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Shattered Promises by JR Grant

Shattered Promises Release Day Banner Synopsis
In a perfect world, Lani Foster had it all; wonderful, supportive parents, two adorable little boys, an amazing husband whom she loved fiercely, and an unbreakable bond with her best friend, Parker, no one can tear apart.
But Lani never realized being happy would cost her years of pain, until tragedy strikes the Foster family, leaving her left hanging by a thread, questioning everything around her.
Lies are exposed and secrets are brought to surface, destroying the one person who just wanted to feel loved, to be happy.
What do you do when you find out your marriage was nothing but a lie? Do you stand by the one person who abolishes your world? Or do you let go, and leave everything behind to start all over again.
Shattered Promises is about learning how to survive after the storm pulls you away. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy, it's finding the special one to stand by your side through the rain.
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SP front cover
Released May 3, 2014


“I have one tiny piece of my heart left,” I whisper as I close my eyes, not believing this is really happening. “One tiny piece, and I’m handing it over to you. Just, please….please be gentle with it. Because if something were to happen between us, God, I’ll be done. I’ll have nothing left. Losing you will destr-….. ” Before I’m able to finish, he leans in, grabbing the back of my neck, and kisses me.
His teeth softly tug at my bottom lip, forcing my mouth open.
A faint moan escapes my lips the second I feel his tongue invade me.
Gripping my waist, he lifts me up, and his hands move to the back of my thighs, holding me in place. Without breaking contact from our kiss, he carries me into the bedroom and lays me down on the bed, staying directly on top of me.
“I’ve waited a lifetime to hear you say those words. You’re it for me, princess. You’re all I’ll ever need.” Nibbling on my neck, then back up to my ear, he pushes up on his elbows and hits me with that sexy as hell smile.
“When you’re sad, I’ll be the one to cheer you up. When the world disappoints you, I’ll protect you and hold you close to my heart. I refuse to let anyone hurt you or take advantage of you again.”
Tears slowly drip from the corners of my eyes, except this time, it’s not caused from pain. For once in my life I am happy, pushing the past behind me.
“When you need to cry, it’ll be my arms that hold you. You’ll never feel alone again.” Lifting my shirt, he keeps his eyes trained on mine and continues speaking.
“I’ll worship the ground you walk on, take care of you, and love you until the end of time. You were made for me, Lani Renee’.
The feel of his lips run back across my mouth and I hold him there, refusing to let go. Unclasping my bra, his callused fingers rub over top of my nipple, forcing me to squirm, while his other hand inches underneath my cotton shorts, heading directly to my aching spot.
“I’m going to show you what it feels like to be cherished, to feel loved. And after tonight, you’re mine. I’m never letting you go.”
I’m scared he’s going to hurt me once this is over. I don’t think I could ever go through another heartache. But instead of running like I’ve always done, I decide not to let fear control me any longer. Tonight is about new beginnings, it’s about starting over. And tonight, I’m going to see what it feels like to let him love me.
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J.R. Grant is a thirty something mom of three who resides on the East Coast. When she isn't spending her day relaxing on the beach with a good book in hand, she’s lost in a world of fictional characters, begging to tell their story. She is a hopeless romantic that loves getting sucked into a mushy book anytime of the day. The minute her love of reading was discovered, is the day she became unstoppable. With high hopes and great expectations, she can’t wait to share her stories with the world.
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The Riding Master Blog Tour

A woman finding her way.
After a devastating divorce, an emotionally skittish Rayne Masterson swears off men and vows to devote her life to her passion, horses. 

A man with insatiable desires.
Trent Newbury is an expert rider who is arrogant, brash, and has a ruthless reputation for getting any woman he desires. 

As the new riding master at Southland Stables, Trent is eager to make sure all of his riders are the best they can be. But when he meets Rayne, he takes a special interest in taming the beautiful woman’s stubborn nature. Slowly and deliberately, he weakens her defenses with his charm and beguiling good looks. And just when he thinks he has won Rayne’s trust, his philandering past threatens to pull them apart. 

She thought no man could ever touch her heart, until she met…The Riding Master.

His swagger was the first thing that stood out in her mind. The sway of his hips exuded a ruthless overconfidence, but as her eyes traveled up from the curve of his blue jeans to his wide chest and thick, tanned arms, her temperature began to quickly climb. When she was within a few feet of him, his thin lips twisted into a devilish smile, almost a teasing smirk that Rayne found more offensive than alluring.
    What an asshole, she thought as he drew near.
    She curiously studied the square curve of his jaw and his slightly bent nose. His hair was thick, wavy, almost black, and was in need of a good trim. His sunken cheekbones accentuated the tan on his face, while his high brow was etched with a few worry lines that complimented instead of detracted from his appearance. When he lowered his sunglasses, she noted the way his riveting gray eyes drank in her figure.
     Rayne concluded that she could never be interested in such an obvious man. She was used to men ogling her buxom figure; her ex-husband used to do it all the time when they had first started dating. But what was exciting in her twenties, she now found repugnant in her thirties, making her wonder if all the real gentlemen had gone the way of the dodo bird.
     “You’re Rayne Greer, right?” His voice was a lot smoother than when he had been shouting at his students. Tinged with a lustful, smoky quality that many women would have found alluring, Rayne felt her uneasiness with the man begin to gnaw at her.
     Ignoring his engaging eyes, she gathered up Bob’s reins. “Yes, I’m Rayne Greer,” she flatly stated, deciding to play it cool.
     He held out a thick hand to her. “Trent Newbury, the new riding master for Southland Stables. Rebecca Harmon told me about you. She said you were great with kids.”
     When Bob rubbed his head against her back, eager to move on, Rayne turned away from his outstretched hand to the horse beside her. “Yes, I teach the under twelve and beginners groups for Rebecca on the weekends.” 
     He lowered his hand to his side, unaffected by her snub. “Rebecca told me you showed a lot of potential.” He eyed the slender dark bay thoroughbred. “Is this your mount?”
     “Yes, he’s a racetrack rescue Rebecca sold me a year ago.” Rayne rubbed Bob’s long neck. “Where’s your horse?”
     “Don’t have one right now. I just sold my mare a few weeks back.” He took a step closer to her, making Bob give a short snort of surprise. “He’s high spirited,” Trent remarked, giving Bob’s neck a pat.
     “Careful,” Rayne warned. “He doesn’t like strangers, especially men.”
     Bob turned his head and tried to nip at Trent’s arm.
     Trent chuckled. “Where did he learn that trick, from you?”
     “No.” She shifted uneasily on her feet, uncomfortable with the close proximity of the man. “He was abused by jockeys and trainers when he raced on the track. No man could get near him when Rebecca first bought him. I started working with him in hopes of turning him into a schooling horse. After a time, I opted to buy him…or my ex bought him for me.” She noticed the way Bob seemed to calm as Trent’s powerful hand glided over his back.
     “Ex?” Trent’s sharp eyes returned to Rayne. “You’re divorced.”
     Rayne was surprised by the way his slight smile instantly warmed his unsettling features. All of his cocky assurance disappeared and he seemed almost genuine.
     “You have the most intriguing eyes,” he murmured, staring at her. “There are flecks of gold amid the hazel in them.”
     Rayne’s toes curled in her black riding boots. “I, ah….” She diverted her eyes to Bob. “I’m surprised he’s letting you get that close.”
     “I have a way with horses. They find me…irresistible.”
     So much for seeming genuine, she reflected. “That must be a great comfort to you,” she sharply returned. “Knowing you have such sway over four-legged animals like that. Or were you talking about another kind of animal?”
     His eyebrows went up. “Well, well, not only does your horse have spirit, his rider seems to as well.”
     “Perhaps you are confusing spirit with sarcasm, Mr. Newbury.”
     He grinned at her, folding his thick arms over his chest. “It’s Trent, and I think you’re wrong. You have to have a good bit of spirit and wit in order to be sarcastic. Telling people what you think of them takes a hell of a lot of guts, too.”
     “Guts or stupidity? There’s a difference. One usually gets you into trouble, and the other is needed to get you out of it.”
     Trent’s roaring laughter reverberated throughout the shed row. “Wow, you’re a little fireball, aren’t you?” He unfurled his arms. “Are you always like this? Or is this just for my benefit?”   
     Rayne’s patience with the arrogant man had reached a turning point and she longed for their encounter to end. “Nice meeting you, Trent. I’m sure I’ll see you around.”

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About the Author
Alexandrea Weis is an advanced practice registered nurse who was born and raised in New Orleans. Her first novel, To My Senses, introduced readers to the world of Nicci Beauvoir and garnered numerous awards and rave reviews. Her popular second Nicci Beauvoir novel, Recovery, won the Gold Medal for Best Romantic Suspense from the 2011 Readers' Favorite Book Awards, and was named Best Romantic Suspense novel by the Spring 2011 NABE Pinnacle Book Awards. Her fourth novel, Broken Wings, won Best Contemporary Romance at the NABE Pinnacle Book Awards in 2012, and the Silver Medal at the 2012 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards for Contemporary Romance. Diary of a One-Night Stand, was released in August 2012 and was named a Paranormal Romance Guild's Best Reviewed of 2012. Acadian Waltz was a finalist in the 2013 Readers' Favorite Book Awards for Best Contemporary Romance and Best Southern Fiction. A permitted wildlife rehabber with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, Weis rescues orphaned and injured wildlife. She lives with her husband and pets in New Orleans.


Twitter: @alexandreaweis



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Somebody Worth It Blog Tour Promo

Somebody Worth It Blog Tour Banner Synopsis
Millie has struggled over the years to keep the spark alive in her relationship. Starting at a young age her life has been a series of trials and tribulations, and it’s only getting more complicated. She’s followed stepping stones that she wasn't always sure were leading her in the right direction, causing her to wonder if she is on the right path.
Her husband, Brian, loves her dearly, but has a poor way of showing it. Stress easily beats him down, and his own protective nature seems to fight against him. He’s shutting down, virtually ignoring and alienating the people around him when they need him the most.
Millie lost her job and they’re about to lose the house. On the verge of losing it all, she questions everything. Where did it all go wrong? How did they get to this point? However, the answers could be more unsettling than anticipated.
Hearts will be broken when long held secrets are revealed. Is a chance at happiness worth the destruction it leaves in its wake? Is it worth the risk? Worth the pain for everyone involved? Worth the effort? Is she somebody worth it?
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Somebody Worth It Cover
Somebody Worth It Teaser 1
Somebody Worth It Teaser 2
Somebody Worth It Teaser 3
Nickie Author Pic
Born and raised in the Chicago-land area, Nickie Seidler is a up and coming young author. Her new-found dream of being a writer has led to the completion of her fifth book. Nickie is married, and when not writing, enjoys cooking new recipes for them to try, water aerobics, car racing and spending quality time with family and friends.
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Ilsa Madden-Mills SURPRISE

Because Ilsa Madden-Mills fell in love with her beautifully flawed characters in Very Wicked Things, she penned Very Wicked Beginnings as a prequel novella to the book, featuring the story of football star Cuba Hudson and ballerina Dovey Beckham.

Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, all May proceeds from the sale of the novella will be donated to The Keith Milano Memorial Fund which benefits the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). 

Title: Very Wicked Beginnings
Series: Briarcrest Academy #1.5, a prequel novella to Very Wicked Things
Release: Both books will release on May 13th!
Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills
Cover: Photography by Toski Covey
Graphics: Sommer Stein at Perfect Pear Creative Covers
Model: Tanner Belcher

Book Description for prequel Very Wicked Beginnings:

Girls say I’m a walking, talking sex god. Guys call me Hollywood because my life is golden.
It’s not.

But, ESPN did rank me as a four star recruit, calling me one of the best defensive players since Briarcrest Academy opened its esteemed doors. So yeah, with football and a stellar 
GPA, my future seemed good.

Then Dovey Beckham shows up in her short skirts and ballet shoes. Driving me insane. Making me want to beg for her attention.

But that wouldn’t happen, because Cuba Hudson didn’t beg for anything.

She walked around BA like she owned the place, and most days she looked right through me…the one girl I couldn’t have.

So, of course, I made it my mission to claim her, to put her notch on my bedpost.

Because no girl can resist the Heartbreaker of BA.

But I never planned on destroying her.

I never planned on wrecking the one thing that could save me.

Welcome to Briarcrest Academy, where wicked love begins…and ends.

Very Wicked Beginnings
Excerpt from Chapter One

“Two things about me: I play football—and girls.” –Cuba Hudson
I wanted the gorgeous girl in the window.
More specifically, I wanted the dark-haired girl dancing inside the Symthe Arts Building as I stood outside on the twenty yard line at football practice, fixated on her when I should have been focused on the line of scrimmage. I adjusted my helmet and squinted through the afternoon Dallas sun.
Did I know her?
Movement from other players on the field pulled me back. Good thing. As defensive end, it was my job to put the screws to or sack the quarterback as soon as the ball snapped. But I was off today. Probably because I knew I had a shit ton of homework waiting for me at home. With my dream of being a doctor and getting into a good school, being on top of my game in class was important as well. Briarcrest Academy was one of the top-rated private schools in the country, making expectations here high.
Just like every eighteen-year-old kid out there, I had stresses.
But I did have more than the average. I had a sick mom.
But those thoughts faded when I looked back at the window and watched the girl run and then leap in the air, her body doing some kind of crazy in-the-air-leg-split-thing. Damn. She’d gotten at least four feet off the ground.
Then, after landing on her feet light as a feather, she danced away from my view. I waited for her to come back, wanting to check out her toned muscles again, especially her tight ass. And then I randomly wondered if her tits were small. Weren’t all dancers? Yeah. But still, she looked—
“Pay attention, Hudson!” Coach Howe yelled at me.
Fuck. Caught.
I automatically stiffened and tightened my defensive stance, running my eyes across the offensive line, waiting for the play. But the quarterback was pussy-footing around still undecided if they were gonna run or pass. Whatever. Matt the Quarterback was a complete jack ass. I ate guys like him for lunch which wasn’t hard when you’re tall and fast like me.
I got bored.
Out of my peripheral vision, I caught a flash of pink dashing past the window.
She was back.
And like I was addicted to her, my eyes drifted to the building again, one part baffled by the fascination, the other part wanting to get another glimpse of her long legs. As I watched, she adjusted her ponytail as she laughed up at her ballet partner—who was a dude. Crazzzy. Yeah, you’d think he’d be all feminine and shit, but he wasn’t. Nope. Dude looked buff, like he could bench press a school bus.
Something about the girl called to me. Yeah, it was probably that short skirt she wore. I pictured slipping my hand underneath it to her panties. Her core would be hot, on fire for me, of course, and I’d ease my finger inside her wet—
Bam!  I took a hard hit from Tank Carson, an All District offensive guard I routinely ran circles around in practice. He might be big, but I was quick and smart and had more moves than a freaking octopus. So the chance to plant my distracted ass on the turf was an early Christmas present for him. That's what I get for letting some piece of ass get in my game, even if it was practice.  
And so. My unprepared body flew through the air with 290 pounds of Tank on top of it. My head followed my body and hit the turf, the contact reverberating inside my helmet and then everything went black…

Charity Information:

The Keith Milano Memorial Fund was established to help raise awareness about the devastating and deadly disease that is mental illness. Keith’s spirit and laughter is kept alive through our efforts to increase awareness about mental illness and to raise money for education and imperative research. Keith often struggled with society’s perception of mental illness.  Our hope is that by having the strength to say that Keith was “Bipolar” we can strip away the stigma and help others to be more open about their disease.

The Keith Milano Memorial Fund benefits the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). 

AFSP is the only national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research and education, and to reaching out to people with mood disorders and those affected by suicide.

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Ilsa’s website:

Haven’t read the first book #1 New Adult Romance Very Bad Things? It’s on sale!!

Author Bio:
Ilsa Madden-Mills writes about strong heroines and sexy alpha males that sometimes you just want to slap. She spends her days with two small kids, a neurotic cat, and her Viking husband. She collects magnets and rarely cooks except to bake her own pretzels. When she’s not typing away at a story, you can find her drinking too much Diet Coke, jamming out to Pink, or checking on her carefully maintained chocolate stash. She loves to hear from fans and fellow authors.

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Lex by S.K. Logsdon Blog Tour

Lex Keagan isn't your typical woman. Her past has left her broken and afraid, yet she remains bold and successful. As a result of her painful past, love has never come easy; therefore, she’s convinced herself to spend her entire adult life staying busy working at her own company--that is, until her best friend Roni persuades her to give online dating a try. When she concedes, Lex quickly discovers that the world of online dating is nothing like she's ever dreamed. The mysterious charm of her online crush leaves her reluctant and afraid to let love in. As two more men enter her life outside of the online dating world, she's left confused and overwhelmed. Who will she chose? With the deep scars and raw truths her past contains, is anyone capable of accepting the real woman trapped inside, or will she remain alone forever?
Note: This is a story of finding oneself, through the horrors and pains of life. This isn't just a story about love. It's a story about anguish. This is a story about Lex's journey to acceptance.
Caution: This book contains heavy adult sexual context, which may include f/f and/or m/m scenes. Some heavy emotional scenarios, including ones of abuse, might be difficult to read. For ages 18+
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Lex BT Teaser 2
Lex BT Teaser 1
LEX BT Teaser 3
S.K Logsdon is the author of four series; Stricken Rock, Attraction, Unconventional Hearts and The Circle of Blood. She writes erotic romance novels, full of steam, unpredictability and sass. A stay at home mom for the past ten years. She enjoys her family, loves cake decorating and is an avid reader.
"I've always had a passion for reading and the creative nature for writing. Being an only child growing up I spent hours living in my own world of imagination. Note books were filled with my thoughts and ideas and as an adult I have been lucky enough to turn those creative juices into a product for others to enjoy."
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Begin Again Release Day Blitz

One year ago, Brody Scott made the biggest mistake of his life and has lived with his regret every day since then…
One year ago, Demetria ‘Demi’ Rosemead watched the love of her life turn his back on her, leaving her to face one of the hardest things she’s ever had to go through on her own.
So much has happened, and when Brody and Demi are forced to spend a week together after a year apart, they will be drawn back into the raw intensity of what they feel for each other. Only this time, Brody won’t walk away so easily…
But Demi is keeping something from him, and not only will she have to forgive him, but he will have to forgive her too…
Can they erase the time that has passed, and move forward? Or will Demi’s secret and Brody’s mistake keep them from their forever?
*This can be read as a standalone, but it is highly recommended that you read Beneath Your Beautiful to enhance your enjoyment of this book. Due to mature language and adult situations, this book is not recommended for readers under the age of 17.*

“You’re the strongest person I know,” he murmured. “Brody has no idea what he lost when he left you here.”
“You think too much of me, Jeff.” I was unworthy of this man and he didn’t even know it. His body moved closer and when I looked up, our faces were merely inches apart. I waited for my heart to race and thump wildly in my chest. It never happened and I tried to reason that it didn’t matter. But I was lying. I wanted someone who could get my pulse running wild like…
“I think you’re beautiful and kind, and stronger than you give yourself credit for,” he inched closer and my breath hitched, “and I think I want to kiss you.”
My heart stopped and my brain switched off. It had been so long since I experienced the feel of a mans lips on mine.
“Okay,” I breathed. I closed my eyes and held my breath, waiting to feel Jeff’s lips against my own.
Just then, the shrill sound of Jeff’s phone ringing pierced the air and we froze. I opened my eyes.
“Dammit,” Jeff muttered, making me smile.
“You’d better get that,” I replied quietly. “Your brother probably thinks I kidnapped you.”
“I’d be a willing captive, Red.”
My heart stuttered back into a steady rhythm and Jeff kissed my forehead before pulling out his phone to answer it. I hopped off the lounger and took the empty wine glass and beer bottle inside. I stood at the basin, rinsing my wine glass when I saw a shadow standing on the sidewalk. I squinted into the darkness, feeling a familiar chill settle over my skin. A car drove past, illuminating the lone figure. Brody. I stilled, locking eyes with the man who put my life back together only to rip it all up. My heart raced, making my body thrum. I hadn’t felt that when Jeff touched me, or even when he kissed me. No. This feeling my body reserved for only one person.

Beneath Your Beautiful (Beautiful #1)
On the outside, Huntley Morgan is your typical girl-next-door, with her long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, and that’s exactly what she wants people to see. Her name exposes her to the demons of her past but remembering her reason for moving across the country to start over is what keeps her alive. For the first time since the brutal murder of her mother, Huntley allows herself to care about the people around her.
Grayson Carter has everything a 21yr old College Senior could wish for – he’s the star of Whitley University’s football team, he has a different girl willing to be in his bed every night and a supportive family. For years he has managed keep his family together and hide their dark secrets from the small town of Breckinridge, Alabama.
When Huntley and Grayson meet, a force so strong pulls them together in a hurricane of feelings neither of them could have ever anticipated. Huntley and Grayson try to stay away from each other, but when Huntley’s demons seek her out, their pasts become the biggest storm of all.
Will they learn to trust each other and build a new future together or will they simply do nothing to prevent history from repeating itself?
*Content Warning: Contains Language & Mature Situations. +17*
Tamsyn is a 22 year old blogger turned author who has an insatiable hunger for New Adult Contemporary Romance novels, coffee and chocolate. When she’s not getting caught up in yet another steamy romance with a new book boyfriend, she can be found spending endless hours working away on her laptop in pursuit of her Marketing degree and a career in book Publishing. Tamsyn is a Brat when it comes to books and believes that every story, no matter how challenging, should have a Happy Ever After.

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