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*Cover Reveal - May 14* Master No (Masters and Mercenaries, Book 9) by Lexi Blake


Coming August 4, 2015
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Disavowed by those he swore to protect…
Tennessee Smith is a wanted man. Betrayed by his government and hunted by his former employer, he’s been stripped of everything he holds dear. If the CIA finds him, they’re sure to take his life as well. His only shot at getting it all back is taking down the man who burned him. He knows just how to get to Senator Hank McDonald and that’s through his daughter, Faith. In order to seduce her, he must become something he never thought he’d be—a Dom.
Overcome by isolation and duty…
All her life, Dr. Faith “Mac” McDonald has felt alone, even among her family. Dedicating herself to helping others and making a difference in the world has brought her some peace, but a year spent fighting the Ebola virus in West Africa has taken a toll. She’s come home for two months of relaxation before she goes back into the field. After holding so many lives in her hands, nothing restores her like the act of submission. Returning to her favorite club, Mac is drawn to the mysterious new Dom all the subs are talking about, Master No. In the safety of his arms, she finds herself falling head over heels in love.
Forced to choose between love and revenge…
On an exclusive Caribbean island, Ten and Mac explore their mutual attraction, but her father’s plots run deeper than Ten could possibly have imagined. With McKay-Taggart by his side, Ten searches for a way to stop the senator, even as his feelings for Mac become too strong to deny. In the end, he must choose between love and revenge—a choice that will change his life forever.
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“Do they really call you Master No?” He chuckled. “Apparently. But you’re not going to call me that. Are you?” He was right back to staring at her lips. Actually, it was nice to see the horny side of Tennessee. She loved his name. It fit the man. Enigmatic. “Why do they call you that?” He scooted closer to her, so close their chests almost touched. “Because I don’t play around. Not with women who don’t mean something to me. I have my duties at Sanctum and I fulfill them, but I’m not indulgent with women who don’t belong to me. I tend to be very much the opposite.” Another thing she didn’t understand. Even in their texts and Internet conversations, he’d been indulgent with her. He seemed to want to see her do things that pleased her. He’d ordered her to eat chocolate one night when she said she shouldn’t because she was worried about her weight. She did not make that mistake twice. He’d watched as she’d had her first real chocolate in almost a year. “You’re not that way with me.” “I have a contract that states very plainly you do belong to me.” He stared at her for a moment and she had an unnerving thought that he could see right through her. “You’re not afraid of what could happen to you after yesterday. You’re afraid of what could happen between the two of us.” Well, he wasn’t pussyfooting around the situation. “Like I said, it feels different than I thought it would. I feel more than I thought I would.” He moved in again and she could suddenly feel his heat all over. Not just his heat. Something really big and really hard was resting against her thigh. It was fairly close to where it should be. Could be. Might be soon. “There’s nothing wrong with that, Faith. Did you really want to sleep with a man you didn’t know?” That three weeks had been the difference. She supposed she’d expected they would get in touch but not a lot more. They would come together to play and have sex. It felt like more than sex. Being so close to Tennessee felt more intimate than actually having sex with Roger. “No. I thought I did. I thought it was kind of the right thing to do. Real relationships are hard for me. My career is kind of demanding.” His fingertips brushed over her collarbone. God, he was killing her. “Yes, it’s demanding, but you know what I think?” He leaned over and kissed the tip of her nose, a sweet gesture. He was being so tender with her and she wanted to scream at him to just jump on her and have his wicked way. Her body was getting primed. Her nipples were so hard. They might climb off her body and try to get between his ridiculously sexy lips. “I don’t. I don’t know anything right now.” Except the fact that she wanted him. It was probably a bad idea, but she wanted him. “Then let me help you out, darlin’. You don’t have to think for a while. Let’s both stop thinking and follow our instincts for once.” He moved in and his lips caressed hers. Easy, thoughtful, at first he simply pressed his mouth to hers, letting them rub together as though taking stock of the feel of her. Ten didn’t overwhelm her. He started slow. He let her sigh against him as he brushed his lips over hers and let her taste the mint on his mouth. She gasped and pushed against him. “You already got up and brushed your teeth.” The most devilish look went over his face and he stopped playing. He rolled over and his body was on top of hers, his hips coaxing her legs to open wide. Before she really knew what he was doing, his cock was right on her core. “Yes, I did. I woke up and I showered and brushed my teeth, and my poor little sub slept the morning away. I came back out here and climbed into bed with you and waited for my moment. I’m going to eat you up, Faith.” His mouth covered hers and she couldn’t fight him. It felt too good. His tongue surged and he seemed eager to devour her. His mouth slanted over hers again and again, his body heavy but in the best of ways. She loved his weight bearing her down into the mattress. There really wasn’t enough space for the two of them, but they didn’t need it. They simply nestled together until she wasn’t sure how to untangle their limbs. His chest pressed down, warmth flaring through her as his tongue invaded. He’d gotten up and prepared himself for her. Oh, he wasn’t giving her the same courtesy, but he didn’t seem to need it. He wasn’t acting like a man who wasn’t enjoying himself. “Stop thinking, Faith,” he growled against her lips. “You taste good. You’re fucking perfect and I dreamed about doing this all night. Best dreams I’ve had in forever. I’m not waiting for you to decide you’re good enough for me. I’m telling you. You’re perfect and I want to fuck you more than I want my next damn breath.” He took her mouth before she could respond and she just kind of melted under him. There was nothing else to do. He’d taken control and she needed this. He kissed her and his hands explored, running under her tank top and up to the under curve of her breast. His cock was suddenly right on top of her mound. Only her pajama bottoms, thin undies, and his boxers were between them. She could feel the hard line of his erection jutting between her thighs, dragging over her pussy in a blatant imitation of what he would do once he got inside her. “Dreamed about this all damn night.” He shifted off to the side and his hand suddenly cupped her, one thumb brushing over her nipple. “Hell, I’ve dreamed about this since we started talking, Faith, and I think you have, too. That’s why you’re acting so skittish this morning. You like me.” So arrogant and so damn right. She couldn’t help but smile at him. “I do. I like you a lot, Tennessee.” He rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “Well, that’s a good thing because I like you, too, Faith.”
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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog in the world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance that she found success. She likes to find humor in the strangest places. Lexi believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome or foursome may seem.
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Taste of Summer Cover Reveal

COVER REVEAL:Taste of Summer
By Beverly Preston

Full Jacket/Cover
taste of summer full.jpg

Laugh, cry and fall in love in the newest  standalone within the
Mathews Family Series.

Meet Ryan and Carrie in Taste of Summer releasing July 21st, 2015!

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taste of summer cover.jpg

Most people know Hollywood heartthrob, Ryan Summer, as Ryan, no last name required. But once upon a time, he was just Summer to Carrie Ann—before a decade of blockbuster hits skyrocketed his success into superstardom.
Summer was smart, gorgeous, and cocky as hell. Nothing was out of his reach. Not even Carrie Ann Lowell. He was the love of her life—until he shattered her heart. Their breakup left more than a profound rift in her soul. It crushed her.
When Carrie Ann’s college flame forces his way back into her life, his dirty-talking, bold self-assurance re-ignites a passion she thought had long since been extinguished. Carrie Ann didn’t believe in second chances.
Not even for him.
No matter how deliciously tempting.
With sparks flying and hidden truths unraveling, will Carrie Anne be able to deny her desires to save herself from another heart break?

taste of summer teaser.jpg


Carrie Ann tugged the earbud free from her ear, tossing the handsome young man a small smile. “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you. What did you say?”
He crossed a lanky somewhat defined arm in front of her, casually gripping the handlebar of her bike. “I said, you must be exhausted—” Before she could reply he continued, “—from running through my mind all day.”
Surely she must’ve heard him incorrectly. He was probably fifteen at most sporting a baby face and a patch of ten whiskers on his chin. Her brows tucked into a furrow. “Excuse me?”
A dose of youthful overconfidence drifted over his mouth in a sharp grin. “I seem to have forgotten my number. Can I have yours?”
“My phone number?” Carrie Ann scanned the near vicinity, row after row of workout equipment, for the practical jokester responsible for the madness. “Ha ha. Very funny. Who put you up to this?”
Her amusement only encouraged the boy’s macho bravado. “No one put me up to anything. I need a date. I just got into LA and I’ve got this Red Carpet event—”
“A date?” she scoffed at the ludicrous suggestion. Though she looked young for her age, Carrie Ann was still all of thirty-four years old.
“Yeah, you know. A date. You, me, hundreds of fans screaming as we stroll down the Red Carpet.” His voice cracked emphasizing the words Red Carpet…for the second time. A self-absorbed twinkle gleamed in his brown eyes as if he expected her to melt and drop to her knees right there in the gym.
“Kid, you’re barking up the wrong tree.”
“I’m totally serious. My uncle has this movie premier and I can’t just bring anyone.” A chunk of blond hair fell on his forehead and he flipped his head to the side. My date needs to be…hot, and well, you’re the hottest girl I’ve seen since I got to LA.”
She sneered at the absurdity. Silliness turned to annoyance. Carrie Ann switched gyms a few months back, paying out the nose to invest in her fitness and more importantly her privacy. Her last gym was more crowded than a cattle call casting session.
Carrie Ann rolled her eyes. She moved around him, gathering her workout towel and reaching for her bag. “Look kid, you seem real sweet, but—“
“You’re right about one thing.” A familiar voice, deep and perfectly modulated, approached from behind. “She is the most beautiful woman you’ll ever lay eyes on. But, you’re reaching for the stars with this one, Drew. She’s a heartbreaker.”
An ice cold tickle ascended up her spine raising the hair on the back of her neck. Her head snapped, glancing over her shoulder, colliding with a pair of rich amber eyes from her past. Without breaking eye contact, Ryan Summer strolled right into her personal space sporting athletic shorts, a fitted muscle shirt and a killer smile.
Nowadays, most people knew the Hollywood heartthrob as Ryan. Just Ryan. No last name needed. But after nearly a decade of blockbuster hits and infamous relationships that skyrocketed his success into superstardom, to Carrie Ann, he was still just Summer. Her old college flame.
“Funny, I could say the same about you,” she countered his jab, marshalling a bit of annoyance in her tone to combat the rush of heat spreading to her already pink cheeks.
A sexy smile caught the curve of his wide firm mouth. “Hello, Red.”
“Hello, Summer.” Carrie Ann tossed a trivial nod toward the teenager. “Who’s this? Your new apprentice?”
“Apprentice?” Moving a step closer, he dragged his fingers through the short cropped layers of sandy blond hair. “This is Mark’s boy. Do you remember my nephew, Drew?”
“Your brother’s boy?” she questioned in surprise. Avoiding the view of his bicep curling into the size of a softball, Carrie Ann ran a quick scan over the young man at his side. “Whoa, you had to be four or five years old the last time I saw you.”
“I don’t remember meeting you.” Drew’s eyes flickered with bemusement and optimism.
She extended her hand. “I’m Carrie Ann. I knew you when you were—“
“You’re Carrie Ann? The Carrie Ann?” The boy spun toward his uncle, his blue eyes broadened in disbelief. “The One?”
Her stomach twisted hearing the title. A flash of perspiration instantaneously flooded her palms. Before she had time to renege on the clammy greeting, Drew clasped her hand, giving it a polite shake.
A low rumble of laughter simmered in Summer’s chest and a rosy shade of red burnished high on the bridge of his nose. He nodded, “This is The Carrie Ann. The One who got away.”
No matter how many years had passed, it never got any easier to see him. Each time she did, she suddenly found it harder to breath.
The pounding of her heart quickened as her gaze slipped over his rugged well-defined features. A three day scruff accentuated the slight dimple at the bottom of his chin.  The disheveled layers of hair were wet from exertion near his temple and nape. Time had been very good to him.
She felt the warmth of his hand close around the back of her bare arm. The early morning stubble of his beard brushed against her cheek as he leaned closer pressing a small kiss near her temple. Carrie Ann squirmed at his nearness, ducking to the side attempting to put some space between them.
“I’m…I’m all sweaty,” she insisted breathily.
“It’s okay,” he murmured softly in her ear. The heat of his breath brought chill bumps to the damp skin near her neck. “I remember enjoying you all sweaty.”
Ryan’s golden eyes locked onto hers, anchoring her feet to the floor. The penetration of his stare momentarily tied her tongue in a knot, turning the awkward moment even more difficult. Carrie Ann hadn’t bumped into Ryan in at least three years and she hadn’t seen him covered in sweat in ten. An image of him, gloriously naked, flashed in her mind and her thighs. Frustration mounted as her body willingly betrayed her.
Carrie Ann’s jaw set rigid contemplating the idea of flipping off her hooha for its insubordination.
“That was a long time ago,” she snipped abruptly.
“Seems like only yesterday to me.”

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No More Wasted Time (bk 1)
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About the Author:
Beverly Preston
#1 Bestselling Author, Beverly Preston has been a stay at home mom for 21 years, although she prefers the title Domestic Engineer. Along the way, Beverly worked side by side with her husband Don, the love of her life, designing, building and selling custom homes. As her children begin to venture out on their own, she’s left to shed a tear—for a minute—wonder what’s next in life, and embrace the feeling of empowerment that surely must’ve been wrapped in a present she received on her fortieth birthday.

If Beverly isn’t at home riding her spin bike, you’ll find her spinning richly emotional and sinfully sexy romance stories.


A Debt Repaid Release Blitz May 14

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Lex Talionis (n.)- The law of retaliation, whereby a punishment resembles the offense committed in kind and degree.

Two wrongs. One right. He met her under the worst circumstances. She was still married. To the man who'd stolen from his company. But none of that would matter, because he would have her. At any cost.

To Chase Blaine, it really was that simple. Douglas Colton had stolen millions from Chase’s company. He had to pay. Chase had every intention of cornering the bastard and making sure he ended up in jail.

Then he came face-to-face with Douglas’s wife, Aria. One look at her changed all his plans, warping them into a much darker and perverse plot to get his revenge.

He would offer Douglas his freedom . . . in exchange for a single date with his wife.
To a man like Chase, a man that hadn’t truly felt emotions in a long time, Aria’s presence soon became more addicting than a drug. A problem considering that she might never forgive him for blackmailing her, despite the fact that at times she seems just as unwillingly fascinated by him as he is by her.

A Debt Repaid Teaser 2
GETTING AWAY FROM CHASE was impossible it seemed.
Lori and Adam finished eating, and then they left. Lori promising to call Aria on Monday, so she could drop off Adam in the morning. Aria had almost offered them a place to stay right there. The thought of them returning to the shelter irked her.  
Sadly, it wasn’t that simple for Aria. Taking care of Adam one day was one thing. With Douglas still coming and going, and things as they were at home, having Lori stay with her would just make it all that much more complicated.  
She didn’t want to put Lori and her kid in an awkward situation just because her husband was a worthless prick.  
That meant that the man following her back behind the counter was the only one in any real position to offer Lori help. But why had he done it? And why the hell was he following her?  
Aria pushed open the door leading to the service hallway and stopped, waiting for Chase. She crossed her arms and whirled around to face him, indignant and ready to give it to him good.  
One second passed. Then two. She blinked. He’d been following her. There was no way she could mistake the feel of him at her back.  
Chase walked out a second later. He shrugged into his blazer, looking like a sex icon compared to a regular man. His vest and dress shirt tightened across his chest as he adjusted his suit jacket.  
Aria’s arms dropped to her sides.  
He came to a stop before her and stared her down with a concentrated, closed-off stare.  
She swallowed hard, feeling lost in the shade of that look. Consumed, actually. The hallway—all fifty feet of it—was too small. Chase was too close.  
He wasn’t close enough. 
She was so damned confused. 
Aria wanted to bash her own head into the wall.  
Chase’s lids fluttered. The slow perusal he gave her body seemed almost angry. He was too serious and that expression on his face bordered on becoming harsher by the second. 
“You don’t have to go on that date with me. I won’t force you . . . and I’ll stick to my word about—” His eyes dropped to her left hand, where her wedding ring still sat on her finger. “Husband.” 
Aria held in a gasp, feeling her stomach bottom out. He was letting her off the hook, so to speak. Releasing her from their fucked-up agreement.  
Promising to uphold his end, even if she didn’t uphold hers.  
It was what she’d wanted. What she’d been freaking praying for. 
So why was she disappointed? The cold sensation in her gut could be described no other way. 
“Why did you offer to help Lori out?” Aria blurted out. There was no stopping it. She needed to know. Her hands were cold and sweating. She clenched them into tight fists at her sides and watched his expression for any change. 
There was a change, but not what she’d been expecting. A flicker of frustration momentarily twisted his features, then it was gone.  
“She needs help, Aria. From what I gather, she and that kid are in a shelter. No one is going to hire a bruised, stitched-up woman, no matter how impressive her resume or skills are. She needs a job and I’m in the position to give it to her.” Chase glared at her. “I’m not that much of a bastard that I’d turn my back on her. I know that’s what you’re thinking. I’ve already told you many times: I know what I did to you was wrong.” 
Aria’s lips parted. 
Chase clenched his fists, obviously fighting with himself. “Aria . . . you don’t have to go anywhere with me. I won’t press charges on Douglas. And you can just . . . just forget everything.” 
Her mind was in a void of confusion when he turned and began to walk down the hall. 
Right toward the exit leading out to the street. 
Her racing thoughts went into warp-drive. He’d just freed her from her end of their bargain, and wasn’t going to go after Douglas.  
He’d offered to help Lori out of her situation.  
Chase had to be the most confusing, intriguing, and—fuck it all to hell—attractive man she’d ever met.  
And he was about to walk out that door. 
“Chase, wait!” 
Chase jerked to a stop, one hand braced on the door.  
Aria. What the hell are you doing? 
His shoulders rose and his back tensed, but he didn’t turn in her direction.  
He was willing to back out of their agreement and stick to his end of it, without getting anything in return. Douglas had stolen hundreds of thousands, if not millions, from his company; he deserved to go to jail and Chase was willing to let him go free. All for her. 
It seemed fair that she’d go along with what she was planning to do. At least, that’s what Aria told herself as, heart racing, she took a step toward him. “I’ll go.” 
That had Chase’s head spinning in her direction. “What?” 
She opened her mouth, desperate for some air. His expression was almost frightening. But she wasn’t scared. She dared to poke and squint at the emotion she felt, and recognized it for what it was. Exhilarated. Excited. 
She was starting to feel like an adrenaline junkie. 
“I said I’ll go.” 
He started walking back toward her, each step slow and methodical. Brows hard. Eyes dark. He studied her, piercing straight through her with that hard look.  
Aria felt exposed. 
Taken aback, she blinked rapidly. “I . . . because, I . . .” Jesus. Fuck. It wasn’t fair. Chase was like a huge vacuum, sucking all the air, and the closer he got, the less she could breathe.  
“Why, Aria? You were so angry that I blackmailed you into it. Why would you go now?” That last part was asked in a low, soft tone. He stood a few feet away from her now.  
Too damn close. 
She couldn’t think straight. 
“It’s fair. You’re willing to leave Douglas alone. I should stick to my end of the deal.” 
He ignored her blurted out excuse with a shake of his head.  
An inch. That’s all that was left between them. 
Chase’s hands shot up, and he cupped her face between his large palms. The feel of his skin kick started her entire system. She gasped as air rushed through her windpipe. His scent made her throat close right back up. 
Her body throbbed. 
He pulled her closer, eliminating the last bit of space between them. “Tell me the real reason why.” He took deep breaths, his face tilted toward hers. His eyes probed hers. 
Too deep. She couldn’t focus past that stare—his scent.  
She pressed her hands to his chest. She had to push him away. Now. 
She couldn’t. Everything inside her was shaken. Everything about her fluctuated wildly, realigning in ways she couldn’t understand. Her atoms seemed to tremble.  
For him. Her body was liquefying for him
Chase cupped the back of her neck with one hand. His thumb stroked her. The sensation barreled through every nerve ending in her body.  
“I wish I was strong enough, Aria. I fucking do,” he mumbled, voice gone hoarse.  
Aria didn’t have a chance to ask him what he meant.  
He leaned down. For a split second, she was convinced he was going to kiss her.  
And she wanted it so fucking bad. Her body opened up, softening in preparation for that kiss. 
He stopped an inch away from her lips, eyes heavy-lidded as he focused on her mouth. He was panting. 
She couldn’t think. His full lips were right there. All she had to do was lean up on her toes. Less than an inch and she would know if he tasted as good as he smelled. If those lips felt as good as— 
Chase tilted his head and pressed his cheek against hers. He nuzzled her, his jaw sliding across her own with the movement. 
Aria stared over his shoulder, trapped by—what? Arousal? Confusion? Disappointment
Oh God. All of it. 
He let loose a deep groan that stole all the sensation from her legs. With a gasp, she clutched at his shoulders. 
“So warm. Soft,” he whispered, so low she almost didn’t hear him. 
Against her goddamned will, she felt her focus zero in and become all about him. She had to extricate herself. Get away. But her body wasn’t obeying; her nails had become claws determined to keep him right where he was.  
No, Aria. You have to stop this. You have to. 
She didn’t want to. She wanted more. More of his scent, his smooth cheek pressed to hers, more of him. His lips. His— 
She pushed at his shoulders. Her attempts were pathetic. Her body wanted, with a desperation it had never wanted with before, and it was determined to have. “I . . . can’t . . .” 
Chase’s hand tightened around the back of her neck, holding her still so that he could murmur right up against her cheek. “Aria.” 
Fuck. The feel of his lips. His breath.  
The freaking way he kept saying her name! 
“You have yet to answer my question.” His bottom lip slid across her skin and his tongue touched her as he spoke. 
That’s because I can’t, you jackass. Oh, if only those words would leave her mouth. 
She had no idea what the answer to his question was. All she knew right then was the feel of his tongue as it flicked her skin. The feeling palpated across her flesh, sliced through the layers, and slid in deep. She fisted his blazer, feeling faint.  
Suddenly, he backed her up, driving her right into the wall behind her. Aria felt her back hit the wall; she expected him to press that large, sculpted body of his into her right after. 
God help her, she wanted him to. 
He didn’t, remaining inches away from her, with those lips still pressed to her cheek.  
“You want me to answer the question for you, Aria?” 
Dread raced through her at his low, heated question. She knew that whatever he was going to say, it would hit her too hard, too deep, and way too truthfully.  
“I’m going to tell you what I think.” 
Please don’t. She knew right then how obvious her body’s reaction was. It was too damned obvious.  
“I think,” Chase paused, brushing her skin lightly with his lips. 
Aria shook her head, choking on everything he was and everything he was making her fucking want. 
 “You feel this between us, Aria.” He kissed her cheek one more time, lingering just enough to drive her wild. “As wrong as everything has been so far . . . You. Feel. This.”  
Chase pulled away from her and stormed down the hall. 
The sound of the door slamming open and closed reverberated through her, mixing with the maelstrom churning in her body.  
She sagged against the wall.
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A Debt Repaid

About the author
Isabelle Blanco is the Amazon Bestselling Author of the Allure Series, the Compulsions Series, and many others. She was born in Queens, NY (USA). At the age of three, due to an odd fascination with studying her mother's handwriting, she began to read and write. By the time she'd reached kindergarten, she had an extensive vocabulary and her obsession with words began to bleed into every aspect of her life.

N. Isabelle Blanco spends her days working as an author, web programmer, marketer, and graphic designer. That is when she isn't handling her "spawn", as she calls her son, and brainstorming with him about his future career as a comic book illustrator...

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