Monday, March 20, 2017

***COVER REVEAL*** A Long Legged Life by Wendy J. Reber

A Long Legged Life by Wendy J. Reber
Release Date; April 3, 2017

When water follows the path of least resistance, it doesn’t mean it is the right path, or perceived as the correct path.
Eva Kenier’s fairytale childhood in the 60’s and 70’s starts out as a sheltered babbling brook that flows into turbulent rapids, whitewater, and falls. Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll of the 80’s and 90’s lurk around every corner, but do not get the better of her.
Through fortitude and acuity, she surfaces within a mirrored pool of calm and warmth; no more egg shells to walk on; no more fear she will disappoint, her guard is down. As she peers into her reflection, she must own, love, and value what she sees.
The ride she is on, while under anesthesia, covers living in eight states, attending six colleges, sustaining 192 stitches from injuries, and undergoing five surgeries-- including the one she is having at the moment.
Will her journey continue?
Author @5thinkPublish WF series
Mom to 5 four-legged kids

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***RELEASE BLITZ*** Fighting Pride by Jennifer Miller

Fighting Pride by Jennifer Miller
Release Date: March 20, 2017

It’s been five years since I’ve seen her. 

Five years since we lost everything.

Five years since I sold my soul to the devil and broke her heart to save her. 

The years have been long, the sacrifice and loneliness have been crippling…and now, she’s back.

I’m not supposed to see her, talk to her – I’m not supposed to want her. It will only break open wounds I’ve fought to keep closed, but I can’t stay away. I tell myself I only want to see her face, to know my sacrifice has been worth it. 

Because I sold my soul, and sometimes I’d do anything, even if it means hurting her again, to get it back. 

- “I’m not willing to take a knife to my scars and allow them to bleed anymore.  I’ve come too far to take steps back to that painful time, and that’s what you are.  I can pretend all I want but that’s what you are.  You’re pain.”