Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nocturnes by Kendall Grey Review

Nocturnes by Kendall Grey 

WOW! I thought I loved Strings, knew I loved Beats, but was completely leveled by Nocturnes. No one tells a dirty sex story like Kendall Grey!!!

Rax is still torn up over his break up with Toombs and being forced to spend time in the vicinity of him and Jinx is doing his head in. If Rax is sober five minutes, that is five minutes too long for him. Drowning his sorrows and looking for his next fix, he stumbles into Nocturnes in New Orleans and runs right into the one woman that has never left his mind and who he thought he'd never see again.....Lola. 

I absolutely loved this book and how these two broken people help ease each other's pain in a way that is nothing mushy and all kinky. Lol! No, really, this was a great book as anyone that read Strings and Beats should have come to expect from Kendall and it would be a complete lie if I said I want more and gave this a five star and two thumbs up recommendation. READ IT! But only if you don't mind lots of dirty and a bunch of anal..... <3 Kellie 

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