Monday, May 6, 2013

Beautiful Bastard 

by Christina Lauren

Love, love, loved this book! However, I H-A-T-E-D it when I started it and almost put it down. So, when you start reading and are frustrated like I was, do not give up! Keep reading, you will fall in love with Bennett Ryan, just like I did. When Chloe Mills is asked to become the assistant to Bennett Ryan, returning to Chicago from France to take a top position at his family's media company, she never expects the "Beautiful Bastard" to be someone she HATES seeing every day. Bennett feels the same way about her, with not a day going by that he doesn't give Chloe a hard time, just because he can. 

Little does Chloe know that his "asshole tendencies" are a defense mechanism against his growing attraction to the beautiful woman that works for him. The two of them engage in a passionate affair, never expecting the line between love and hate  to become blurred. This book is everything you want in a love story, fighting, passionate love making, drama, tears, anger....I loved it. I will say this- I WAS disappointed that the names of all of the major characters in the book with the exception of Bennett and Chloe were taken directly from Twilight. This led people to call it a "rip off" of the Twilight franchise and rank this story rather harshly, when in reality the names are THE only similarity at all in the book. I recommend this read, definitely. <3 Kellie 

****NOTE: Author says the book has been edited since I read it several months ago and there are no longer any Twilight names being used in it. 5/7/13 ****