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Release Day Event ~ Frozen by L.A. Casey

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Title: Frozen Author: L.A. Casey

Frozen Cover
 Neala Clarke is a woman of her word, when she gives you it, expect her to deliver. Neala gave her niece Charli her word that she would get her a doll for Christmas. Never mind that there is only one week until Christmas and everywhere that stocked toys is practically sold out. Neala gave her word that she would get that doll for Charli, so she will move mountains to make it happen. Darcy Hart is a people pleaser, when he is asked last minute for a doll by his adorable six year old nephew Dustin, he of course, says yes. However, Darcy faces a dilemma, the particular doll he needs is sold out everywhere. Darcy makes one last attempt to get the doll at a local toy store, and finds out they have only one left in stock, but he also finds out he is not the only person interested in claiming the doll. Neala and Darcy go way back, playing in each other’s play pens kind of way back. They are not friends, more like mortal enemies, and both of them wanting a single doll was the start of a series of events that no one could have predicted, not even Father Christmas himself.
Frozen Teaser #1
I snarled, "Give me the doll. Now!" Darcy had the box against his chest with both hands on it. His fingers tapped against the box while a smug smile stretched across his face. He glanced to the snowmen gathered around my feet and teased, "You've got to watch your step, sweetheart." I blew out a frustrated breath. "I swear if you don't give me that bloody doll I'll-" "You'll what?" Darcy cut me off, his smug smile still in place on his handsome face. Damn him. "I'll shove me foot so far up your arse you'll need a surgeon to remove it." Darcy's eyes widened. "You're a foot shorter than me, and at least fifty pounds lighter. You're a tiny little thing, Neala Girl. I'm not scared of you. You can't hurt me." Wrong. He was so wrong. "I can hurt you, and I will unless you give me the doll." Darcy raised an eyebrow and snorted. "How about... no." Bastard! I curled my lip into a sadistic grin. "Okay, you asked for it." Darcy shook his head at me and moved forward so he could brush by me. "I don't have time for- What the hell?" When Darcy was close enough to do so I manoeuvred my body behind his, hooked my arms around his chest and searched for his nipples with my hands. When I found them, I grabbed them between my index fingers and thumbs and pinched. "Me nipples, let go of me nipples!" Darcy cried. I growled and tweaked his nipples a little harder. "Let go of the doll, and I'll let go of your nipples." Wow. There's a sentence I never thought I'd hear myself say. Frozen Teaser #2 
  author bio
LA Casey 
 L.A. Casey was born, raised and currently resides in Dublin, Ireland. She is a twenty two year old stay at home mother to an almost two year old German Shepherd named Storm and of course, her four and half year old (the half is apparently vital) beautiful little hellion/angel depending on the hour of the day. Her first novel, Dominic, was released on March 17th, 2014, and on March 21st, 2014, it became an international Amazon bestseller.

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Scard of Forever BANNER
Title: Scared of Forever (Scared, #2)
Author: Jacqueline Abrahams
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: December 14, 2014
Every lie, no matter how small, has some degree of truth. Five months after moving to New York City, Emily is engaged to Blake Carson, future doctor and the man who she believes to be the love of her life. Until she starts to realize that the foundation upon which she’s building her future is based on a series of Blake’s self-serving lies. Blake can’t let her go. He can’t continue to deceive Emily, either. But Blake’s biggest problem is that he has to maintain the life he has become accustomed to, at any cost. And that means keeping his overbearing mother happy, and keeping Emily ignorant. Tyler Carson left New York City two years ago, happy to leave behind all of the Carson family drama. Until he comes home and meets Emily. Falling in love with his brother’s fiancée was easy. Protecting her from his family was necessary. Leaving her was almost impossible, knowing that he was breaking her heart, and his own. Finding solace in her friendship with Tyler, Emily is forced to face the reality that Blake is not the man she thought he was. But neither is Tyler, the friend who gave her the clarity she needed, and then left her alone to pick up the shattered pieces of her life. Heartbroken and deserted, Emily has had enough of the Carson brothers. But sometimes, love is not that which sends us soaring, but that which keeps us grounded. Can Emily ever bring herself to love another Carson completely? Secrets, lies and lust-filled nights, all in the name of the screwed-up pursuit of happily ever after, Scared of Forever is the second novel in the Scared Series, which features characters from Scared of Beautiful, but can be read as a standalone.  
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Scared of Forever (Scared, #2)
JA Sale
Infinite Fear - A Novella (Scared #0.5)
Scared of Beautiful (Scared #1)
Tyler offers me an absolutely angelic and innocent smile. His warm eyes silently attest to the sincerity of his words as he eyes me expectantly. He walks over to the passenger side of the Jeep and opens the door with exaggerated grandeur, sweeping a hand across his midline elegantly. “That’s a bit of a lost art,” I say as I climb up the high step into the seat, thankful that I’d opted for ballet flats and jeans. “What is?” Tyler asks as he hops into the driver’s seat. “Gentlemanly behavior. Chivalry. I don’t know when, if ever, anybody has opened my door for me,” I say, slightly ashamed that as a woman, I hadn’t demanded better treatment. “Well, strap yourself in, princess. Today is gonna be a day of amazing first times.” Tyler shoots me a cheeky grin, before turning the key in the ignition. “Is it too late to change my mind?” I laugh, playfully grabbing for the door handle. “Yup. You’re now my willing prisoner,” he says solemnly before taking off. Tyler drives us carefully out of the city. The rain clouds that had opened up above the city seem to be moving in the opposite direction now. The further away we drive, the clearer the sky becomes, the ratio of blue to grey skewing more as the road widens from narrow city streets to open country roads. “Where are we going?” I ask. The drive seems to be infinite. “Do you trust me?” Tyler asks. “Should I? I barely even know you.” “Trusting the people you know can sometimes be even worse than trusting the ones you don’t,” Tyler says quietly. “What does that mean?” I ask nervously. Does he mean Blake? Eliza? “Forget it,” Tyler says. “I don’t particularly want to ruin the day by talking about all that heavy shit. We’re nearly there.” “Why are you being so nice to someone you barely know?” I ask, looking towards Tyler, who is focusing intently on the road ahead. “Do I need a reason to be a nice guy?” He shoots me with a charming smile. His brow furrows as he averts his eyes back to the road. “You can tell me if you’re uncomfortable with any of this. We can go straight back. I’d understand, I mean, you haven’t known me all that long.” “Not at all,” I say sincerely. Fact is, I feel more comfortable and safer in Tyler’s company than I did with Blake last night. I roll the window down and inhale the salty ocean air that wafts in. Leaning forward to look past Tyler, I see, between the tall oak trees that flank the road, the vast, sapphire blue sea. The sun has even decided to make an appearance from beyond the grey, ominous clouds. “Wow,” I breathe. “Welcome to the Hamptons,” Tyler says jovially. “I thought you hated all things high society, and you decide to bring me to the summer playground of New York’s rich and famous?” I question, confused. “We’re not going to hang out with the rich and famous. Besides, it isn’t society season. The only people here now are those who actually live here,” he explains. We continue to drive, beyond the sprawling mansions with their impossibly green lawns, perfectly manicured and lined with tall evergreen fir trees. “That’s Eliza’s summer house,” Tyler says, pointing to a majestic stone mansion nestled between two long stretches of sand, and backing directly onto the white sandy beach. “Holy shit!” I exclaim. “I think that place is bigger than my whole home town!” Tyler just laughs. “I take it you’ve never been inside it then. It’s full of space and echoes.” We drive right past it, until the road becomes narrower and declines steeply, the Jeep’s tires picking up the rocks and sand from the dirt track and flinging them backwards relentlessly. Tyler handles the car amazingly well, navigating and steering carefully over the now very thin road until we arrive at a much smaller, yet still expansive, weatherboard cottage. The white framed windows look positively striking against the dark beige paint of the exterior. A picketed wraparound balcony encases the obviously abandoned house. “We’re here,” Tyler says happily. He parks the car and hops quickly from his seat, jogging around to open my door. I take a step out and stare in awe at the sight before me. The beach stretches out for miles. Immediately ahead, a makeshift fence has been created between the house and the sand from old pieces of hardwood, pickets and thin wire. The sun casts a luminous sparkle against the rising tide...  
About the Author
  Jacqueline Abrahams is the author alter ego for an ordinary mum to three children (two human and one canine) and wife to one husband. Born in South Africa, she now calls Sydney, Australia her home. A collector all things books and bookish, she in an avid reader and has a tiny obsession with filling bookshelves. When she's not preoccupied wearing her aspiring author or mummy hat, she is working her way towards completing a degree in Primary and Secondary Teaching (with an English major of course!)  
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INCITE (Sphere of Irony #1) by Heather Leigh ♥ RELEASE BLITZ

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Title: Incite (Sphere of Irony, #1)
Author: Heather Leigh
Release Date: December 14, 2014
Genre: Rock Band Romance
Privilege, poverty, death, and self-loathing; these are the backgrounds of the men of the internationally famous rock band, Sphere of Irony.
INCITE: Adam's story Adam Reynolds is an impoverished teen raised by neglectful parents in one of London’s most dangerous boroughs. He turns to his love of music and countless girls to escape his sad reality. Beautiful and naïve Ellie Palmer comes from a well-off family that suddenly finds themselves living in one of the poorest neighborhoods in London. Alone in a frightening new place, Ellie is afraid to leave the safety of her home, only going out to walk to school and back. When Adam prevents Ellie from becoming the victim of a horrific sexual assault, they discover something that two teenagers never thought they would find in such a depressing place. Each other. After tragedy, lies, and distance tear their future away from them; they each wander through life empty and hopeless no matter who or what they use to replace the feelings of loss. From the crime-ridden streets of London’s East End to the over-the-top display of wealth in L.A. Can two broken souls must conquer their demons in order to find true happiness? ***This is book 1 in a 4 part series. It is a spin-off of the Famous Series. These can be read as stand-alones***  
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Incite - Amazon
We stare at each other in silence. I watch as her pupils dilate, taking over the bright blue of her iris until only a small sliver remains. When her eyes drop to my mouth, I gulp and part my lips, my heart racing from the familiar way she’s looking at me. I can hear her soft panting, and watch, mesmerized as a beautiful pink color stains her gorgeous high cheekbones. “El,” I whisper, leaning closer, so close I can feel her feathery breaths on my face. I need to claim her, to reassure myself that she’s safe, alive, and that she’s still mine. I failed her, but I need another chance. Her hand reaches out to clutch my leg tightly, her fingers dig in and twist the fabric of my jeans. “Adam.” My name slips off of her tongue and sends sparks of desire down my spine. “Sweetheart.” My endearment is nearly a sob as I’m overcome with emotion. I reach up and slide my hand behind her neck, pulling her to me until our mouths clash together desperately. Six years of loss trying to be mended with one single kiss. I groan and my cock stiffens uncomfortably as Ellie plunges her tongue into my mouth and tastes every bit of me before retreating so she can suck on my lip. “Jesus, Sweetheart,” I moan against her mouth. She wraps her hands around my neck and I put mine under her tight ass to haul her onto my lap. “Why didn’t you tell me about your dad, about Callum? We didn’t have to be apart all this time. I could have protected you…” Who am I kidding? I’ve been paying to protect her and she still wasn’t safe. “Don’t,” she whispers. “What’s done is done. I don’t want to think about that time in my life, it was so awful. I, I …” I silence her by pressing my mouth back down on hers, knowing that the emotions coursing through us can’t be expressed with mere words. I know because I feel it tearing through every fiber in my body, the need to connect with Ellie in every possible way. All of the nameless, faceless girls I’ve been with in an attempt to purge Ellie from my heart have done absolutely nothing to erase her from my memories. Every sip of alcohol I drank to numb the pain hasn’t dulled it one bit. I’m still so in love with Ellie Palmer that she’s permanently etched her name on my soul. Ellie groans and shifts to wrap her legs around my waist, our mouths never breaking their precious contact. I’m so thrilled to have her in my arms again that I greedily run my hands over her body, savoring every curve, every smooth bit of exposed skin, threading my fingers through her hair and inhaling her familiar vanilla scent. “God, what you do to me El.” My breath hitches as I attempt to rein in the desire, no the need to be inside of her right now. She opens her eyes and gazes into mine, my vision blurred by the tears that still threaten to overflow. When she leans in and kisses each one of my eyelids, taking the salty liquid away with her soft lips, I actually whimper, so overcome with the tenderness of the gesture that I’m speechless. “I’ve never stopped loving you Adam. Never,” she says softly. “I don’t think I ever will.” A single tear escapes from my eye, making its way down my cheek. Ellie reaches up to swipe it away but I catch her wrist and press her hand over my racing heart. “Feel this, what you do to me. You’re still right here, El. You always will be in my heart.” She slowly removes her hand and reaches for the hem of her jumper, pulling it over her head and tossing it aside. Then she frantically claws at my own shirt, so impatient to rid me of it that she doesn’t wait for me to help. Once it’s gone, I reach around and unclasp her bra, desperately needing to feel her skin against mine. Bare from the waist up, I stand with Ellie clinging to me tightly, her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips, and I take us to the bedroom. I place her down on the massive bed and lay my body on top of hers, unwilling to stop kissing her for even a single moment. Now that I have what I’ve dreamt of for the last six years I won’t waste a second of the precious time I’ve been given. Ellie squirms and moans and makes little noises that drive me insane as I suck and lick and savor the soft skin of her neck. “God, I can’t believe you’re here.” I kiss my way down her flushed skin to take a perfect pink nipple in my mouth. “Adam…” Ellie groans as I tug and tease and lave at each of her tight buds. “I want you. I need you.” Her hips are writhing beneath me, searching for the hard length of my cock through the layers of clothing that separates us. I release her breasts and lift my head to see her face, wanting to be sure she’s not just caught up in the moment. Her eyes are heavy-lidded and her mouth is swollen and red from our kisses. She’s the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen. I kneel on the bed, dragging my hand from her delicate throat down between her breasts then on to grip the edge of her waistband. “You’re sure, Sweetheart? I want you so badly it hurts, just… just tell me this is what you really want.” My dick is pressing against my jeans so hard that it’s painful, making it difficult to think of anything but sinking into her soft, wet, depths. But I have to make sure she’s serious about us, about this. “Yes, please Adam. Make love to me.” Ellie sighs and relaxes back into her pillow. Not having the strength to hold back any longer, I tear down her knickers and leggings together with her boots and let them fall to the floor. Then quickly strip off my own clothes as well, finally releasing my uncomfortably hard cock. Reaching over to the side table, I pull out a condom and roll it on while Ellie stares at my body like I’m a buffet and she’s fucking starving. I savor the sight of her, laid out naked and willing. “Jesus, you’re so beautiful.” I want to go slow, take my time to savor each sensation, taste every inch of her beautiful body. But as I lower myself over her, she bites at my neck and shoulder and her fingers grip my ass so hard that I’ll probably have bruises. I lose control and thrust deep inside her slick, welcoming heat. The sparks of pleasure that rocket through my body nearly make me lose it. I have to grit my teeth and stop, my breath hissing out slowly, as Ellie thrashes beneath me begging me to move. I drop my head into the crook of her neck, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her skin. “It’s too much, Sweetheart. I’ve missed you, this, feeling you around me.” I need to go faster. Slower. Faster. I just need her. Her hands skim up my back and settle on either side of my face, pulling me up until our foreheads press together. “Me too.” She groans, then kisses me passionately, nipping at my lips, sucking my tongue into her hot mouth. “Fuck, El, I can’t hold back,” I growl as my thrusts speed up and her hips buck off the bed to meet me in perfect rhythm. “I’m there Adam, don’t stop.” She pants and makes incoherent noises that drive me to pound harder into her tight heat. Her fingers weave into my hair and pull, sending a wonderfully painful shock across my scalp. Fuck! More, I need more. But I don’t want it to end. Ellie lifts one leg and wraps it around my back, changing the angle that I enter her. It feels so amazing that it makes my eyes roll up into my head. Without warning, the overwhelming feeling of white hot ecstasy crackles down my spine and jets out of me in one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. While I’m thrusting deep those last few times, Ellie calls out my name and drags her nails across my shoulders as she reaches her own climax. Her convulsions milk every last bit of pleasure out of me as she shudders for what seems like ages. Spent and sweaty, we stay like that for a while, skin to skin as I gently run my fingers through her hair, resting most of my weight on my forearms. She smiles and drags one hand up and down my back, her eyes filled with awe, as if she’s making sure I’m real and won’t disappear if she looks away. “I’ll be right back, Sweetheart.” I press a quick kiss to her red, swollen mouth and slip into the bathroom to clean up. When I return, Ellie is under the covers, chewing on her thumbnail nervously. At least she isn’t dressed and ready to take off. I duck under the sheets and pull her over on top of me, chest-to-chest so I can see the perfect face that I’ve missed every day for the past six years. We tangle our legs together and she looks at me affectionately. I can’t find a single trace of regret in her eyes for what we just did and that gives me hope. Hope that she wants to be with me as much as I want to be with her. “Ellie…” I stroke her back with the callouses that have formed on my fingers after a decade of playing the guitar and she shivers. “I love you. What happens now?” “Now? Let’s rest so we have enough energy to do that again,” she giggles. I know she’s avoiding my question, and for now, I’ll take what she’s offering. But there’s no way she’s leaving this suite without discussing our future. The future we both deserve. One that keeps us together.  
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About the Author
Heather Leigh 
  I grew up in New England and currently live outside Atlanta, GA with my husband, two kids, a French Bulldog and a pug. I'm a full-time procrastinator and a part-time everything else. I love the Red Sox, chocolate, and traveling. When I'm not writing, I'm dealing drugs legally as a pharmacist.  
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