Sunday, July 14, 2013

Strings by Kendall Grey

This book is so very dirty and kinky and full of perversion. I freakin LOVED it! You cannot read this if you are easily offended by graphic sexual acts by a hard core slut, because that is happenin in this book! 

I loved the REAL in this book- the struggles to be successful, the working a job you hate to make ends meet and only being able to live your true passion part-time. I loved the fact that Letty did not apologize for being exactly who she is, that she was a bad ass, strong willed, sharp tongued powerhouse and I loved that she never compromised what she believed in to please anyone else. 

Shades is a freak, but also a sweetheart and a sexy ass rocker bad ass too. They are so different and yet so the same and I loved their dynamic in this book. It is not your light hearted love story with romantic love making- it is more banging against a dirty strip club bathroom stall wall love but I loved it and if you can handle it, you will love it too. Five stars- cannot wait for Beats! <3 Kellie 

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