Sunday, November 3, 2013

Entangled by S.E. Hall Review

   Entangled by S.E Hall 

Toski's Review: So, I have anxiously awaited the release of these sweet baby because it's my boy Dane .. (oh and Laney too) If anyone is familiar with my Emerge review (it's EPIC) you know I compare Dane to Kellan Kyle my all time book Boyfriend.. He didn't disappoint me once again. He turned up the heat and ME LIKEY. This novella starts us giving an inside look at DANEY's (Dane and Laney) new life.. He has bought her a duplex and they are breaking her in right, christening their new home Daney style. Dane flat made me blush fifty shades of Red a few times. Here are a few of my noted highlights- -I swear you'd argue with a fence post <-- And she would -God bless my brother for picking that school, that dorm -You're a part of me now Laney, there's no going back. No one or nothing exists before us or after us<--- SWOOON -My God this man, there's no way he can be real <-- My thoughts exactly;) -I need whatever you wanna give me baby <-- I'll give it to you baby LOL -OH MY GOD LANEY MY CHACHA's ON FIRE, I think there may be permanent damage <--- BAHHAHAHHAH -We're still at like twenty-four shades of grey mister I think it goes without saying this Novella is a GIANT FIVE STAR AMAZING READ. You will laugh, have a happy tear or two, and you will be fanning yourself from all the hottness Dane throws at you. This gang is like my REAL LIFE FRIENDS. I Love them all. SE HALL keeps getting better and better at making me fall in love with each one of them over and over again!!!

Carrie's Review: Mercy freakin sakes!! Dane my HOT BB is back and has turned it up a notch! Oh..who am I kidding he's on FIRE! I needed more than a fan to cool off. Dump ice cubes down my shirt and turn the air on turbo! 

This was an awesome book leading up to Entice. I loved every single bit of it! Laney and Dane are HOT! If you want steam this is a MUST read. I love how we get a peek at the crew and what everyone is doing. 

Dane doesn't disappoint! I swear Laney better marry this man soon or S.E.Hall is sending him to me. He is the hottest, sweetest, most wonderful BB ever! He's ready to marry Laney now,but our girl Laney is still a tad hesitate. I understand some of her reasons, but come on girl it's Dane!! <-------swoon my panties off remember?? Good grief! 

If you don't believe me just listen to these quotes from my man! 

"Love you so much Laney." I'll always love you my beautiful angel. You save me everyday. <---Sweet Baby J! I seriously needed a min...

"You're apart of me now Laney, there's no going back. No one or nothing exists before us, or after us, all that remains is our forever." <----I had tears! He's the sweetest man! 

My favorite part I have to share!! I'm just going to say Winnie the Pooh! You will Know what that means after you read it! Winnie the Pooh is one of my favorites ever!! I had tears over that moment too.

We also left with a few questions about what's going on with Sawyer. I love him! Can't wait for more of him in Entice! 

I give Entangled 5 Shiny Huge Stars!! I loved it from start to finish! S.E. Hall I love you like Dane loves Disney! You rock lady!! Thank you for making me a tiny part of your world! 

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