Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Irresistible Desire by Danielle Jamie

I had no expectations of this book since this is a brand new author and is a brand new series, but I was quickly converted to a believer and loved it to say the least. Kayden Knox immediately proved to be book boyfriend worthy and is actually my second favorite now, behind only Christian Grey. He is young, sexy, powerful, rich, tattooed and a country boy.....all things to love in a book boyfriend. With a past marked by hurt from the woman he once loved, Kayden has sworn off the "relationship thing" and has taken the stance that single playboys don't get broken hearts.

Savannah has had the same boyfriend for four years and sees only him in her future when he proposes to her and then subsequently gets busted cheating on her.....the same night.
Reeling from the painful breakup from Logan, Savannah swears off love and rules in favor of fun with no attachments instead. When she comes face to face with Kayden Knox while he is being interviewed by the magazine she works for in LA, plans quickly change for them both....

For a first book I thought this story was very well told and for me easily brought to life- I immediately am able to picture Savannah as bratty, sassy and sexy blonde Blake Lively and Kayden Knox with his sex appeal, tattoos and "megawatt" smile as Colin Wayne. Being able to so quickly see the characters brought to life is the mark of a well told story to me. Other than the hotness that is Kayden Knox, I loved this story so much because it is set in my hometown (partly, when not in LA) of Houston, Texas and surrounding Galveston where I have spent lots of summers throughout my life. To have a book relate to towns and places I have actually been to makes me love it even more. This book has a Book II and a Book III both due this year, in May and September respectively and I can tell you this, not reading all three books in this series would be a shame- Kayden Knox should be on everyone's smokin hot BB list. ;) Kellie