Sunday, August 27, 2017

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Time is running out! This promotion ends Sunday night, August 27!

For 10 days only, the complete Thompson Sisters series -- 6 novels + 2 novellas -- is on sale under one cover for only $2.99. Separately, these books normally cost more than $30! Obviously I can't keep it at that price forever, but for one week and a few days, here it is! If you've been waiting to check out the Thompson Sisters, now is your chance!





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The tragic and heartwarming saga of the Thompson Sisters has endeared readers worldwide, with more than a quarter million copies sold in six languages.

For the first time, the entire saga -- six full length novels plus two bonus novellas -- are under one cover.

Adelina Thompson, the hated matriarch and diplomatic wife who has her own tragic secrets.

Julia Thompson and Crank Wilson -- the star crossed couple who meet at a anti-war protest in Washington, DC. 

Alexandra Thompson and Dylan Paris -- can Alex restore love and help heal her war-wounded love?

Carrie Thompson and Ray Sherman -- a senseless accident reveals dangerous secrets no one ever expected. 

The Rachel's Peril trilogy: will Andrea Thompson's secrets destroy her entire family?

The Thompson Sisters

A Song for Julia
Just Remember to Breath
The Last Hour

Rachel's Peril

Girl of Lies
Girl of Rage
Girl of Vengeance

Bonus novellas:

Falling Stars
A View From Forever