Saturday, August 3, 2013

5th Chamber: Black Fire


Absolutely intimidated by the size of book one of this series (on my Kindle it was 780 pages- only 400 in print), The Death Drum (also 5 stars excellent, by the way), I almost did not know if I could tackle this book, but I did, as I did the first one, and I loved it! Vampires, wolves, angels and was amazing and I highly recommend you read both books, and book three, The Dancing Bones, coming soon- I hope. Although this book ends rather on an abrupt cliffhanger, it will not turn me off in any way from telling you that you should read it. 

I absolutely love Abram- he is a new book boyfriend for me for sure, and although Hayley could be a pain in the ass, always doing what she wanted to, consequences be damned, I loved her too. The characters in this story were so well written that it was easy to picture each of their faces and either love or hate them by the way they behaved in the story. My teenage daughter read these with me and she and I had many conversations about ways to get rid of Lillian. Lol! Anyway, please give this series a go if you love a good paranormal romance- it was fabulous. And like I said, I let my daughter read it, so no kinky sex, but it was a great love story that did not need it for me to love it. Great job Elle, looking forward to more! <3 Kellie 

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