Friday, December 27, 2013

VIP by M. Robinson Review 12/27/13

**** Caution contains adult language, sex, and drug use --- for mature readers only ****
If you are completely against reading about infidelity, this book is not for you. I had so many emotions while reading this story. The story follows the lives of two people Ysabelle Telle and Sebastian Vanwell. It totally screwed with my mind and I loved it. I didn’t know if I should hate the main characters, love them, or feel sorry for them? This book was emotional, it starts off a little slow with the childhood stories of the two main characters, but you need to understand how they got to where they are. The story picks up the pace about a third of the way in and if you are fan of passionate, steamy, sometimes dirty sex scenes, you will not be disappointed. 

Ysabelle‘s childhood is very sad, she has a horrible mother that is a prostitute. Most nights of her childhood she goes to bed hungry and alone. When she is just 12 years old she has a horrible experience with one of her mother’s johns. This is when she realizes she needs to fend for herself and to stop wishing for love from her mother. Ysabelle starts using her body to get things she needs (food, clothes, money) from the boys at school, but she is always in control of the situation. At 16 she runs away from her mother and her horrible life to Miami, where she ends up getting a job in a bar working for a man names Devon. Ysabelle starts making a decent life for herself and everything is going good, but she feels like something is missing. While working at the bar she meets Madam, who is the owner of the business VIP. Madam persuades Ysabelle to become a VIP escort.

Sebastian Vanwell is an only child of wealthy couple; he has a very good childhood. His best friend is Julia, the daughter of family friends that he has known from the day she was born. The two of them are inseparable and completely love each other. When he is 12 and Julia is 10, Julia’s parents decide to adopt another child. When Sebastian sees Olivia for the first time, he knows things will never be the same. Olivia, Julia, and Sebastian are the Three Musketeers, but Sebastian knows that his relationship with Olivia is different from his and Julia’s; he is in love with her and her with him. The two of them keep their true feelings from Julia and try to keep to themselves through the years. Until one night all their lives change.  
Years later, Sebastian meets Ysabelle at an event on one his client’s yacht.  He is very taken aback by her appearance and she has a strange pull to him as well. Through the twists and turns, their lives intertwine. She is the addiction he cannot get out of his mind, body, and soul. She has never believed in love, but she starts to have feelings for him. This isn’t your normal love story; it is raw, gritty, and emotional. 
~ Tonya ~