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Release Blitz ~ Jade by Angela Schroeder

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Title: Jade
Series: Out of the Ashes
Author: Angela Schroeder
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: August 11
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing



Jade spent her life hidden away from the world but when tragedy strikes her home she has to set out to discover what she can about the family she never knew. In a world where people are afraid of sorcery and anything that is different she finds herself in the custody of men who are working for Mona, the woman she was trying to escape.


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After the evening meal Jade allowed Blaise to change her bandages. Shivers ran through her when his fingers grazed her skin. She knew it was all innocent to him; he was only changing a bandage. Perhaps this was the sort of thing he did back home. He had to have someone waiting for him there. For her, him touching her even in such an innocent way sent spirals of warmth flooding through her veins, awakening feelings she had never known to exist.
“Your shoulder looks alright.” His breath tickled her neck. “Now, let’s look at your cheek.” Gently he peeled away the bandage. “Good.” The word was so soft but he sounded pleased. She sat still as a statue while he used his finger to apply more anointment then secured a fresh bandage over it.
“What was it like growing up in the city?” she finally asked.
“My sister Teresa and I are very fortunate that we have such a loving family. Our parents were busy with their obligations but they always made time for us, even if it was just to read a story to us before we went off to bed. I’ve always lived in a house with electricity though. We even have indoor plumbing. Many of the things that were once taken for granted in this country, we have.”
“Indoor plumbing?” She did not recall coming across this in her books.
“I’ll show you when we get there. It’s great. I look forward to the day that everyone can enjoy it again. No outhouse, no heating water for baths, no carrying buckets of water from a well.”
“Really? You don’t have to go out for all of that?”
“No, pipes bring the water in and they take it right back out. Water is stored in a large container that heats it so you have hot water waiting for you.”
She knew her eyes had gone wide as he described it all to her, the slightly amused look on his face confirmed it for her. “That must be nice.”
“It certainly is a convenience. We helped others in the city who did not have the things that we had, so we grew up appreciating all that our family had given us.”
“People should help each other, is that not common?” Her brows furrowed together at the thought of people not helping their neighbors. What if Mona had not wanted to be bothered with raising an infant? She would have surely died.
“It seems that no matter where society is there will always be those who look out only for themselves.”
“Why would anyone want to be a part of that then?” She crinkled her nose at the thought.
“You’re cute when you do that.”
Her green eyes grew wide and locked on him as her eyebrows shot up toward the ceiling. “You think I’m cute?” She tried to hide a smile.
“Yes, I do.” He ran a hand over his face, covering his eyes for a brief moment as he answered her. “I’m sure you will hear things like that more often now that you are no longer hidden away from the world.”
“Perhaps.” She tucked her bottom lip under one of her teeth. “Maybe I don’t want to hear it from anyone else.” She cut her gaze to the fire so she would not see his reaction. The embarrassment she already felt would only be worse if he looked appalled at what she had said.
She imagined that it was a pleased sound that he made. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the slight upturn of his lips. He stood and stretched.
Night scene of autumn forest in Thuringia, Germany

About the author

Angela Schroeder is a single mother of three. She was born and raised in Iowa in a river town known for its pearl buttons. Having four siblings she never lacked for someone to play with, as she grew older she found herself pulled into books and writing more and more.

Her parents are her heroes, her siblings her confidants and tormentors and her children are a wonderful blessing. Church is important to her children and her. They enjoy the friendships they’ve made with the people there.

Writing has always been a passion. Her first experience was in fifth grade when she went to a one day writing conference. After that she knew it was something she wanted to pursue.

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RELEASE BLITZ - Slipperless (Book #5) by Sloan Storm

Title: Slipperless (Book #5)
Series: Slipperless: A Billionaire Love Story #5
Author: Sloan Storm
 Release Date: August 12, 2015


Left without a job, without family and without hope, I find myself near a complete breakdown.

My future at Hawkins Biotech now seems impossible, one spent with Gabe even more so. Yet because of my crushing debt, I'm left with little choice but a wary acceptance of his offer to return.

Not long after doing so, I discover that not only have things gotten worse with the Link Protocol, but Gabe had no intention of honoring the terms of our agreement. I should have known better.

Still, with so much at risk, I have no choice but to fight through all of it if I ever hope to have what I want out of life.

Through it all, I can’t help but wonder - will Gabe ever do the same for me?

This is the fifth, and final, book in a Billionaire Romance series presented in serial format. It is not a standalone. All individual entries are currently free with Kindle Unlimited.

Also Available










My mouth watered as I looked at her. Something about her energy seemed electric and wild. Fiona’s eyes sparkled with defiance, and she glared in my direction. I stood from the chair and started to walk towards her.

“I swear to God, Gabe, if you touch me—I’ll scream.”

I licked my lips as I looked at her in silence.

I took another step towards her, close enough to get my first whiff of her perfume. While she stared at me with a look of uncertainty on her face, I relished the feeling of being close to her once again. My cock twitched as I watched her ample breasts heave. In between frenetic gulps of air, her chest moved up and down, tempting my hands to touch them.

“What are you doing, Gabe?” she whispered. “Don’t push me.”

I narrowed my gaze as I looked at her mouth. More than anything, I wanted to press my lips against hers. Fiona continued to fight through labored breath as I moved closer yet again. Her lips parted, and I was almost close enough to feel the heat as it escaped from the between them.

Just then, Fiona broke my gaze and her eyes darted towards the conference room door. Within a fraction of a second, she moved as if she were trying to escape, but as she did, I slammed my hand against the wall, palm flat, blocking her exit. She snapped her head in my direction, and I wasted no more time.

I crushed my mouth into hers, pinning her head against the wall. Right away, Fiona resisted me with everything she had. After a moment or two, she shook her head with a violent thrash, and broke her lips free of mine.

“Stop it, Gabe,” she warned. Lifting her hand, she wiped her mouth with the back of her palm.

I smiled as I looked into her eyes.

“I mean it,” she began. “I’m not kidding around. If you so much as touch me again, I’ll knee you right in the balls.”

But just as she finished speaking, I noticed the tiniest of twitches underneath Fiona’s eye. She didn’t believe her own bluff. I extended my other arm. Now with both palms flat against the wall, I engulfed her with my presence.

Without hesitation, I leaned my entire body into her, pinning her against the wall with my weight. My lips met hers and I drove my tongue inside her mouth. Predictably, Fiona resisted, squealing and moaning and otherwise protesting, until at last, I felt the rigidness fade from her body.

Author Bio

Sloan Storm is a verbally difficult, yet physically generous, writer who pens imaginative yarns based on dominant men and the women who challenge them.

As such, power plays and passion are the heart of each and every story. The writer's creative tendencies may drift as the mood strikes, but the essence of all tales told wind up back at the same place... the polarizing difference between the sexes.

After all, what else is there in life?

When not glued to a keyboard creating tales of whimsy, Sloan loves to talk to fans! If you want to connect, you can do it in any number of ways:

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Book Blitz ~ Darkness In Day by K.M. Thompson

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Title: Darkness In Day
Author: KM Thompson
Series: Daylight (Book 2)
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Darkness in Day New Cover Kindle (1)


For readers of E.L James, J Kenner and Kristin Mayer

Edward struggles to comes to terms with Andrew's revelation.
Dana falls deeper into depression.
A tragedy forces them to deal with recent events.
There is a traitor amongst them and nothing is as it seems.

Who is betraying them?
Why is Michael involved?
What has Andrew been hiding?
Who can they trust?


We stand in silence as I try to gauge Edward's reaction, his jaw is clenched but other than that he's unreadable. I look to Andy, who has his head lowered. Like me, he's waiting to see how Edward takes this revelation. You know that moment when you can see everything happening in slow motion but you're still powerless to stop it? That's exactly what happens as Edward lifts his foot and it connects with Andy's temple.

"Edward, no!" I scream as I watch Andy's body slump to the floor. I rush over to find him breathing but unconscious. "Why did you do that?"

"He's a fucking liar," Edward spits.

"How do you know?" I ask incredulously.

"This isn't Andrew. This timid and vulnerable person is not my brother," he replies.

"We need to step outside, now!" I assert.

We make our way to the front of the warehouse. "Carl, I need you to check on Andy and stay with him please," I ask my bodyguard, as Edward mumbles something to Peter who gets straight on the phone.

We are outside and Edward is pacing and muttering to himself under his breath. He stops and punches the wall beside me and I flinch.

"I'm sorry," he says wide eyed, seeing the sudden terror in my eyes. He reaches his arms out to me to pull me to him, but I step back.

"It was Andy's blood you had all over you yesterday, wasn't it?" I ask. He stops pacing but stays silent. "Answer me!" I demand.

"Yes," he says simply as if he owned up to stealing the last biscuit.

"Why did you lie to me?" I ask and Edward looks confused. "Why didn't you tell me you knew where Andy was?"

"After what he did to you-"

"Exactly, after what he did to me. So why are you the one beating the hell out of him?"

"I was..." He pauses to think for a moment and takes a deep breath. "I don't know."

"Yes, you do, but as usual you're in denial," I goad him.

"No, I'm not."

"Do you not see how wrong this is? You have your brother naked and captive in an abandoned warehouse and you're beating him to a pulp. He's just revealed a deep secret he's kept for years and the first thing you do is kick him in the head." I try to rationalise with him.

"What do you want me to do? He is the reason I'm like this and to sit in there and lie… He isn't even trying to take responsibility for what he did. He only made it worse when he helped Grant take you away from me."

"What did you hear in there? All he did was own up to what he had done," I say losing my patience with him. We are interrupted when a car pulls up and Edward's other brother, Matthew, gets out.

"He was making excuses. He's a liar, he is very close to our father and worships the ground he walks on," Edward says and then turns to Matthew. "Thanks for coming."

"It's good to see you Dana, I'm happy to see you're safe," Matthew says to me before addressing his brother. "What can I do?"

Edward starts to tell Matthew about the conversation we just had with Andrew, I watch for the younger brother's reaction but there's nothing.

"Are you seriously okay with this?" My voice comes out slightly more raised than I wanted it to be.

"Obviously everyone is a little upset at the moment. Can I talk to you on your own?" Matthew pulls me to the side, away from Edward. "I learned a long time ago to stay out of Edward and Andrew's disagreements-"

"You're just going to allow this to happen? You're not even going to hear Andrew out?" I ask him frantically.

"I think I am, but I don't know about Edward," he answers.

"Can you convince him? If you're willing to listen to what Andrew has to say he might listen too," I plead. He rolls his eyes and huffs before we walk back to Edward.

"I think we should see what our dear brother has to say."

"Why?" Edward's voice is laced with aggression.

"At the dinner while we were eating, Dad was really laying into Andrew. Dad had pulled him to the side and I watched the altercation. I couldn't hear what was being said but Andrew's face looked terrified. After that he sat back down next to James and started snapping at people. When dinner was finished he headed straight into the room you were in and within five minutes you were knocking him out," Matthew finishes.

"So what, I'm supposed to just forgive him and welcome him with open arms?" Edward replies sarcastically.

"No one would ever expect that but we could hear what he has to say. What's the worst that could happen?"

Edward's shoulders slump in defeat and I let out a long breath that I didn't realise I was holding. I take Edward's hand and silently lead him back inside.

Daylight Series

Light of Day New Cover Kindle
Darkness in Day New Cover Kindle (1)
Enlightened By Day Kindle (1)
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KM Thompson
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J. M. Witt's Heart Release Day Launch

Heart - FB Banner - RDLHeart Cover Reveal TITLEHeart_ECover-2Heart Cover Reveal BOOK INFO
Title: Heart: Blind Vows 1.2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Pear Perfect Creative Covers/Sommer Stein
Photography Credit: Darren Birks Photography
Model Credit: Dione Croes
Release Date: 8/12/15add-to-goodreads-buttonHeart Cover Reveal SYNOPSIS
Heart - A leap of marital proportions.
O is no stranger to war. Being a combat veteran, he was lucky to walk away with his life, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t experienced loss.
Des has woken something in him that he didn’t think possible. A hope for unconditional love.
Now they’re married and everything comes crashing down on their new-found love. Saul is determined to ruin their lives, even if it means someone must die.
Will O and Des get a chance to enjoy wedded bliss before it’s ripped away?
And are they prepared to fight for their marriage, knowing no one is safe?Heart Cover Reveal TEASERS

Heart - Car

Heart - Show me your O face

Heart - sleepingHeart Cover Reveal BUY LINKS

AmazonUS | AmazonUK | B&N | KoboHeart Cover Reveal AUTHOR BIO11855319_1616986745221772_1408036414_n

I'm a stay-at-home mom with four young children and one extremely supportive husband. We've been married for over ten years and reside in Metro Detroit, Michigan.
I've dreamed of writing romance novels since I was little. After having baby #4, who may or may not have been fathered by Christian Grey, I decided it was time to pursue my dreams.
When I'm not running to various appointments, enjoying time with my friends and my family, dating my husband, or avoiding cleaning my house, I'm writing!
I love music and believe that books and music can't exist without the other. My goal is for you to read more than a good book, but for you to have an experience!Heart Cover Reveal STALK HERE

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Step Brother, Mine 3 by Opal Carew Book Blitz


Book Blitz


Book Title: Stepbrother, Mine 3 
Author: Opal Carew 
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Release Date: August 11, 20014 
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Book Blurb

Unable to let Dana slip away again, Mason bids on the one thing he's always wanted--even if it is completely forbidden. He's fantasied about having Dana to himself for years, touching her smooth skin, tasting her sweet lips. But Dana is off-limits...or is she? All it takes is just one kiss to find out...


“We’re here, miss.”

The driver stopped the car and got out, then opened her door and helped her from the car. They stood in front of a tall, elegant looking building. It didn’t look like a hotel. More like a luxury apartment building. The driver rolled her overnight bag to the front door and the doorman opened the door for her. The driver led her across the impressive lobby, with marble floors, tall pillars, and huge floral arrangements, to an elevator.

“This is a private elevator.” He slid a card into a slot and the door opened. “It will take you to the penthouse.” Then he handed her the card and walked away.

The door closed and her stomach fluttered as the elevator started moving upward.

When the door opened, she stepped into a huge apartment with windows overlooking the city. She stepped onto the gleaming, dark hardwood floor of the foyer as she stepped from the elevator and glanced around, expecting her benefactor to be waiting for her. But there was no one in sight.

She glanced around at the elegantly furnished penthouse, with light walls and leather couches and chairs. The wood furniture had clean lines and large pieces of abstract art hung on the walls. The whole look was balanced by the softness of the plush carpets and cushions.

She walked across the floor and stared out at the city below. The sun was setting and the windows of the other buildings were bathed in orange light.

“Like the view?” a male voice asked behind her.

A prickle started along the back of her neck, then down her spine.

It wasn’t the voice of a stranger.

It was him.

She turned slowly, her heart pounding in her chest.

“Mason?” Astounded, she stared at the man she hadn’t seen in eight years.

“Hello, Dana.”

The shock at seeing him had sent her totally off balance, but now she remembered the situation.

“Oh my God, you’re the one? But… you can’t…” she sputtered.

He raised his eyebrow in that way she remembered. “Can’t what? Be the one who takes your virginity?”

Her eyes widened. “That’s right. We just… I mean…”

She stared at him, the man who had left when she was eighteen. The man who’d made her feel special and cared for in a time when she had felt like nothing.

A man who haunted her hottest and most forbidden dreams.

She sucked in a breath of air and tried again. “You’re my stepbrother, for God’s sake.”


Meet the Author

As a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of erotic contemporary romance, Opal Carew writes about passion, love, and taking risks. Her heroines follow their hearts and push past the fear that stops them from realizing their dreams… to the excitement and love of happily-ever-after.

Opal loves nail polish, crystals, dragons, feathers, cats, pink hair, the occult, Manga artwork, Zentangle, and all that glitters. She earned a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, and spent 15 years as a software analyst before turning to her passion as a writer. She grew up in Toronto, and now lives in Ottawa with her husband, and three cats. One of her sons just finished a Masters degree at Sussex University in the UK and is now pursuing a second Masters at Carleton University in Ottawa. The other son is working on his undergraduate degree at Carleton University. Yes, mom is proud!

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