Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bedrock by Britney King

Bedrock by Britney King Review
This one was a shocker. I really liked it though! Lol! Although some of the book had events and addressed issues I cannot personally relate to, A LOT of it was exactly true to the lives of most people- making difficult decisions to protect and support your family finding love when and where you least expected it, having expectations of people that they cannot live up to....I felt a connection to these parts of the story. What touched home the most though was when Addison first became a mother and questioned her ability to be a good mother and thought something was wrong with her for not wanting to be at home with her children all the time by going back to work- I was there once. Addison has to make alot of painful and difficult decisions in this book and it reads like real life more than a fairy tale romance with flowers and happily ever after. I wanted a different outcome to be honest but I still liked this book very much and gave it four stars for a review. I hope there is more from Britney soon! <3 Kellie
Synopsis: When Addison Greyer, a happily married mother of three, decides to re-enter the workforce, she never once considers that taking a job might unravel everything she thinks to be true about her life—that it would cause her to look deep within and confront fears she didn’t know existed. She couldn’t have foreseen how a chance meeting or a single day can change the course of an entire lifetime. Like many women, Addison is defined in terms of marriage and motherhood, until she suddenly finds her life turned upside down by her husband’s decision to take a job thousands of miles away. When her tough-as-nails boss offers her an opportunity she can’t refuse, Addie is forced to make difficult choices. Those choices take her further and further out of the carefully crafted fairytale life she has created and lead her into an unknown world where things are anything but black and white: a world where she learns that desire is not only dangerous but deadly. In this world, all bets are off as she is forced to finally confront her past. As her past and present collide, she has to make decisions that for most are unthinkable, decisions that can tear her family apart, and perhaps even have fatal consequences. Bedrock is a love story designed to showcase how the choices we make ultimately shape our lives. It serves as a reminder that in the end what defines us is not the big events, the monumental occasions. It’s the tiny, seemingly inconsequential moments in between. It’s proof that time passes and we cannot, no matter how hard we try, get it back. Bedrock is a story of love and grief that pretty much sums up the context of the human experience. Due to heavy subject matter and sexual content this book is recommended for mature readers.