Friday, December 20, 2013

Conklin's Blueprints by Brooke Page Review: 12/20/13


4.5 stars
O-M-G, I love Tyler and Becca. Both the main characters have flaws, (a little Fifty Shades meets Crossfire Series to me), but if they didn’t have flaws, I would have been bored with the story. Who wants to read about to two beautiful, rich people that are perfect and have a perfect relationship? 
Becca Stine is a 24 year old college graduate who was dealt a bad hand when her boyfriend Connor cheated on her in her last year of college with her childhood friend Ashlynn. To get over the devastation, she and her best friend Jamie lived it up for a year in Florida. After a frightful encounter in her dangerous lifestyle Becca and Jamie make the move back to Becca’s hometown of Grand Rapids after she accepts a job at Conklin Architecture, Construction, and Design. (She’s a good girl who tried to be bad, who just wants to be loved… ahhh)
Tyler Conklin is a beautiful complex man, he along with his father and brothers, run Conklin Architecture, Construction, and Design. When we first meet him, we realize that there are some underlying problems with him that are going to affect his story. The first realization this is his sexual escapade with his childhood nanny at his grandfather’s funeral. (oh, this guy is going to be awesome to read about.)
I love how Becca and Tyler meet; it reminded me a lot of Gideon and Eva from Crossfire, but with a different twist. They meet at work, Tyler is her bosses’ boss, who is intrigued by the new employee (Becca), and calls her out for her opinion during her first company meeting. The story moves smoothly, the writing great; we really get a feel for Becca and Tyler’s struggles and passion throughout the book.
The only issue I had with Becca is that she can be a little too whiny and insecure at times, but if you think about it, you should be able to completely relate as a woman. How would you feel if your boyfriend cheated on you, with your friend, in your bed, I’d be insecure too? Tyler also has his own demons with his family and relationships, that sometimes I just wanted to slap and he tell him to grow a pair.
The supporting cast of this book was also amazing. I love Jamie’s unwavering support for Becca and the Conklin brother’s family chemistry great. Also, every book needs a bad girl, enter… Ashlynn and a horrible parent – JR Conklin or Missy Stine (take your pick).
 I give this book a definite 4.5 stars. If you loved Fifty Shades and the Cross Fire series, this book is defiantly for you! 
***This is the first book in the Conklin’s Blueprints Trilogy.





“Let me call a cab quick,” Tyler said, reaching for his pocket.

I gently touched his arm and said, “It’s not too cold, let’s walk. My place isn’t that far away.”

He looked me up and down and raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure? I don’t want to have to carry you half way,” he teased.

“Ha ha ha, I will be fine, and…I’m not wearing heels,” I snickered, lifting my foot and wiggling my toes as though if could see them.

He tried to hide his amusement. “Okay, if you say so.”

We slowly walked downtown amongst the young crowds of clubbers. I snaked my arm threw his and leaned my head on his shoulder as we walked. He flinched at first, but then relaxed into me.

We stopped in the park along the railing, just as we had the first night we went to the coffee shop. I leaned into him, hoping he would wrap his arms around me. I felt so comfortable and confident with alcohol running through me. He shook his head and chuckled. Sliding his fingers up and down my arms he said, “You’re funny when you are drunk.”

I pulled my head back and looked up at him. “I am so not drunk yet,” I said seriously at first then let out a little giggle. He smiled down at me, our faces nearly inches from each other’s. His expression became serious, and his hands slowed running up and down my arms, stopping on my forearms. I never wanted someone to kiss me so badly. I leaned up and closed my eyes, hoping he would get the picture. I felt his nose touch mine then his mouth was on mine. My lips were no longer tingling from the alcohol but tingling from the sensation of his lips working against mine. I allowed his tongue access to my mouth as a slow low groan escaped him. It was like he flicked a switch inside of me with his tongue. I brought my arms up to his head and ran my fingers through his hair. Our bodies flushed together, I noticed his arms were still at his sides. Why wasn’t he touching me?

He slowed down the kiss and gently pulled away, keeping his forehead on mine. I was still breathing heavy.

“I need to get you home,” his voice was raspy, with ulterior meaning. I slowly opened my eyes and turned to start walking. He took my hand and squeezed it, causing me to pick up my pace. He wanted to be alone with me just as badly. I could feel it in his kiss.