Friday, June 14, 2013


by Madeline Sheehan

WOW.  I really do not know what else to say about this one.  This title was recommended to me by some friends.  I was in the middle of another book and finally got to it yesterday.  I have a SERIOUS thing for Sons of Anarchy, and this does read like a season or two of their shenanigans.  Deuce IS Jax for me, and that alone is reason enough to read this.  

I can't chime in with my usual "Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed this book!"  because this one isn't to be "enjoyed" is an emotional journey through some really, really dark things.  This is not a traditional romance of all hearts and flowers.  Madeline Sheehan takes us on a 30-year journey of sheer emotional torment.  

Eva meets Deuce at Rikers Island when she is only 5 years old, and they are both visiting their fathers.  She manages to find a soft spot in the hard biker's heart........and soft spot in a man who cannot afford soft spots. This book traces their brief meetings over the next 3 decades and how those meetings and choices made impact their lives and the lives of those closest to them.  Sometimes, things are just Undeniable.  

I would recommend this book ONLY to people who aren't afraid of the unusual.  This is NOT a mainstream Cinderella story.  No white horses in this one.  At some times, you are asking yourself, "Do I even like any of these people????"  But, you end up seeing how it all works to provide a gritty tale of obsession, lust, revenge, love and horror. And life isn't always easy............***ANN***