Wednesday, June 14, 2017


It's #CoverReveal Day!!! Before the Cherry Trees the final book in The Cook Brothers Series from H. D'Agostino releases July 10th on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iBooks. Add it to your TBR list now. For better or worse is easier said than done. Can love conquer all? Cover Design by Cassy Roop @ Pink Ink Design.  #BeforeTheCherryTrees #TheCookBrothersSeries #TrevorAndSharron #ComingSoon

Title: Whiskey's Redemption
Series: Crown & Anchor Series
Author: Kerri Ann
Genre: Contemporary Romance w/ Mafia Elements
Release Date: September 6, 2017


I’m the king of the powder. Snowboard companies vie for my Crown symbol on their wood. Women fall at my feet, ready for

the taking at every turn, and there’s nothing hard about it. It all comes easily to me. My world is cold, unforgiving and harsh,

and I damn well like it that way. I’m coldhearted because I was made this way by the people that should have loved me

most. Family.

Meeting Carli Katana at my father’s funeral, she captivated me immediately. Not because she was easy, but for the simple

fact that she wasn’t. Her sass, fire, sarcasm and wit keeps me guessing at every turn. She says she doesn’t want me, but

her body tells me otherwise.


Cold and calculating, unforgiving and unyielding, the broody Whiskey Crown is everything I look for in a man. But even

though he’s everything I’d ever thought the perfect man should be, I can’t have him. Why? My family. They’re the killers in

the night that you’re warned about, and I may not have a choice but to return to that life. Family isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

when you’re forced into it.

With an avaricious appetite for stories, Kerri Ann can be found quite often with her nose in a book or writing it. On many occasion it has been said that she's in her own world, living in the stories of those she reads about, giving them a life they deserve.
She can easily be found under a tree in the shade, or reclining at Starbucks scribbling notes about new stories and new characters, all while keeping the coffee chain in business.
Whether late at night, at a music festival, or sitting on a ski lift, when the thoughts arise, Kerri Ann will add them to those in progress. So be wary, your antics could be in her next book.


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Are you ready to hit the gym again with Trent and Jonny, along with Jared? I certainly hope so, as the guys are!

Books 1-3 available in this tongue-in-cheek erotic series of gym shorts

Sounds dirty ;)
Swole: Chest Day
Swole; Leg Day
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Jonny Cameron is a nerdy guy stuck between Trent Cassidy, the rugged alpha with a no holds barred attitude and Jared Hughes, a romantic jock for whom he has budding feelings. Can Jonny bring himself to make a choice, or is he forever destined to be trapped between these two buff studs, each ready to release?
Books 4 and 5 are coming later this summer!