Dubois played on those vulnerabilities, teaching me lessons about love and life that would stay with me through the rest of my days.


Mia Saunders continues her mission to bail out her comatose father whose life is on the line to a dangerous loan-shark who happens to be Mia’s ex-boyfriend. For this journey, she serves as a high-priced escort to French artist named Alec Dubois in Seattle, Washington.

Each installment in the Calendar Girl Serial will release every month throughout 2015. The stories will feature Mia, told from her perspective as she continues her journey as an escort to twelve clients in twelve different locations.

Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language and graphic sexual content.

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Author Bio

Audrey Carlan is an Amazon Best Selling Author who writes erotic contemporary romances, such as the wildly popular "Falling Series." She lives in the sunny California Valley two hours away from the city, the beach, the mountains and the precious…the vineyards. She has been married to the love of her life for over 10 years and has two young children that live up to their title of “Monster Madness” on daily basis. When she’s not writing, sipping wine with her “soul sisters”, or doing yoga, she can be found with her nose stuck in book or her Kindle. A hot, smutty, romantic book to be exact!

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Sloth Excerpt Reveal #3 ~ Ella James

sloth excerpt reveal.jpg
Excerpt #3
I feel his arm weave underneath my shawl, the weight of his wide palm as his hand spreads over my thigh. His fingers burn through the cotton of my leggings, then drift to the crease between my legs.
I grip his shoulder. “Kellan…”
I clench my teeth as he settles his fingertips on me, tracing my most intimate curves as if he’s learning braille.
His mouth strokes toward the collar of my shirt.
I grip the solid muscle of his shoulder. “I can’t.”
His thumb strokes the line of my lips. His fingers part them; he’s working his way inside, teasing against the fabric of my leggings.
With the hand still between my legs, he wraps his other arm around me and he pulls me onto his lap. The arm that’s not across my belly, reaching down between my legs, is holding onto my waist. He shifts his hips, spreading his legs, and tightens the arm around my chest, holding me against him as his hard length presses against my backside.
The cotton of my leggings is wet and pliant. The pressure of his fingers is just right, making me want to lift my hips, making me bite back screams.
“Kellan…I can’t—”
“Tell me ‘no,’ Cleo.”
He rocks himself against my backside, peeling down the waist of my leggings so he can reach inside. His palm brushes my mound. His fingers find their mark. He parts and strokes once, down toward my center. His finger smears my slickness, and I start to quiver.
“It’s okay…” he rumbles. “Focus on my fingers.”
I remind myself to think on his words later: whether it would ever be possible to relax around him. Then I’m trembling again. Lost.
He rolls his fingers through my moisture, spreads my lips, and glides down me, skating…skating. Then he’s dipping down and curving. His fingertip is pushing into me. He adds another, shoves them deep.
I groan and buck against him.
“That’s right.”
He shifts his hips, so his huge cock pushes harder against my backside.
“Cleo… You’re so warm inside…so tight.” His fingers wriggle deeper. I let my legs fall open. I can’t help it. Every muscle in my body trembles as his lips caress my ear.
With his fingers pushed deep into me, he glides his thumb over my clit.
I can feel the outline of him pressed against my ass: the long, thick shaft; the plump, round head.
I can feel his fingers curl inside me.
“Ahhhhh.” I don’t mean to make a sound, but there it is. A moan spills out, turning the air around us into honey.
“You like getting finger-fucked,” he growls. “You love it.”
His thumb glides up and down my slit, then rolls around my swollen clit. I rock my hips, taking his fingers deeper into me; pushing my ass back against his hardness.
“What if I rub a little faster here?” His thumb drags, heavy and slick, over my swollen nub. “What if I quit teasing you,” his low voice whispers, “and try something like this?”
He bends his wrist a little, and I can feel another finger stretch me. “You’re so full…” He pushes slowly in. “Your pussy’s stuffed.”
“I can feel how tight you are,” he whispers in my ear. “How much I’m stretching you.”
He’s right. I’m full. So full. I feel both paralyzed and shocked. Like I’m gripping a live wire.
His thick fingers have begun to pump: shoving in, then dragging slowly out.
I arch my back. “Oh Jesus. Please…”
His thumb, encircling my clit, is deft and slick. I rock mindlessly against him.
“So full…”
He pulls his fingers almost out, the tips of them only just inside…teasing. I clench, wanting him deeper.
“Say my name,” he orders.
“Kellan,” I pant.
All three fingers thrust at once. My pleasure squirts against his expert hand.
“Deeper.” My voice cracks.
He slides out a little. Strokes back in.
His thumb is playing in my moisture, painting my clit. My throbbing clit.
His fingers stroke against my walls, making me dizzy.
“You want my cock inside you. You can’t take much more. You’re so tight, Cleo. So greedy. When I stroke over your clit, I can feel how slick and swollen you are. Your cunt is so tight around my fingers, I can barely move them.”
As if to demonstrate, his fingers surge and writhe.
I groan and arch my back. I’m gripping his arms. Wrapping my feet around his calves. I throw my head back, panting.

sloth teaser 4.jpg

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RELEASE DATE: February 25, 2015

sloth cover....jpg
I whirl around, because I need to go now. Need to run.
He grabs my arms, snatching me around to face him, holding me in front of him. Holding me still as he tries to tell me things I never want to hear.
"Stop it! Shut up! Shut up, Kellan! Fuck you!" He pulls me closer, and I slap his face.
The sound echoes through the foyer. His smooth, tanned check stains brilliant crimson.
He doesn't move a muscle. Doesn't even blink as I look at him for what I know will be the last time.
I'm sorry. His lips move silently. I don't care. I can't. His secrets ruined my life. He ruined my life!
If I live to be hundred, my heart will never be the same.
Note: Sloth is the first in my new Sinful Secrets series. Each intense, erotic story is inspired by a sin, and centered around a life-altering secret. Each "sin" stands on its own, so they don't have to be read in order. After Sloth, I'm writing Murder. Between these two, I'm releasing a stand alone: a more traditional romance called The Boy Next Door.

About the Author:
Ella James
Ella James is a USA Today bestselling romance author. Her books have appeared on numerous bestseller lists, including the Movers & Shakers list and the Amazon Top 25 overall; two were listed among Amazon's Top 100 Bestselling Young Adult Ebooks in 2012. To find out more about Ella's projects and get dates on upcoming releases, you can stalk her on the following social media sites:

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Release of Sunset Vibrations (Aloha Love #1) by MJ Harty

Title: Sunset Vibrations
Series: Aloha Love #1
Author: MJ Harty
Genre: Adult, MC Romance
Release Date: February 20, 2015
Cover Designer: Pink Ink Designs
Burying emotions keeps her heart safe.

Cali Charmical is powerful, but sometimes power comes with a price. She is used to being in control except for the past that haunts her, trapping her in her own mind. Trying to escape her demons, she escapes to Hawaii with her only friend. Little does she expect the sexy, dominant man that awaits her. 

Secrets can hide in tough exteriors…

The son of a powerful Motorcycle Club president, Zev Severe falls for a beautiful, feisty woman. Suffering from a history of his own, Zev deals with his torture in unconventional ways. Every day is a struggle to keep his past locked away. With two alphas conflicting and neither willing to back down, will it destroy them or will they go on a ride of a lifetime?

MJ Harty is a mother of four amazing children, and wife to a wonderful husband. She has had a love for writing ever since she could pick up a pencil. She is also an avid reader reading anything that catches her eye. She started figure skating at the age of thirty and has skated in eight ice shows, it's her second love. While she's managing her load of kids and loving her adoring artist husband all these alpha tattooed biker dudes race through her mind making her run for her computer! She loves her characters as they are real people, loving to write as if it were the only air to breathe!


Release Blitz ~ Whispered Lies by Kristin Vayden

Title: Whispered Lies Author: Kristin Vayden Genre: New Adult Release Date: February 19, 2015

Whispered Lies Cover

The heart always wants what it can never have. I knew she'd never look at me twice. But that didn't stop my heart from beating for her. You see, I’m not the good guy. On the outside, I might look like it, I might even smile at you. But it’s a lie. It’s all a lie. There’s nothing redeemable about me. Except for her. But I’m the last person she’d ever want to be with. Because I’m the reason he died. I’m at fault. But she doesn’t know it was me. Atonement is my only salvation. Protecting her, because I finally fell. And the monster she needed protection from… Was me.

  Alder   The next afternoon as three rolled around, I tapped my foot nervously and waited for Jayne to arrive. After scanning the new crowd of students who’d entered the commons, my gaze greedily took in her heart-shaped face and wide smile that grew as soon as she spotted me. Me. It was amazing to consider, yet, as wondrous as it was, it was fake — false and a hell of a deception on my part. But that she wanted to be around me, that she liked me was a drug I couldn’t reject. I knew that someday soon I’d have to do it, make the clean break and walk away, but I couldn’t do it, not yet, not when I had heaven so close. “You ready?” I stood and asked. “Yep.” Her beauty was constantly overwhelming. From her clear eyes, filled with wonder and delight to the perfect shape that God blessed with every tempting curve. But what captivated me was her inner strength, her passion for life, and the innocent nature with which she attacked it. “Let me take that for you.” I held out my hand, waiting for her to give me the pink backpack she carried. “Really?” She cocked a skeptical brow. “No, I’m offering so I can leave it here.” I replied sarcastically. Wiggling my fingers I enticed her to hand it over. “Well thanks.” She handed it over, her gaze softening. “Real men wear pink.” I hitched the carnation-pink bag over my shoulder. She giggled as we made our way out of the commons. Glancing at me shyly, she nodded to the pack. “It looks good on you.” “I know,” I shot back. “So, where are we going?” “Didn’t we cover this? Nosey equals…” I let it linger, teasing her. “Annoying. I remember. Fine.” “Where are you parked?” I asked as we made it to the parking lot. “Over there.” We headed to her car, and I waited for her to pop the trunk. Then I placed both bags in and closed it. “Ready?” “Always.” “Okay, it’s not far. Want to walk?” “Sure.” Her smile was as warm as the summer sun, melting away the quiet whispers that tried to remind me how I was playing with fire. Swallowing hard, we walked a few steps, and I reached out and grasped her hand. Lame. I couldn’t believe it was such a huge step for me to simply hold her hand. But it was. It was the world, literally in the palm of my hand. Her grasp was immediate, and as I glanced at her, a beautiful rosy blush graced her cheeks, highlighting her already stunning beauty. We made our way to the small ice cream parlor on the edge of campus and, true to form, I ordered Neapolitan, and Jayne ordered the strawberry cheesecake flavor. When she pulled out some cash from her pocket, I frowned at her. “No… girls don’t pay.” “Girls don’t pay?” she asked, her expression a question almost as if she were debating whether to be impressed or offended. “Out of respect.” I shrugged and paid for our order then walked to a side table. “Respect?” she asked, her expression open. “Yeah, I know you could pay for it. It’s not that I doubt that… it’s that as a guy, it’s an… honor to take care of a woman.” “Oh, wow.” She tilted her head and studied me. Then she took a bite of her ice cream. “How old are you Alder?” “Uh, I’m twenty-three. Why? How old are you, Jayne,” I teased, hoping she couldn’t sense my discomfort. “Twenty. It’s just that you seem… older. You know? It’s… nice.” “Nice? Okay, has no one ever told you that guys hate to be called nice? It’s like saying a girl has a great personality.” I held up imaginary quotes. “Hey!” She tossed her napkin at me. “I happen to have a great personality.” “Yes, yes you do. But that’s not all you’ve got going for you. But I must say, the whole great personality part is one of my favorite aspects.” I winked. “Look at you, turning something I should be ticked over into a compliment.” She replied while narrowing eyes, studying me. “I try.” “Yeah, well, keep your charm in check.” “Yes ma’am,” I teased and took a big bite of ice cream, letting the cool sweetness distract me from the temptation she presented. We talked for at least an hour. And that was where it started. It seemed like as much as I knew our relationship couldn’t go anywhere, I couldn’t stop taking hit after hit, moment after moment with her. With each study date we’d have, or short walk from one class to another, I’d tell myself that I’d just commit every second to memory so that when I faded away, out of her life, I’d still have those precious smiles, those captivating expressions she’d flash when something amused her, or the light of intelligence that illuminated her amber gaze. I was in deeper than ever before. Because I’d loved Jayne when I’d just been the creepy stalker, in Raphael’s words, but now that I was actually with her, it was a million times worse. About two weeks after spending every available moment with her, I found myself at the center, beating the shit out of the boxing bag, fighting myself, trying to justify my actions. “What to talk about it?” Raphael’s voice asked quietly as he went behind the bag and held it for me. “I’m in deep,” I whispered then spun and kicked the bag. “You still seeing her?” he asked, knowing the answer. “Yeah.” “It’s like you’re willingly being drawn and quartered.” He sighed. “It’s not that I think so little of Jayne that she’d never forgive you… but even if she did, man… it wouldn’t ever be the same. You know that, right?” “I do. I know it all, Raphael, Okay? I know it so well that I’ve freaking stopped sleeping at night, knowing that I have to let go, but I don’t want to. I want her… I want this so badly.” My chest constricted, like I had been holding my breath for far too long. “For the first time in so long, I’m at a place where I’m actually proud of who I’m becoming… and that guy is the one who’s totally winning her heart… but I don’t have a freaking chance of a snowball in hell because of the past I can’t escape. It’s so… screwed up.” “No argument there. This is messed up in a way that’s… I don’t even know, man. But… you gotta let it go.” Raphael came around the bag and put his hand on my shoulder. “I know. If it were just me who would end up bleeding, I’d live every last moment till I bled dry, but it’s not just me.” “No, it’s not, dude. It’s her. And if you really love her like you say…” He let the thought linger. “Then I’ll think of what’s best for her rather than what I want,” I finished, feeling like I was slowly sliding a dull knife through my heart. “Love doesn’t take,” Raphael said. “It gives.” And I was pretty sure the price would kill me, ripping what was left of my soul from my body.

Author Bio

authorpictureprof Kristin Vayden
Kristin’s inspiration for the romance she writes comes from her tall, dark and handsome husband with killer blue eyes. With five children to chase, she is never at a loss for someone to kiss, something to cook or some mess to clean but she loves every moment of it! She loves to make soap, sauerkraut, sourdough bread and gluten free muffins. Life is full of blessings and she praises God for the blessed and abundant life He’s given her.


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Release of Inhibitions by Kimberly Bracco

Title: Inhibitions
Author: Kimberly Bracco
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 20, 2015
In the last six months, Ashley’s life has been one disappointment after another. She walked in on her boyfriend with another woman, leaving her needing a new place to live and a mountain of debt. As if that wasn’t enough, her ex convinces her that his infidelity is her fault for being unadventurous in bed.

Deep down Ashley has always had the desire to be wild but has been held back by her own insecurities. She’s desperate to break free, but she's fearful of how people will judge her if they know her inner desires. She wants nothing more than to lose herself in sex that pushes her to the limit, but she hasn’t found anyone she trusts enough to take her there until she meets Tanner.

Tanner doesn’t trust anyone outside of his inner circle easily. The infamous, media proclaimed playboy, quarterback is tired of people using him for money, connections and to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Determined to protect his image and himself, he makes sure to keep most people at arm’s length until Ashley is thrown into his life. He’s inexplicably drawn to her, and she needs his help in more than ways than one. But to help her, he’ll need to let her in.

There’s an immediate attraction and connection that neither can deny, but can both of them get past their inhibitions and find what they are looking for in each other or will everything backfire in their faces?


Kimberly is a stay at mom of four crazy beautiful children. She lives in New Jersey with her husband of ten years and enjoys every minute of her never dull life. She loves a good book that is impossible to put down and you will mostly likely find her reading in her downtime, unless of course, there is a football game on. 

Inhibitions is her debut novel releasing February 20, 2015.