Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Indestructible Desire by Danielle Jamie

Indestructible Desire 
by Danielle Jamie

Book Three in the 4 book Savannah Series, Indestructible Desire picks up where major cliffhanger in Inescapable Desire ends, and is a fabulous read- I was hooked from page one. Kayden Knox has been my #1 book boyfriend ever since I picked up Irresistible Desire several months ago- he is the complete package. Hot, rich, successful, a cowboy, completely romantic and a tattooed bad boy. I love him, literally. Lol! 

Savannah and Kayden's love affair in this book is something to behold- I will not give too much away for those who have not read the series, but you really need to read these books- they are worth it and you will completely fall in love with Mr. Knox too! 

The conclusion of this series is due out in October and I cannot wait to see how Danielle ends this great romance. She definitely makes you laugh, cry, scream and curse in this one- be prepared! Five Stars! <3 Kellie 

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