Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kylie's Hope Auction: July 31-November 30, 2013

Just wanted to give a little back story on Kylie for those of you that are wondering. When I was 5 months pregnant with Kylie I was put on bedrest for 3 months. When Kylie was born she had a loud rattle noise when she breathed. The doctors thought she took in too much fluid, and it would go away over time. That wasnt the case for Kylie. She got louder with each passing day. She was born Aug 17th and by Sept she got very sick. The doctors were still puzzled as to what was causing her noise and why she wasnt getting better with regular meds. Kylie was put in ICU at Peyton Manning Childrens Hospital for 5 weeks, and went through several test. One day I will never forget for the rest of my life is the when the doctors came in to tell my husband and I that Kylie wasnt getting better. She would be put on a ventilator, and might not make it. Those are words a parent never wants to hear. Her Daddy and I prayed a lot after the Drs. left and needed answers. Almost 2 days later the doctors came in like they did every morning and said that Kylie was doing better. Medically they didnt know how, but she was doing a bit better than the last few days. We still needed to know what and why all this was happenin I knew it was God and prayers! Peyton Manning sent us over to the womens hospital across the street for test. I know God gave one special nurse the answers we needed. Kylie was diagnosed with a rare heart condition called a vascular ring. The vascular ring was wrapped around Kylies aorta and espophagus causing Kylie to not be able to breathe. That is the noise we heard. The vascular ring was squeezing her so tight she couldnt breathe. She had to have heart surgery in Jan of last year. Her condition is ongoing, and we had several hosptial stays, Dr.appointments and even ambulance rides since then, but Kylie stays strong each time. She is doing great, and we hope when her next round of test come back she will be 100% better. We started giving back to Peyton Manning because they were wonderful with our family! They saved our babies life. I could never thank them enough. We had people help us in our darkest days. We had strangers reach out to us with food, money, or just a card to say they cared. We will never forget that! We decided to give back in honor of Kylie. There are a lot of families in the hospital and sick kids that just need an extra hand. We want to help make their stay a little brighter! We know first hand how it feels to wonder where will we eat? How will I get back and forth because I have no money? That is just a small bit of our story that we wanted to share why this means so much to us! Thank you for listening! God Bless you all that have reached out or who are going to! You are awesome! xoxo Kylie's Hope

Just to make sure everyone understands what we are doing: we are collecting monetary and toy donations for the children at Peyton Mannings Children's Hospital to give the kids there a great Christmas. To donate this way, message www.facebook.com/Kylieshopeforthefuture.

We are also collecting SWAG from authors, models, other bloggers and anyone who has something to physically donate that we can package together for a HUGE auction giveaway, where the highest auction bidder will win ALL of the donated SWAG. The auction will run November 1-30th. To donate this way, message www.facebook.com/MyFictionalBoyfriend.

Last year Kylie's Hope was able to help 500 kids with their Christmas cheer- how many can a page of 15,000 people help? Let's see what we can all do together! 

****We attempted to obtain a tax ID number for these donations so people could get the tax rebates but we were unable to do this. All this means is, you would have to donate knowing it would be JUST to help and no tax receipt would be available. 

Thanks! Love from Kellie, Amy, Sarah, Carrie from My Fictional Boyfriend & Book Whore Page and Kylie's Hope (Carrie is Kylie's mom) 

Hospital Information: http://peytonmanning.stvincent.org/

Peyton Manning Children's Hospital

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