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Wildcard by Missy Johnson is LIVE!

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That's the number of women I've shagged in the last twelve months.

I'm Ryder Stevens.

Don't pretend you don't know me. I'm a god.

I'm hot, I'm British and I take what I want. I'm also the number one ranked tennis player in the world. But it's my off court antics that gain the most attention. I cruise through life, running from one scandal to the next. Hell I can't even take a piss without the world knowing about it.

Rules? Who gives a shit?

Rules are there to be broken and I'm the king of breaking them.

But even the king can be bought to his knees. I'm sidelined with an injury that changes everything.

Maybe my life isn't so perfect after all...

About Missy Johnson

Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she’s a cat, a cat who thinks he’s a dog…you get the picture).
When she’s not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

Cover Reveal - Juice (The O'Malley's #1) by Michelle McLoughney

Coming: September 11, 2014

  Three years after the tragic accident that claimed the life of her brother Harry, Cassidy Evans is still struggling. Determined to focus on her career as an artistic consultant in London; when Cassidy lands the commission of a lifetime she has no choice but to dive in head first. There is only one very tall, very beautiful, man-shaped problem. Her attraction to her new client Rory O’Malley is proving impossible to ignore. Cassidy finds herself falling for Rory and for once she allows herself to be carried away by the prospect of true love. Rory seems almost too good to be true. Is he?

As CEO of the exclusive O’Malley resorts, Rory O’Malley frequently travels around the world. His good looks and healthy bank balance have always ensured that he has his pick of beautiful women, but through choice has been celibate for over six months. Whenever Rory is at home in Ireland his family provides more than enough drama to keep him entertained. Rory thinks his life is grand just as it is--until he meets Cassidy. Rory has never met anyone as sweet as Cassidy, both inside and out.

Cassidy is unaware that Rory harbours a secret about her brother’s accident. A secret that could potentially ruin their blossoming love affair. Soon, he is willing to move mountains to love--and protect--her, but should he be protecting her from himself?

Cassidy had vowed never to make the mistake of loving a man again. So, how the hell did she end up in his bed? And how the hell did he end up in her heart? The attraction between them sparkles and sizzles and love winds its grip around them both. But secrets rarely stay hidden and very soon Rory’s secret puts their love in jeopardy. Can Cassidy forgive the worst betrayal she had ever known?

She just knew Rory’s balls were hairy. He had that look about him. Why she imagining Rory O’Malley’s balls? Seriously, she needed to get laid! She took a huge gulp of wine and smiled at Rory, nodding slightly as Carlo bowed and moved to take their order.
“What dirty things have you on your mind?”
Cassidy swallowed her wine the wrong way and started to cough and splutter.
“Jesus Cass, forgive me. That was totally inappropriate of me.”
Rory jumped up and began to clean the table and pat her face with a serviette.

“You just had a look on your face like you were hungry for something.”

Yeah, your hairy balls! Cass shook her head and took another drink from the water goblet, still coughing.
Michelle McLoughney was raised and still lives in the south west of Ireland, where she runs a Montessori school. An award winning poet, she began writing her first adult romance over a year ago. Being a lover of all things romantic, Michelle just loves a happy ever after. She likes to write strong but loving male leads, and their feisty and funny love interests. When she is not busy daydreaming, plotting or having conversations with her characters; she likes to indulge her addiction to Netflix, usually accompanied by chocolate and wine.

I really hope readers enjoy my debut novel ‘Juice.’ It is the first book of the O’Malley family series, book 2 is due out in January 2015. Please feel free to drop me an email or contact me on Facebook. I would love to hear your thoughts.


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Don't Close Your Eyes Series by Lynessa James Blog Tour


Klive King is a no-nonsense businessman with a charming streak and stunning looks to match, but when he leaves the office he becomes a ruthless crime boss with a bad temper. When a chance encounter with a beautiful stranger brings an awakening to his arctic soul, his foundations are shaken to the core, and a desire to have her at whatever cost creates an unquenchable thirst. When he realizes he is not the only one seeking Kinsley’s heart, nor is he the only one harboring a dangerous obsession, Klive decides to put his murderous talent to good use in honor of a woman who has no clue she has earned his twisted fealty. However, as his insatiable thirst for her increases, so does his resentment as Kinsley’s sweet light also reveals a darkness that speaks to his own, drawing out the most dangerous and primal parts of his being that could prove deadly to the one he wants most.


With an unbeatable college track career and her masters degree on the horizon, Kinsley James hardly focuses on anything else. Her fierce determination and ambition have achieved amazing feats, which prove there is great reward for her ability to remain focused. However, when her attraction to an old friend crosses a line her heart and soul have drawn for years, he and his best friend take her places she would never dare venture. As a result she finds herself caught between two men and an internal battle as carnal longings the likes of which she has always avoided threaten to show a side of herself that has been undiscovered. With the unleashing of desires previously unexplored and forbidden, her morality is turned on its head, leaving her scrambling to make sense of the chaos that stirs within. She has no idea that amidst it all she has caught the eye of one of the most notoriously dangerous men this side of the country with a deceptively charming streak that leaves her heart racing and her nerves singing with every meeting. 

After being harassed, a co-worker baring a striking resemblance to her is murdered, and Kinsley realizes her safety may be hanging in the balance. Protection comes in the most unexpected of forms, but could uncover an even more sinister danger. Soon she will learn that not everything around her is what it seems, and that those closest could be keeping dangerous secrets that pertain to her life.


In the third installment of Don't Close Your Eyes, Klive's fears are realized when he unwittingly discovers Kinsley has learned his dark secret. His indecision escalates as she becomes increasingly dangerous to everything he has worked for years to keep under wraps. Coupled with his suspicions over Jase Taylor's motives where Nightshade is concerned, Klive is on edge and itching for his gun. As a result, Klive begins a deadly game of cat and mouse with his pretty redhead. 

With the truth about "TDH" revealed, Kinsley's love triangle with Jase and Keane seems trivial by comparison to the threat Klive King now poses to her life. Convinced that Klive has allowed one of his Nightshade members to get away with the murder of her friend, Kinsley seeks to exploit Klive's weakness to tear down her disgusting opponent. Knowing the affect she has on him makes for easy manipulation tactics, but the further she dives in, the more the war grows within herself as she fights the urge to believe there is more to Klive than meets the eye. 

As mutual tension expands between them, the ultimate challenge morphs into fighting the undeniable and sometimes volatile chemistry that threatens to destroy the balance of both of their lives.


With her heart in shambles after her breakup with Jase, Kinsley’s frustration continues as Jase inadvertently makes things worse. Finding it a bit difficult to simply forgive and forget, Kinsley willingly falls prey to Klive’s undeniable charm as he shamelessly attempts to woo her. When Klive’s Nightshade persona threatens to ruin his progress, Kinsley’s unwitting ability to tame him sparks a fealty that urges him to take a leap of faith and make an ultimate play for her heart. As a result, the two breach a barrier that causes an explosion of chemistry that only intensifies with each passing liaison until neither can deny their insatiable need for one another. 

When a good friend stumbles upon the truth, Kinsley realizes where her loyalties lie. Knowing Klive will not tolerate exposure to his double life, Kinsley must try to keep Klive in the dark in order to keep her friend’s life intact. However, when lying to a man she has no business caring so much for begins to feel wrong, she realizes that fighting for Klive is the only thing that feels right.

Warning: this book contains strong language and adult content that may be disturbing to some readers. 

In part five of the DCYE Series, Klive decides to take the ultimate chance on an exit strategy despite his nagging intuition where Jase is concerned. When it seems clear that Kinsley cannot get over her guilt in leaving Jase to be with him, Klive ousts her from his life with the goal of doing what's best for the woman he loves, rather than relishing his selfish desires. As a result, King also expels Jase from Nightshade, thereby bringing Jase's case to a screeching halt. Unable to hide his irritation, Jase also pushes Kinsley away, and both men leave Kinsley picking up the pieces whilst dealing with the emotional toll of her recent attack. 

Taking a step back from everything, Kinsley searches her soul to find clarity in an otherwise blurry situation, and what she discovers only deepens her attachment to Klive. However as Klive grows even more distant and discouraged in his trappings, Kinsley's painful past begins to replay itself, and losing the one she loves is no longer an option she's willing to accept. Throwing caution to the wind, Kinsley overlooks all of the obstacles and flaws Klive's life presents to ultimately prove he's worth fighting for.

In the sixth installment of the Don't Close Your Eyes Series, as Kinsley takes a break from the heavy with Klive for some fun distraction by becoming Miller's Muse, Adrian immediately sets about taming Kinsley's wild streak and begins to teach her to harness her emotions. As their friendship grows, it becomes clear that Adrian and Klive have ties that run deeper than they are letting on, and Kinsley is convinced Adrian may be just the key to unlocking Klive's secrets and possibly setting Jase's case back in motion, not to mention setting the one she loves free. However, as her interest is piqued, Adrian's suspicions of Kinsley and Jase's motives won't cease, leading Adrian to prove where his loyalties lie. 

Soon Kinsley's fun turns into a quest to prove she's got what it takes to face anything Klive may be up against for the one she loves, but fate has a twisted sense of humor as her past comes surging to the present for the ultimate face off. 

In the seventh installment of the DCYE Series, relief at James' departure is short-lived as an unexpected attempt is made on Kinsley's life. When Klive learns the hit has been handed down by none other than his very own leadership with help from a friendly foe, Klive steps in to take care of business in the most lethal way he knows how. 

Soon, the lines of morality begin to blur when Kinsley and Jase assist Klive in ways they never imagined. With Kinsley's spirit riddled in guilt, Adrian works to keep Kinsley focused on Klive's ultimate goal of freedom in her honor, but Klive's ultimate plan of freedom provokes Jase into confessing who he really is. 

As tensions mount, and deception ensues, Klive refuses to allow his problems to keep him from taking the next step in order to ultimately claim Kinsley. As a result, Kinsley decides to man up and unite with Klive as he prepares her to come face-to-face with the foes who want her dead.

With all of their recent media attention and happy news, Klive expects Nightshade leadership to back off he and his sweet bride-to-be, but as Kinsley begins to plan their shotgun wedding, retaliation may be afoot. As Jase keeps personal watch over not only Kinsley, but Klive, it becomes clear that someone close to them has taken it upon themselves to expose the truth to Kinsley's parents, and while Jase intercepts one attempt, the next blows everything wide open with potential devestation. Left with no other choice, Klive faces leadership head-on in a ploy to pit them against one another, but as running from the dangers they represent becomes too hazardous to everyone he loves, he stops in order to accept the deadly consequences he is due for his misconduct as a way to restore their ultimate safety. As Jase races to save Klive's life, he fears that his beloved Kinsley may be planning a wedding in vain, and he may be forced to fill King's shoes for the potential permanent absence that may be in store for her.

While Klive attempts to settle into his new way of life after having been freed of Nightshade and law enforcement threats, the only battle he looks forward to is trying to keep Kinsley from finding out it ever happened. Setting about on ways to spoil and distract his lovely bride-to-be seems to be working until an unexpected source brings trouble in ways he never expected. As their entire relationship is tested on new levels, Klive simply prays that he will still have a wedding day to look forward to as he tries to prevent fatal damage that threatens to tear them apart before they can even begin.

"My weakness for how I love you is my ultimate source of strength." - Klive King

He faced death for her. She fought for him. They began as enemies and became inseparable lovers.

With the ceremony that seals their union, Klive and Kinsley are excited by the prospect of a mundane life that equates to bliss by comparison to the things they have faced in such a short time. However, there is no question their love is a power they repeatedly wield come what may, but a stunning betrayal proves that Klive and Kinsley are only too human, and mortality has an expiration.


I write twisted erotic romance, and I'm not typically a hit it-n-quit it type of girl, nor am I traditional. Personally, when I read, I want to feel the emotion and sensation, so I expect nothing less of my own work. However controversial, sometimes even disturbing or offensive, if only one reader shares my love for these beautiful, yet flawed characters and situations as much as I do, then it's all been worth sharing. I'm not everyone's taste, but you may find my particular flavor makes you crave more.

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