Saturday, June 8, 2013


By Olivia Cunning

There is simply no one who I trust with my rock stars more than Olivia Cunning.  She is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! She writes about hard edged rock GODS who have strong women who complete them.  I picked up an anthology of these novellas to help bide my time until Wicked Beats (see Sinners On Tour review) comes out this August.  Admittedly, they are not My Sinners, but they are still a HOT way to spend a few days.  I mean what would your Sole Regret be........

Share Me is the prequel to the series.  Honestly, I didn't care much for it.  Sorry, but I have to say it.  BUT, it was only 99 cents AND I see now that reading it will help me understand later developments.  It is JUST sex (no real relationship stuff), but it does give background to our male characters. 

I actually read Try Me first (not realizing there is a prequel), and it was my favorite of all of them. Gabe is a sexy drummer with some interesting skills in the sex toy area........Do I REALLY need to say more?

Tempt Me is another sweet read.  I see a LOT of possibilities where this couple is concerned.  Madison is going to take just one more night with her hot rocker, Adam, before she breaks it off........

Tempt Me actually is the best story of them all. I think it shows more depth to characters as well as some STEAMY, SWEATY sex......

Touch Me starts off at a sex club...............Owen wants a sure thing.  Caitlyn is looking to have an adventure to get her over her divorce.  The found each other.  I mean, who wouldn't want to spend one night with a rocker to live out every sexual fantasy? Sign me up!

Goodreads says that expected release date for Tie Me is June 14, 2013. THAT is one I am looking forward to....... 

I recommend these titles, but know that they are extremely sexual and not just in a simple boy + girl way.  They are hot as hell though!  Just leave your inhibitions at home!! :)  ***ANN***


By Katie Ashley 

I cannot express how much I enjoyed this title!  I actually overheard a couple of my best book buddies discussing it at our book club meeting (yes, overheard because I am ALWAYS talking and not listening LOL).  I thought it sounded fun but never got the title.  When I did manage to connect all the dots, I read it in one sitting and fell totally in LOVE with Katie Ashley.  

Abby is joining up with her brothers' Christian rock band to tour over the summer.  Oops! She gets on the wrong bus and ends up with Runaway Train, a HOT hard-rocking group of yummy manliness! THAT is a mistake I would like to make! 

Abby meets Jake, lead singer for RT, and sparks fly!  I loved the characters in this book.  Jake's mom is the sweetest.  I cried real tears and laughed belly laughs.  Plus, there was some scenes of SMOKIN' HOTNESS!!! This little book had it ALL! Do not hesitate.......go 1-click it NOW! You can thank me later......***Ann***




By Michelle Valentine

In honor of Rockstar weekend, let's get acquainted with one of my favorites, Riff, from Michelle Valentine's series.  He is my Oreo loving rocker! 

Rock the Heart introduces us to Lane and Noel, high school sweethearts who were torn apart by immaturity and misunderstanding.  Lane is now working for a marketing company in NYC.  Noel is a the sexy front man for the rock group, Black Falcons.  To keep her job, Lane has to win over Noel.  She has to deal with her past, a controlling and deceptive boss and her feelings for the only man she has ever loved.  

It is a sweet story and a quick, easy read. I enjoyed it.  It was a nice break from some of the books which are just constant sex.  

Rock the Band was a novella mainly concentrating on the progression of relationship between Lane and Noel.  Honestly, you could NOT read this and never know it, but it was still cute.  More heat in this one, as they spend less time dancing around old issues.  I read this when is all I really wanted to do was curl up with my Riff.........

Ohhhhhhh, Riff, what can I really say? That he can eat Oreos in my bed ANYTIME HE WANTS! When we first meet Riff in Rock the Heart, he is a bit offensive, but we have learned why now. He meets Aubrey, Lane's best friend, and it sizzles!  Riff is my reason for loving the first two books in this still growing series.  I am still hoping to get a Golden Ticket.........

All in all, I definitely recommend these rockers.  Noel is kind of wimpy for me, but Riff is anything but! YUMMMMM   ***Ann***