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Maegan Abel's Broken Series has a new look!

Series: Broken series

Author: Maegan Abel

Release Dates: January 2014 – September 2015

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Zane Tishler moved in with his brother after his nightmare divorce to find that his brother had taken in a “stray”, a punk chick with a bad attitude. Liliosa Cortez found a place to start over in a city built for hiding. But when her roommate’s brother moved in she pegged him for a pretty boy with enough baggage to fill a semi and major hostility toward women. But now, after two years, Lili and Zane have become best friends and the perfect “wingmen.” They’ve developed a system for tagging and bagging tourists. No strings attached. They are partners in crime who have managed to have the time of their lives in the City of Sin.

Life would be perfect if they could keep it this way, but a new player in the game makes both Lili and Zane face the feelings they had not been prepared to notice. What happens when dangerous shadows from a forgotten past find their way into the neon spotlights? What happens when the fuse is lit on all those emotions they have deeply buried?

Can they survive the explosion or will the backlash tear them and everyone they love apart?

When two pasts become one present in the searing Nevada heat…

When two realities collide under the lights of Vegas…

When two lives are threatened due to secrets and lies…

What do you do when you find out your perfect world is Perfectly Broken?

Liliosa Cortez has spent years hiding from her past. Unfortunately, no one can hide forever. Now, she’s forced to admit her mistakes and make a decision. Does she let those around her in to help, or go at it alone? Conquer her demons head-on, or remain by Zane’s side while he fights his own?

Zane Tishler is a master at avoiding the difficult parts of his past. He learned early in life that charm will get you a long way in the world and deception is easier than hard truths. Sometimes, old habits die hard. When his past mistakes start making continuous reappearances, he is faced with some of the most crucial decisions he’s ever made.

It took a near-tragedy for Zane and Lili to admit their feelings for one another. If they could survive that explosion, wading through the debris left by the past should be a breeze, right?

When you have secrets, they can rip ragged holes in the ties that bind even the strongest relationships. When you know the secrets you keep make you a monster, one unworthy of love, you hold a power that can tear you apart from the inside... and take down those closest to you in the process.

What do you do when realize you’re Unforgivably Broken?

Before Perfectly Broken, before a beautiful relationship can start, the bond that solidifies who Lili and Zane are together must form. Beginnings are always the first step in building something stunning, something undeniably perfect…

The first holiday…

Things are tense between Zane, Lili, and Tish. They’re all still adapting to living in the house, Zane’s divorce has just been finalized, and he’s pissed off at the world. A bright light, however, shines in his world of darkness. Will the person he's hated since their first meeting be the one to help him turn things around?

The second holiday…

One year later, we find a much more settled family. Zane and Lili are falling into a pattern, learning to trust and lean on one another, but one wrong move, just the tiniest of slips, could ruin what is finally feeling solid for the both of them.

The beginning of tradition…

New Year’s Eve brings a fresh start, a chance to wipe the slate clean and begin again. Knowing your history, and where you come from, might be all that keeps you going when your whole world falls apart. 

The strength of the holidays, family, new beginnings, and acceptance, is how their broken pieces begin to glue themselves back together again, if only for a little while…

“What the fuck was that tonight?” he asked. His voice was low and controlled but his grip on my arm told me he was still pissed.

“What was what?” I countered, tugging against his hand. I didn’t fight to break it, just to remind him that he had ahold of me. His fingers loosened, but he didn’t release me.

“You know what. You were being a fucking cockblocker for no reason. What the hell is up with you?” His tone, and the fact that he’d adapted this habit of talking to me like I was one of the guys, was really starting to wear on me. Add that to the fact that I’d gotten the second threat on my job because he couldn’t keep it in his pants and I’d had enough.

“All I did was point out the obvious. You’re the one who’s unconcerned with anything aside from how fast you can stick your dick in someone,” I replied, tugging against his grip again, this time wanting space. He released me, his eyes narrowing as he opened his mouth to speaking. I continued before he could, steamrolling over his protest. “Don’t even try to deny it. It’s the only reason you even go out. And honestly, it’s sad. A chick who I can only imagine you had to gag to even get it up made your night a success. Congratulations on that. Really. It’s quite an accomplishment to fuck someone who probably had the jizz of her last partner still drying on her panties. If she even bothered to wear any.”

Zane stared at me, eyebrows raised. “Finished?”

“Yup.” I lifted my chin.

“Have you ever tried it?” he asked, leaning against the wall.

“I ran back through our conversation in my head. “Tried what?”

“Casual sex,” he answered, crossing his arms over his chest.

“You’d be surprised by what I’ve tried,” I said, my tone arctic. He tilted his head, his expression questioning. “Don’t even think about asking.”

A slow grin spread across his face. “You can’t drop a bomb like that and expect me not to ask.”

“Just because I don’t flaunt it and fuck a different person every night doesn’t mean I don’t have ways to take care of my needs,” I clarified, wishing I hadn’t brought up the subject as flashes of last night with Tony played through my mind.

“A fuck buddy?” He laughed. “You’re telling me you have a fuck buddy?”

Irritation raged through me like wildfire. The laugh was degrading and I couldn’t decide whether it was because I had a fuck buddy, or because he found the idea that I could have a fuck buddy so hilarious. Either way, he was pissing me off. “I’m telling you that who I fuck is none of your business.”

His expression cooled instantly. As if someone flipped a switch, all of his previous humor wiped away. “Exactly.”

If only it were possible for eyes to wage war…

Zane Tishler has never been the All-American picture of happiness. Every time he seems to get his feet under him, someone or something has to rip away his chances at healing. His girlfriend and son are missing after a devastating fire that left the home they shared in ruins, along with his life. How long can someone cling to hope without the two most important people in their life?

Liliosa Cortez has always been a runner. It’s how she’s survived for as long as she has. But, there comes a point when you just can’t run anymore. Lost in a world darker than she ever could’ve imagined, she has to figure out how to live with the choices she’s made — in her past and now. She has to act fast if she’s going to save the people she loves. That’s what matters. Even more than her own life.

Zane and Lili were finally finding their very own happily ever after when tragedy struck. What happened the day of the fire? Where are Lili and Conner? How can Zane and their family deal with this deep of a loss?

What happens when your world is turned upside down and guilt eats at you during every waking moment?

What do you do when all hope fades and leaves you Silently Broken?

Maegan despises writing about herself in the third person. She also hates touting her accomplishments like she thinks she’s really done anything special…

Now that we got that out of the way, I’ll tell you what you need to know. I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I went back to school in my late twenties and studied Stage Production Technology. I now work full-time in the alterations shop of a major department store and part-time backstage in the various theatres around the area.

I’ve been an avid reader from a very young age and the top goal on my list of things to accomplish in my life was to write and publish a book. During the summer of 2013, while working backstage on The Lion King, I read eleven books in four weeks. I read my first New Adult book and was introduced to a genre I felt I could totally relate to. The idea for Perfectly Broken and the character of Lili was born backstage during that time.

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"I'd always wanted my life to be a fairy-tale. Romance and roses, and a white knight sweeping me off of my feet. But at twenty-two, I'd come to realize that I’d been lying to myself; none of that existed."
Gabriella Baine has a way with words. She dreams of one day becoming a staff writer for the biggest TV shows. But dreams don’t pay rent and during a job interview at one of the largest model agencies in the country, she meets fashion photographer, Flynn McCreary. Sparks fly and there’s an intense, visceral pure lust that culminates in the hottest sex Gabriella’s ever experienced. Soon afterwards, Flynn's gone and once again she realize that her wish for Prince Charming will never come true.
Then she meets the handsome, romantic and mysterious Edward, a man who seems to have it all but is also keeping secrets that could destroy any chance of Gabriella ever finding her happy ever after.
You don't want to miss the first book in M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild's newest sexy and twisted collaboration, Pure Lust.
When Gabriella Baine began her whirlwind romance with rich, handsome Edward Bouvier, she never expected for her one-night stand, photographer Flynn McCreary, to make an appearance. She wants to put everything behind her, but Flynn can't seem to stop playing things hot and cold. To make matters worse, she's broke and needs a good-paying job - like modeling for Flynn again. Will Gabriella be able to resist temptation or will she lose everything?
Gabriella Baine is going to marry the man of her dreams...if her monster-in-law-to-be doesn't drive her away first. As she struggles to deal with wedding plans, she's also beginning to realize that, no matter how much she tries, she can't stay away from her fiancé's younger brother, Flynn McCreary. He's arrogant, rude and lashes out at everyone around him, but that doesn't stop her from going back to him for work. When the unthinkable happens, it forces Gabriella to make the biggest decision of her life.
It was almost here. My wedding day. The happiest day of my life. Or at least that's what it should have been, but when Cody brought news that something bad had happened to Edward, I felt my world crashing down.
Twenty-two year-old Gabriella Baine is just about to get her happily ever after with her very own rich and handsome Prince Charming, Edward Bouvier, despite his mother's attempts to tear them apart. Now, with the news that Edward's life is in danger, Gabriella knows that she could lose everything.
Will this be the end, or only the beginning?
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PureLust3Tease button About the author
M.S. Parker
M.S. Parker is a USA Today Bestselling author and the author of the Erotic Romance series, Club Privè and Chasing Perfection.

Living in Southern California, she enjoys sitting by the pool with her laptop writing on her next spicy romance.

Growing up all she wanted to be was a dancer, actor or author. So far only the latter has come true but M. S. Parker hasn't retired her dancing shoes just yet. She is still waiting for the call for her to appear on Dancing With The Stars.

When M. S. isn't writing, she can usually be found reading- oops, scratch that! She is always writing.
Cassie Wild
Cassie Wild loves romance. Ever since she was eight years old she's been reading every romance novel she could get her hands on, always dreaming of writing her own romance novels.

When M.S. Parker approached her about co-authoring Serving HIM series, it didn't take Cassie many second to say a big yes!!

Serving HIM is only the beginning to the collaboration between M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild. Another series is already in the planning stages.

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Release Blitz ~ Healing by Rachel Caid


Title: Healing
Author: Rachel Caid
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Finding Home
Release Date: August 18



After a devastating loss, Anna Johnston has finally gotten the pieces of her life to fit back together and has created a comfortable pattern for her and her son, Roman. Trying to protect both of their hearts, Anna has given up on dating accepting that she will never completely heal from losing Roman’s father.

Noah Evans just got out of a relationship based on lies and isn’t looking for anything permanent. New to town, he and his friend and business partner are focused on finishing their new remodel and making money. One boys’ night out introduces him to Anna and all of that changes. Noah wants something real; a place to call home.

He might be pushy, but Noah is determined to get what he wants. Just as Anna and Noah start to come together, someone from the past comes back to cause trouble.

Can Noah convince Anna to take a chance on him and break free from the pain of her memories? Will Anna look past what she cannot change to see a future that includes Noah?

**Due to graphic sex scenes 18+ please


Healing Teaser 1
“I’m real glad I met you tonight, Anna. I’m looking forward to our date Tuesday night. I normally work late on the last day of demo so I can take my time and make sure everything that needs attention gets it. But knowing I’ll see you, well, that’s plenty of incentive to cut out early.” His words took me by complete surprise. The double meaning dripped from them. I know I had not given any signals that this was a date. Hell, he knew about Roman! Why didn’t that drive him off like every other man? I do not have the time or desire to worry about a man, no matter how good it felt when he touched me.

I stared down at my shoes, afraid that if I looked him in the eye I would change my mind, “I had a nice time tonight, Noah, but I’m sorry if you thought Tuesday was a date. I don’t do that, date I mean. I don’t have time. There’s the store, not to mention, Roman? There’s too much going on to add a man into my life.” Why was I rambling? I don’t trip over my words; I make things plain and simple. I make the rules, and rule number one is no dating.

“Anna,” My head popped up, and I locked eyes with him, “it’s a date. I am attracted to the woman I met tonight. I want to get to know her and see how this goes. We’re going to have a good time and eat some first-rate food. You can tell yourself it’s not a date all you want, if that makes you feel better, but it’s a date. I get where you’re coming from, you’ve got a lot going on, but I’m stubborn when I want something.” His words should have upset me. I should tell him to forget about dinner, and Christine and Craig could just go out, but none of that happened. Nope, I just stood there, with my jaw hanging open as he brushed his lips against my cheek and whispered against my skin, “See you soon.” I was still standing there, staring at the door a full minute after he was out of sight.

Healing Teaser 2


Rachel Caid

Rachel Caid lives in Missouri with her husband and two sons. She is a self-proclaimed coffee addict with no plans on recovery and an avid reader of all types of romance. Her day job is very black and white, so she enjoys being able to lose herself in the colorful world on novels; whether it’s reading or writing them.

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Release Blitz: Hate F*@K: The Complete Story by Ainsley Booth

Title: Hate F*@k: The Complete Story
Series: Hate F*@k Serial
Author: Ainsley Booth
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: August 18, 2015

Warning: This is just the start. This doesn't end well. And it's going to get much worse before it ever gets better. 


I push her buttons. I want to push them in the good way. Dirty, up-against-the-wall, my-hand-in-her-pants kind of way. 

But that’s not possible, because I’m dark and she’s light, and we both know it. 

So I push her buttons in the bad way, making her hate me. 


If a genie granted me three wishes, I’d ask for Cole Parker to never look at me again, that I’d forget the dark promise in his eyes, and that just once, before he vanished from my life completely, that he’d push me up against a wall and make me scream. 

Then I’d go wash my mouth out with soap. 

This story was originally published in a three-part serial. Those are included, as well as a bonus postscript section with two exclusive new chapters.

“Hailey.” His voice roughs up a bit as he says my name, and I turn around. He’s not as close as I thought—a solid three feet of empty space sits between us, but he’s leaning forward just a bit, and it’s enough to make me shiver. He lifts his phone, all business again. “I called you twice this morning, so I know you’ve got my number. But you didn’t answer.” He swears under his breath. “Use it. We don’t need to talk, you can just text me. But don’t leave this apartment alone, or there will be hell to pay.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“And right there, that’s why I think you’re crazy.”

“Well, I think you’re crazy for thinking you can somehow determine that there will be ‘hell to pay’.” My voice raises toward the end of that, because fuck it, I’m back to being mad again. “Did you stop for a second and think that maybe you think I’m crazy and a distraction and whatever else because I don’t play your fucking Men in Black games? But news flash, buddy—that’s not my world. I’m not a celebrity, and I’m not a politician. I’m just Hailey Reid, who had the misfortune to be born into a fucked up family. I’m smart enough to see the problems that raises, and for the last time, I’ll be a good girl, okay?”

My chest is heaving as I finish my stupid tirade, and all of a sudden I realize he’s breathing hard, too. He’s glaring at me, like my words wound him up but good, and then he’s in front of me, right in front. Close enough I can smell his cologne and the bare skin beneath it, and then I feel him. It’s weird that I don’t feel him first, because he’s pressed hard against my body, arms bracketing me against the counter on either side of my hips. But once I do, I can’t not feel him. All of him. And he’s big, and hard, and definitely turned on, which I don’t expect. Oh, sweet mother of all that is holy…

“Cole—” I breathe, and he cuts me off.

“When I say you’re a distraction, I mean I can’t get you out of my fucking head. I wonder what the inside of your mouth tastes like and if you’d pull my hair when I go down on you.” 

“No.” My voice has dropped to a bare whisper, because holy fuck and how is that possible?

“Yes,” he growls, and I make a noise that sounds suspiciously like a whimper. This is a disaster. It’s one thing for me to covet Cole from a distance. He’s beautiful. It’s something completely different for him to want me.

For a second, I revel in that. I let my mind go blank and roll around in what it’s like for Cole—of the mad driving skills, angry thousand-yard stare, and legendary reputation for all manner of dangerously delicious things—to have a hard-on for me. It’s better than a million dollars, and for the rest of my life, I’m going to remember this moment when someone that out of my league pressed his cock against my belly and growled at me.

But in the next second, I remember all the reasons this is a bad idea. When I’m not looking at him, I don’t like Cole. And I can’t kiss someone I don’t like. I definitely can’t rub up against them like a cat in heat. And right now, he should be doing something else. Getting my sister out of trouble, for example. And then after that, he probably has a hot date with a supermodel. 

I plant my hand firmly in the middle of his chest and push.

He doesn’t move.

“Cole…” Damnit. My voice is not on board with the whole tell him no plan. Instead it does a very uncharacteristic breathy sigh thing that sounds like a completely fake admonishment that’s not-so-secretly an invitation to be bad. Very, very bad.

There are a lot of layers to how fucked up my feelings about this moment are.

“I know,” he rasps. “Just…shut up for a minute.”

He drops his face toward my neck, and as he inhales next to my ear, my insides light on fire, like his breath is a lit match and my blood has been replaced with gasoline. No one has ever done that before, and I want him to do it again, consequences be damned. 

Saying my name on a long, slow exhale, he drags his cheek against mine, lining up our faces.

Shut up for a minute. How the hell does that line work on me?

Because it totally worked. Like panty-melting magic. My nipples are tight, my breasts heavy, and my thighs ache.

“This isn’t a thing, got it?” He grinds out the words, his lips now perilously close to mine.

I can’t handle whatever is going on, not straight up, so I get lippy. It’s my way. “Yes. Totally forgotten already. This is nothing.”

“It’s not fucking nothing, Hailey. Jesus.” He pulls back just enough to look at me. Great, now I’ve said the wrong thing and he isn’t going to kiss me. Which should be the right call, but damn, my body is protesting. “It just can’t be more than this.” He drops his gaze to my mouth, and that look feels almost as good as a kiss. It’s deep and probing and hungry.

I don’t like Cole. But I do like his hungry gaze.

I think I like it a lot. So I lick my lips.


Ainsley Booth is a reader and writer who loves the romance heroes in her Kindle almost as much as the ones in her head and her heart. Hate Fuck is her first erotic romance serial.She also writes sexy small town and military romances as Zoe York.