Sunday, June 23, 2013


By Natalie Gayle

 Brayden -- what more could you want in a hero? Not only is he a sexy guitarist for a rock band, but he leads a dangerous double life.  For me, he was why I enjoyed this novel.  

If it hadn't been for him, it would have taken me much longer to get into this one.  I was bogged down in the details at first.......I mean, this book is beyond the norm for me.  I don't often read romances with so much action and suspense!  What I found comforting and enjoyable in this read was the more usual plot of Rihanna having to learn to trust again in men/relationships. Finding Trust was so action-packed that I know I would enjoy the movie! LOL  Even when concepts were more in depth than most "romance novels" (terrorists, biological weapons, genetic engineering, etc), the underlying story of true love is still there.  Overall, I would definitely recommend this title to my friends, especially those who complain "Don't they EVER do anything but have sex all the time???" While there is plenty of HOT action, there is more to this one than you would expect.  A nice read!  ***Ann***

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About the Author:

I recently discovered those school vocational assessments are really interesting and probably correct! Who would have thought, hey? You see, I clearly remember taking one of those in Year 11 (for my US friends, I think that equates to junior year in high school). Anyway, semantics. Well, the results came back indicating that I should pursue a career in writing and something else. What that something else was I can’t remember but the writing thing stuck in my mind.

Sure, I’d always liked English and had already developed a ravenous appetite for romance novels by the age of sixteen—but who becomes a writer straight out of school? So to cut a long story short, I went to Uni and studied Business and ended up managing large-scale IT projects shortly after.

I can’t complain: it’s been a great career. I’ve done some awesome projects and met some incredible people and I won’t be giving it up anytime soon. Anyway, I’ve messed around with a couple of “secret” novels over the years and I finally decided to get serious and finish one. Hence “Finding Trust” came about. And about twenty years later, I’ve finally proved a vocational assessment correct, because I love writing!

As to some other stuff about me: I live on the Gold Coast, Australia. I love spending time with my family and friends. When I’m not sitting behind a screen playing with IT or writing, you might find me down the beach playing in the waves on a Jet Ski or a bogey board (both are uber cool). When the weather turns a bit cooler (doesn’t really happen on the Gold Coast), we like to head for the snow. I’ve discovered I have two kids who are kamikaze skiers—they must take after their father. He’s always at me to “release the handbrake.” Apparently I’d ski so much better. I call it a healthy understanding of self-preservation and gravity!

I like to think I can fit in a few workouts and martial arts classes each week. This tends to be a figment of my imagination more than reality, unfortunately. I am trying to remedy this, but those damn characters just keep demanding to have their stories told and, well, there’s always another good book to read!
I hope you enjoy mine.

Please drop me a line. I’m active on Facebook, Twitter, and via email I’d love to know what you think of my books and well, let’s be truthful—I love talking about books, whether they’re mine or someone else’s. Fiction is just so much more fun than reality!!!

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