Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Promise by SL Jayne Review- 12/21/13

The Promise Review:

My sister wrote this and she knows I tell it like it is so if I hated her book, she'd be the first to hear about it. This was AWESOME and I loved it! I am so proud of how well she articulated this story, blending the stories of two best friends so well together and separately- giving them each their own individual identities in the book. 

Ava and Ryless became friends back in Boston as small girls and a pinkie promise one night at a sleepover changes and linked their futures together forever. When they move to California after college to start over away from the pain of the past, running away soon shows itself to be impossible when past, present and future collide. 

I am looking forward to part two of this story, with the developing relationship between Rylee and Matt. I see them both having a lot to learn about each other's pasts and growing together into a beautiful future they both deserve. Five stars well deserved Sis- SO proud of you! xoxo Kellie 

Synopsis: How far would you go to help your best friend? 

Do you remember when you were young, and made pinky promises with your best friend about living together, dating movie stars, being famous and double weddings? 

Ava and Rylee had the same plans. Knowing the home life Rylee had, Ava knew that all of those dreams of fun and freedom would always be just that. Dreams. That was until one night, Rylee asked Ava to pinky promise they would move away as soon as they were old enough and able to. 

Ava's advice to Rylee is to have fun and have faith, but most of all believe in herself and learn to trust that not all guys can't be trusted... But can Ava learn to take herself own advice when it comes to her own heart?

This book is intended for age 17+ due to sexual content, violence and strong language.

About the Author: I love reading, I have way too many book boyfriends and I love to chat! I have a daughter who I love more than the stars. She is my whole life. My mum and sister have and always will be my rocks, they have stood by me through everything I've faced.
I sometimes talk too much, I have huge blonde moments, big freak outs and hyper moments which lead to me being reminded to breathe!

After starting to read again more regularly I met some great girls online through our love of books. Since being an admin on a Facebook book page I have gotten to know some amazing authors and a few of those I now consider great friends.

People keep saying to me "with the amount of books you have read, you could write one yourself!"

So why not? :)

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