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Blog Tour for Desires Unleashed by Miles Hightower

Title: Desires Unleashed
Author: Miles Hightower
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: March 31, 2015

Mitch and Molly have a happy marriage, but they are wanting something more. They both admit to having similar fantasies and desires that go beyond their current relationship. See which discoveries they act on and how their marriage handles their erotic adventure as their desires become unleashed.


Desires unleashed Four Stars... Im not sure that its a five star book for the crazy sex. Or a three for the storyline. It was an orginal concept the Mitch is a married man not a billionaire but a flight instructor. It is implied that his wife makes more than him. Molly and her husband are swingers for a lack of a better word. They have and adventrous sexual relationshiip. This book shows them in several sexual situations with them and with others. Molly and Mitch like to share. I will say that if you like sex sex and more sex then this is the book for you. If you like sex sex and a storyline, then this is not the book for you. To me it wasnt much conflict but there was a lot of sex... I will say that it was hotter then fish grease but that's about it. You won't get all emotional, you will get turned on, really turned on.

Mariah Kingsley for Eye Candy Bookstore

After a few more minutes, I see her coming down the stairs. She looks magnificent. No makeup. She knows I like her natural beauty. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. She has on a white satin cover up that just barely hangs down past her cheeks. Tied in front but only closed enough to allow for a deep plunging neckline. The deep V of her cover up starts at her shoulders splits her chest and goes down to her bellybutton. With each step she takes, I can get a teasing glimpse of the triangle of stubble between the tops of her legs. Before she reaches the last step I can smell her perfume. Mmmm. The smell is sweet and enticing. My cock is coming to life.

"What 'cha watching’?" she asks with a seductive grin.

Actually, I didn't know anymore. I got too caught up in watching her come down the steps to notice what was on TV.

"Uhhh, apparently watching one woman going down on another while being taken from behind” stating the obvious as we both look to the action.

"Mmmm, looks fun,” she says

"Which one would you want to be?" I ask her.

"Well, I’ve never been with another woman, so maybe the one getting her clit licked," she dreams. "Plus, I could watch you fuck someone, too."

Then she slides up my legs as she gets on the bed. Purposefully, she runs her nipples along my chest on her way up to kiss me. We give each other a deep, wet, tongue-touching kiss, and then she starts to slowly slide back down my body. Her hands slip under my shirt and raise it up enough to kiss my chest. I can feel her warm breath on my nipples. Next, her tongue follows my hairline down to my waist. Fingers curl under the waistband of my shorts and pull them slowly towards my feet. My hard cock finds a newfound freedom. My sac clenches in the cool air. Hands run back up the sides of my legs, curl over the top of my hips and fingers wrap around my shaft. Her eyes peer up at me as her tongue slowly reaches out and swirls around the tip of my cock. The warm wetness cools quickly.

"What are you doing?" I ask. "Thought I was supposed to tie you up?"

"Yes, you are. But I wanted to give you a little pleasure first," she smiles.

Who am I to say no?

Her lips feel good on my dick . . . soft and firm at the same time. Her tongue tickles the sensitive underside of my head. She licks up and down my stiff shaft. The unyielding grip from her fingers reminds me of sliding into her ass. I peek at the TV and see two women sharing a guy’s dick between them. Makes me wish we had a friend to join us. My twitching balls get my attention back to Molly. She has moved far below my cock. Kisses now tickle the base of my shaft. Her tongue swirls up and dances with my balls. Gently stroking my shaft, her hand gets me closer to finishing. I look back to the TV for a moment and watch the two women share the guy’s release.

"Fuck . . . you need to stop," I tell Molly. "I don’t want to cum yet."

She looks up at me with a devilish grin while she decides if she is actually going to stop or not. She takes a peek at the TV. A scene comes on that catches her interest. She crawls back up my body then lowers herself back onto my stiff cock.

She is watching a woman on TV get pleasured by two guys. I can see in her eyes she has placed herself in that situation. Fucking me while imagining that only adds to the realism of her fantasy. I reach up with both hands, cup one of her tits and begin sucking on her nipple. The skin is taut. I rake the tip of it between my tongue and teeth and she moans. Her rhythm on my dick is getting faster and deeper. She's working up an orgasm, but I don’t want her to cum yet.

I release her nipple and give her a crack on the ass with my hand. Her hips twitch with the jolt of pain.

"Yes!" she exclaims

"Time to get tied up," I warn her, then I push her one way as I slide out from under her in the other direction.

Mitch Sinclair

Personality: Mitch is easy going and likes to joke around. Not much in life really bothers him, as he tends to not worry about the things he has no control over. He is a tease and flirt, and is always willing to back it up but never without Molly getting involved. Even though he likes to flirt, his wife is still number one to him. 

Professional: Mitch’s second passion, after Molly, is flying. He grew up always wanting to be a pilot and got a job as a flight instructor after studying Aviation Flight in college. Unfortunately his flying career didn’t work out as he dreamed; therefore he began working in the automotive industry as a Quality Engineer. Fortunately, Mitch still flight instructs on some evenings and on the weekends to keep his dream of flying alive.

Physical Traits: 

Age: 39 (who really gets older than this, right?)
Height: 6’1”
Weight: Not a ripped bodybuilder type, but one can tell he works out.
Eyes: Blue/Green
Hair: Brown, with silver highlights starting to emerge. Typically has a five o’clock shadow.
Tattoos: none, but not out of the question
Piercings: Left ear (grew up in the 80’s)

Molly Sinclair

Personality: Molly is wound tighter than Mitch. While she likes to joke and flirt as well, sometimes life gets to her. She and Mitch complement each other well. She keeps Mitch grounded when he needs to be and he helps raise her mood when life brings her down. Molly does have a wild side to her, which Mitch didn’t even know existed. Until now. 

Professional: Molly is college educated and works at a consulting firm. She is the Office Manager there and oversees much of the work that goes on there. While she is no authority in any one field she has a staff of experts under her. From accounting, advertising, social media, and customer relations to dealing with upper management, Molly has a broad range of knowledge and skills.

Physical Traits:

Age: 37
Height: 5’6”
Physique: A beautiful figure that she feels somewhat confident in. She carries a few extra pounds, in the right spots, rather than being a few pounds light; curves instead of corners.
Eyes: Brown with metallic specs
Hair: Dark Brown with a hint of dark red in the right light, down to about the middle of her back
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Just ears, but is considering other places

Miles Hightower is my alter ego and now pen name. He came about as my wife started reading erotic romance and discussing the books in FB chat groups. Wanting to be apart of what interested her, I came up with Miles Hightower as a persona to lurk about in the social media world while keeping my personal life personal.

I am a husband, for 16 years and counting, to my wife Sara. We have two children. When not being a husband and dad to them, I enjoy flying. At one point I wanted to be a career corporate pilot, flying Lear jets all over the country. After I graduated from college I taught people how to fly for three years. Long story short, a flying career didn't work out and I ended up working in manufacturing. But that's where I met Sara. So it did work out after all. I still work in manufacturing, as a Quality Engineer and now just fly for fun when the weather is nice.

Along with flying I also enjoy playing golf, darts, taking my family to water parks, sitting in our hot tub or on a beach with Sara and a glass of wine and now writing. I tried to learn the guitar a few years ago, but that didn’t go so well. Apparently I have no musical talent whatsoever. I am a product of the 80’s and still am very into the hair band music from that era. And no, I didn’t have big hair back in the day, but I did sport a mullet.

As far as my writing goes, I don’t write “Disney Fairytale” style romances (as I like to call them) where a knight in shining armor comes in and saves the damsel in distress. I write about fictional erotic fantasy from a guy’s perspective; about how a guy might think, feel or act in a particular situation. My stories are ideas I make up with a little reality involving the things that interest me, like flying, and life in general tossed in. I do research the things that I don't know anything about, in an effort to make the story seem a little more real than complete fantasy. If it's on the internet it's true, right? I like my book(s) to come of as fantasy, yet slightly plausible.

Anything else you want to know about me, hit me up on my author page on Facebook or at

Again, thanks for stopping by. Miles


#NEW "Ms Canady is the queen of paranormal" Irrevocable Midnight by @KristinaCanady

Title: Irrevocable Midnight
Series: Lunar Eclipse #3
Author: Kristina F. Canady
 Release Date: April 4, 2015


***Not a standalone, series must be read in order. For ages 18+ due to adult content. ***

Freedom is something that is easily taken for granted, many never knowing what they have until it is stripped away. But not all hope is lost when second chances are given. As Sasha struggles to break free from her captivity to get back to the life she was seized from; she risks it all, including her precious humanity. Love has become worth fighting for, even if that means giving up everything that she is.

The ups and downs of love can be as rocky as the shores, but as the tides turn, Etienne finds that no matter how turbulent the seas, he’s not letting anything stand in the way of his new purpose in life; he must save Sasha, even if it means saving her from herself.

The saga continues as Sasha and Etienne are propelled forward through new family ties and into the line of fire of the most powerful moon of the year, the blood moon. As the cataclysm of the lunar eclipse unfolds, love finds a way to grow anew in the wake of dominant forces moving at a catastrophic speed.

Etienne thought his past demons would finally be banished by learning to love without barriers, but when an old acquaintance crosses paths with his soul-mate, darkness threatens to claim him once again. Will a new and growing threat come between Etienne and the one he cherishes the most, or will his heart and future forever be lost?

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Author Bio

What inspired you to write your first Novel? "My girlfriends and I were sitting around discussing our latest reads, all the perfect Cinderella type romance novels that are out there and how we would like to read something that more could relate to. I have been an avid reader since I was a child and love to write, so I decided to write something for us. A not so perfect love story; one that had a little humor, tied in some vampires, a little adult content, morally hard choices and was a satisfying read for all those hard working readers who want some good ole' junk food for the brain when they come home after a long day at work."

Raised in California she moved to Colorado to pursue her education and fell in love with the area as well as her now husband. After pushing through college class by class with a few maternity breaks in between, she graduated. Her four year degree took a bit longer to complete as life led her down a scenic route.

Though Kristina loved her art and literature classes in college she put that to the side in order to start her career in nursing. After establishing her career she felt something was missing. While she adores being a nurse she felt her artistic side was calling and started to pick up her writing and painting again, setting aside a few hours a day on her day's off. After a period of time she found that her short story had grown into her first novel. Writing is a passion of hers and she feels the greatest achievement in her art is creating works that bring enjoyment to others. She continues to reside in Colorado with her husband and children. Kristina is working on the next installment of the Lunar Eclipse Series.

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Spotlight Tour: One Night Series by Noelle Adams

Title: One Night With Her Boss, One Night With Her Roommate, One Night With the Best Man
Series: One Night Series
Author: Noelle Adams
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: Available Now

Anne has worked for her sexy, ex-surfer, businessman boss for seven years, and she’s been in love with him for two. Jake doesn’t think about her as anything but his ever-efficient assistant, though. She’s been trying to get over her feelings by dating other men and interviewing for other jobs—which doesn’t make Jake very happy. But Anne is determined not to put her life on hold for him.

When she gets a new job offer, Jake will do anything he can to keep her, but he still only seems to want her as an employee. Anne might find him irresistible, but she’s learned to resist. There are lines that he’ll just never cross.

But then everything changes in only one night...

Ever since her former roommates deserted her, Meg has had to share an apartment with a lazy, obnoxious ass. He won’t pick up after himself, and he refuses to get a good job. Plus, he doesn’t always wear enough clothes—which is really a problem, because he’s hot.

Maybe he’s occasionally funny. And every now and then he can be sweet. But mostly he’s just annoying. It doesn’t matter how much he’s starting to flirt with her—Meg is going to resist. She’s way too smart to fall for a guy who never takes anything seriously.

But then everything changes in only one night...

Raney wants to enjoy being a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding, but the best man, Justin Woodward, keeps putting a damper on her mood. He’s brilliant and kind of geeky—not at all the kind of guy she’s used to—but she’s always been nice to him, so she can’t figure out why he acts so cool and obnoxious with her.

It shouldn’t matter what he feels about her, but she can’t stop thinking about him. So her mission for the weekend is to get Justin to like her. Her attempts don’t seem to work at all.

But then everything changes in only one night...

One Night with her Boss:

She leaned down to open the correct drawer and rifled through files quickly until she found the right one.
Jake had followed her over, and she could feel him bristling behind her as she turned around to hand him the file.
He stared down at it. “Why aren’t the receipts in the February drawer?”
“Because the receipts are all over here. If you would let me keep the records electronically, we wouldn’t have this argument every other week.”
“Do you really think I’m going to trust the last ten years of my life to a computer? You’ve got to be crazy. I could lose everything with a key stroke.”
He’d always been kind of a Luddite. A lot of the time she found it adorable.
Not today.
It bothered her unreasonably that he evidently thought the last ten years of his life were only about building this company. As if he was nothing but his work.
She cleared her throat. “Keeping paper records means you could lose everything to a fire.”
“The cabinets are fire proof.”
She shook her head. “Fine. It’s your business. Your files. You can keep ancient paper records if you want. But you aren’t allowed in here. If you want something, ask me.”
He stepped a little closer and braced his arm on the cabinet next to her shoulder. “Who’s the boss here anyway?”
She could tell his mood had changed. He wasn’t angry. He was still bristling, but also almost dryly amused. The transformation of his expression left her breathless, as did his proximity.
Her eyes were right at his chin level, so she had to tilt her head up to meet his eyes. “I’m not trying to be the boss.”
His mouth twitched almost imperceptibly. “You’re pretty bossy, to not be trying to be the boss.”
She swallowed hard, clenching her fists to keep herself from putting her hands on his chest. When he was like this—clever, dry, focused on her—she always seemed to want him the most. “Well, I’m the boss of this room. You’re the boss of everything else.”
“Is that how it works?” He braced his other hand on the cabinet, trapping her between his arms.
“Yes.” She was flushed all over and suddenly conscious of the ache of arousal between her thighs. She had no idea when that had happened. “That’s how it works.”
She could see that he was breathing quickly too, and he looked as hot as she felt. Something new had blazed up in his eyes, and for a moment she was sure he would kiss her.
But he didn’t.
Of course, he didn’t.
She was his assistant. Not his girlfriend.
“Okay then,” he muttered, dropping his arms and stepping back.
“Okay.” She was almost shaking, her body primed and ready for something to happen. When clearly nothing was going to happen.

One Night with her Roommate:

“What’s the matter?” East asked in a different tone. He was still studying her face, and he seemed to see a lot more than he should, despite his lazy insouciance.
“Nothing,” she snapped, annoyed mostly at herself for being bothered so much at the thought of moving out. Her eyes dipped down again to discover that he was a little more erect than he’d been before. In response to the hot flash she felt, she added, “Would you mind putting that thing away?” She waved in the general direction of his groin, carefully keeping her gaze from settling there again.
He glanced down, as if surprised. Then he gave her a hot grin. “Where would you like me to put it?”
“Put it behind a towel or something.”
“And have a little respect. He’s not an ‘it’, you know.”
She had to choke back a laugh at his exaggeratedly aggrieved tone. “It’s a ‘he,’ is it? Does he have a name?”
“Of course.” East glanced down at himself and then back up to her face. “His name is South.”
There was no way Meg could hide the ripple of laughter at this ironic tone. She could see that East was smiling, as if he was pleased he’d amused her so much.
“Well, would you please put South away? Normal people don’t parade around naked, you know.”
“You’re the one who barged in here.” He was still smiling, but he wrapped his towel around his waist, hiding the part in question.
“And I don’t even want to know what you were doing in here on your own with a hard-on.” To hide her embarrassment as it hit home that she was with East naked, she made her voice even dryer than normal.
He chuckled again. “I was thinking about you, of course. And then you came in wearing nothing but my t-shirt and messy hair, looking like a wet dream, so it’s like my fantasies came to life.”

One Night with the Best Man:

“It’s a wedding,” she said. “I have my bridesmaid dress and my dress for tonight and something for tomorrow morning and something for Sunday—plus shoes and all the other stuff I need to get ready. Did you expect me to fit it all in my purse?”
Justin seemed to be hiding a smile now—and it made him surprisingly attractive. His mobile mouth, finely drawn features, and intelligent eyes seemed to convey a lot more than was actually reflected on his face. “Of course not. Didn’t I just say I knew you’d bring a lot?”
She huffed and was about to snap at him for being patronizing when she remembered her mission to get him to like her this weekend. So she made herself smile instead. “Well, I guess you were right.”
He looked briefly surprised, but she kept smiling at him as he closed the trunk.
He was peering at her as they got back in the car. “Is everything all right?” he asked.
“Of course,” she said, beaming at him. “Why wouldn’t it be?”
“I don’t know. Something seems strange.”
“Nothing is strange. We better get going, since we’re already running late. Thanks so much for picking me up.”
“Sure. Any time.” He was still observing her in quick looks as he started the car. “I’m surprised you don’t have a boyfriend to pick you up.”
Yet again, it sounded like he was judging her and finding her wanting. “Why are you surprised by that?”
“You seem like the kind of girl who would always have a boyfriend.”
The truth was she normally did have a boyfriend. She’d have one relationship after another. Each one, she thought would work out up until the moment it apart—either when the guy lost interest or when Raney discovered he just wasn’t what she’d thought. She was constantly getting crushed by how her romantic dreams weren’t coming true.
But there was no reason for Justin to know that.
“Well, I don’t always have a boyfriend. I could have gotten a date, but it would be awkward since I’ll be busy with bridesmaid stuff. I see you don’t have a girlfriend to bring either.”
“No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”
For some reason, she was glad to hear that. It put them more on an equal playing field. But remembering she hadn’t been particularly nice so far, she added, “Well, I’m sure you could get one if you wanted.”
“Is that a joke?”
She blinked. “No. Of course, it’s not a joke. Why would you assume it’s a joke?”
He peered at her again and didn’t say anything.
Be nice. Be nice. Be extra nice.
“Thanks again for picking me up,” she said.
He frowned, looking both surprised and displeased. “You don’t have to thank me again.”
“Well, I appreciate it. You had to go out of your way, and it would have been a real pain for me if I’d had to find another way to get there.” She smiled at him. Usually, her smile was enough to disarm anyone’s bad mood. She’d always been able to get people to return it, even if they were in a bad mood.
But Justin just frowned even deeper. Glancing over from the road, he scanned her face. “Why are you acting that way?”
“What way?”
“I don’t know. Did you take something before I picked you up?”
She gave a little gasp and stopped smiling.
Her mission this weekend was going to be harder than she thought.

Noelle handwrote her first romance novel in a spiral-bound notebook when she was twelve, and she hasn’t stopped writing since. She has lived in eight different states and currently resides in Virginia, where she teaches English, reads any book she can get her hands on, and offers tribute to a very spoiled cocker spaniel.

She loves travel, art, history, and ice cream. After spending far too many years of her life in graduate school, she has decided to reorient her priorities and focus on writing contemporary romances.