Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Conklin's Foundation Review

Conklin’s Foundations (book 2) By Brooke Page     

Conklin’s Foundations is the second book in the Conklin Trilogy… and I think Tyler Conklin just found a permanent place in my heart. It picks up after Becca gives all the “nasties” in her life a piece of her mind and is utterly disappointed in the people she thought loved her. Don’t worry, she doesn’t get to wallow in self pity to long…Tyler comes to her rescue, queue “knight on white horse fantasy” **sigh**.
 After some amazing make-up sex and beautiful jewelry, things finally start to settle down as Tyler and Becca as they take their relationship to the next level. This doesn’t last long for them, especially when Tyler’s “old” lover and nanny, Margo, (ewww) decides to show up and disrupt their lives. As Becca tries to handle the situation, her insecurities almost get the best of her. Tyler tries to show her she is the only woman for him, but sometimes woman can be doubtful, especially when there is another woman in the mix…  
There is love, comedy, betrayal, shockers, and some super sexy Tyler/Becca scenes that are hot hot hot! If you loved Conklin’s Blueprints and can’t wait to find out what happens to Becca and Tyler… you need to read Foundations – Brooke brings it all to the table in this romantic trilogy.

Becca:  I quickly grabbed my drink and headed into the dining room, Tyler hot on my tail. He smacked my ass just as I was going to sit down, Jamie and Nathan got the full glimpse as I yelped. “Tyler!” I whinned, rubbing my ass then taking a seat. He just grinned as he sat down wiggling his eyebrows. “Holy shit, how drunk are you?” Nathan asked Tyler. Tyler shook his head at Nathan as though he was crazy then picked up his cards. “I thought you said he was a gentle lover?” Jamie snickered then covered her mouth the second she realized what she had said. My face went red with embarrassment as Nathan let out a howl. “Tyler, you’ve really gone soft,” Nathan mocked
4.5 stars

~ Tonya


Beautifully Awake by Riley MacKenzie Review

Beautifully Awake – By Riley 


Review By Tonya Nichols
If you are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy or ER, you will love Beautifully Awake just like I did. Hot, arrogant neurosurgeon… OMG! Chase Colton is one hot piece of arse I would consider banging my head up against a wall for. I fell in love with this broody, possessive, sensitive, funny doctor. 
 Lili Porter is a case worker with a rough past that is just trying to get through life day by day… sleep-running. Chase Colton is a hot shot neurosurgeon with his own dark past, whose cases Lili has just been assigned to. Chase is all business in the office, except for the mixed signals he sends Lili.  One minute he is Dr. Compassionate and the next he is back to Dr. Intensity, leaving Lili hot, bothered, and confused. After a hot make out session and some jealous encounters, Chase and Lili finally try to make a relationship work.
Can they beat their own demons and overcome the running they’ve become so accustomed to, and become what each other needs? This is a beautiful story of love, loss, tragedy, friendship, and human compassion. Don’t worry you will get some definite steamy sexiness and laugh out loud moment as well…
Excerpt**** This is an excerpt from Sierra, Lili’s foul mouthed pregnant best friend, who toasts at dinner with Chase and Lili after her labor scare – (talking to Chase….)
“Turns out you and my cervix have something in common, or so I’ve heard.” Sierra clinked our glasses. “To long and firm!” --- I freakin loved Sierra!

4.5 stars
~ Tonya


Back-Up Review by A.M Madden



Ok, I have a weakness for rock stars and I have to say Jack Lair delivered!
Leila meets the lead singer of Devil's Lair at the audition for the back-up singer she was asked to attend. The instant sexual tension is evident between them, but due to the fact that Leila actually gets to join the band they both fight the attraction. They both know that if things go bad for their relationship that only one of them is out of a job. 
The sexual tension grows as they start to rehearse for Devil's Lair upcoming tour. They become fast friends and Jack feels the need to look out for Leila. 
Leila is already in a band with her best friend Evan and ex-boyfriend Matt and other friends but they are all supportive when she joins Devil's Lair. 
Through the weeks leading up to the tour the tension grows and they both cave in and share a kiss which leads to more but it's more than just sex for them both.  Things start going well, the rest of Devil's Lair accept their relationship but as always their is always heartbreak around the corner. A past bed-buddy turns up pregnant claiming it's Jack's. Also she has information about a very angry past band member....things will surely heat up in the next book. Loved it! <3 Amy