Wednesday, July 17, 2013


By RJ Simpkin 

Olivia is a young recent college graduate.  She moves to Chicago to pursue her career.  While looking for a job, she works as a burlesque dancer named Honey Glaze. As Honey, she meets Nate Stone, young extremely handsome businessman.  We find out that Nate is not the Prince Charming character.  He has secrets and insecurities that only just begin to unravel as the book ends.....preparing us for next installment in trilogy.  

I enjoyed the background of burlesque dancing to give this one a bit of a different twist.  Otherwise, it would have been sorely predictable.  As we discovered more about Nate's secret past, it did get more unique and interesting.  From that, I imagine the second book will be very good.  

The background characters were interesting and really filled out the story, but I would like to see more of them and hope to in subsequent books.  I also hope to see more of what makes this tale unique shine......the burlesque and other things from Nate's past.  

Overall, a good job and a decent read!  ***Ann***

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