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Measure of Devotion Series Cover Reveal

Title:  Measure of Devotion Series
Author: Caethes Faron
Release:  April 10, 2014


Jason Wadsworth is finally headed to university. Leaving behind his father's cattle ranch in favor of the posh, gaslit streets of Perdana, Jason is determined to climb the social ladder and forget his country roots. If only his father had gifted him with a more upscale slave.

Kale's been a country slave his whole life. All he wants is to keep his head down and live as comfortable an existence as possible. Unfortunately, his dramatic master despises him and makes life difficult at every turn.

Humbled by his first breakup, Jason grows to appreciate his ever-faithful slave and soon discovers that Kale is everything he's ever wanted. Now he needs to prove to Kale that his love is genuine.

Kale, meanwhile, tries to convince himself that he simply feels the devotion of a slave to his master, but his actions prove what his mind is unwilling to accept: he's falling in love. When Jason's future happiness is in jeopardy, Kale sets himself on a course to make Jason's dreams come true, even if it means facing up to the fact that, for the first time in his life, he loves someone else more than he loves himself.

Follow Jason and Kale as the rely on the strength of their devotion to each other to weather the storms they unwittingly enter in their quest for peace.

Measure of Devotion is a bittersweet love story that contains sexual content and adult language.

Excerpt 1:

Jason was home to him now.
Home was not a place for him like it was for Jason. It was a person, because that’s all Kale could have.
That’s why he had been willing to risk himself for Jason. Somewhere along the way, things had changed. Kale’s happiness was no longer dependent on Jason’s the way every slave’s happiness depended on his master’s; Kale’s happiness had become intertwined with Jason’s.

Redemption by Julie Morgan- 4/3/14

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Lisa's choice has been made. She's living her dream and couldn't be happier. Then as news comes to shed light on her happily ever after, a series of events are set in motion. Some want to claim what is rightfully theirs, others want to mold it in a positive light.
Alex feels the demon inside of him growing stronger, day by day. Will he be strong enough to keep it at bay, or will he lose himself to the darkness? A new demon comes into Alex and Lisa's life who seems to have every intention of destroying them, but do they know what their intentions truly are?
Lisa will discover who is an ally and who is the enemy, but will she discover it in time to save Alex from his own self destruction? When she finally understands what's happening to her, will she lose herself and everyone she loves or will she seek redemption and accept what she has become?
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Redemption Cover
Alex flies above the trees he’s found marked by demons. He lands just outside the blackened ground and takes a few steps, examining the singed soil. He squats down and holds his palm just over the earth, feeling the area still warm. The sound of bark cracks next to him and he looks towards the tree a few feet away. The sludge seeping down the trunk appears to still be fresh. A few dead leaves float to the ground in front of him. His eyes follow a pattern making its way up the tree as death works its way through it to the core, blackening and killing it.
He takes a few steps back and walks around the other side of the blackened ground and finds he is not too far from where he and Lisa were just sitting. “Spying on us. Outstanding,” he mumbles. He lifts himself back into the air and makes his way back over to where Lisa stands. His wings shift in the air and he finds Lisa still standing in the same place where he left her. He can see concern and fear on her face. He takes a few steps forward and tilts his head, watching her like a predator watching its prey.
She crosses her arms over her chest and feels a slight shiver touch her skin. “Alex?” she whispers. Fear creeps inside of her and her eyes scan the area, seeing nothing but the trees and vegetation. She whines softly to herself and backs up against a tree.
He steps closer towards her and reaches out to touch her, then lowers his hand. The demon inside of him wants to claim her here in the woods, wanting to make her his over and over again. The desire to grab and thrust against her, to claim her body and take her soul pulses through his body. He presses the palms of his hands to his eyes and suppresses the demon inside of him. A long sigh leaves his lips and this is all Lisa needs to know he’s near.
“Alex?” She whispers, looking side to side.
Alex uncloaks himself and appears in front of her, his eyes black and wings still extended.
She screams, “DAMMIT!” then jumps back, lifting a hand to her heart. “You scared the shit out of me! What the hell?”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to.” He steps closer to her, pulling his wings into his back. “Come here.” Alex reaches for her hands and pulls her to him. He forces the fire inside of him to extinguish to a dull simmer. He cups her face and looks at her.
She lifts her gaze and her breath catches in her throat. It’s not often Alex allows his true form to emerge so freely in front of her. Her hands lift and rest on his forearms. “It’s okay now. You… startled me is all,” she sighs and relaxes. “Was there something out there? Are we alone?”
Alex watches her and feels her anxiety ease up and her heartbeat slow. He steps closer and leans in to kiss her forehead. “We are alone… for now.” He closes his eyes and swallows hard, then looks down at her again. Lust, longing and sex burn at the forefront of his mind. He grits his teeth and pushes them back. “But I think someone is here. Let’s get back to the cabin.” Lisa nods, then lifts up onto her toes and kisses him.
Alex growls softly and his eyes stare into hers, then he kisses her again with more intent. The lust encompasses him and he thrusts it towards her. She embraces his body and gasps. She leans into him and whimpers softly, gripping his shoulders tighter. His hands move to her hips and he pulls himself closer. Lisa feels herself stepping back as he presses against her. She moves her hands around his neck and feels his wings against her hands. She lifts her fingers and they move between the downy feathers. Alex lets out a soft growl at her touch.
She immediately retracts her fingers and breaks the kiss. “I’m sorry.”
He shakes his head and tells her, “Don’t stop.” She finds a soft hue of red glowing around him. He presses his lips to hers again and she closes her eyes. He deepens the kiss with his tongue massaging hers and a soft moan leaves her lips. Without hesitation, she moves her fingers into his wings again.
Alex pushes Lisa against the tree. “Alex…” she mumbles against his lips. Her fingers dig into his shoulders and she bites his bottom lip.
He answers her with another growl, but this time he grabs one of her legs and wraps it around his waist.
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Hailing from Burleson, Texas and growing up in the country with big tractors and bon fire parties, I would day dream about far off lands, hoping to one day get inside their worlds.
Always having a love of books and paranormal stories, I finally took the leap to begin writing with encouragement from my husband. Having worked in IT my entire career and finding my way to Central Florida, I spend free time writing new stories, putting together puzzles with my daughter or reading her children's stories.
We are involved in Autism research and Autism awareness. To find out more how you can help, check out
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The Exchange Part I Cover Reveal

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Project Sapphire: The World’s first AI. A top-secret project exposed to a select group of scientists. Lei Heaton, a man desperate to save his daughter, is at the top of the bionics empire. He not only hired the team to repair his daughter’s damaged body, he plans to reanimate her dead mind using the Sapphire AI.
A dangerous man—a killer that is no regular human…
Maxwell Landon—codename: Deimos—is the Adelphi Organization’s top agent. His M.O is simple: Never fail. He's used to annihilating anyone that gets in his way. But this time, he's being called to protect and deliver. Deimos is aware that this mission won't be like any other. Then he lays eyes on the resurrected Ms. Heaton, and instantly he knows:
That is not Magdalena Heaton.
And he will never be the same again.
Control, his most prized possession, is ripped from him with a single glance...
The violent attraction he feels for the girl complicates matters immediately. But what Deimos doesn't know is that things are about to get much worse. Sapphire isn't just a completely different person than the dead Ms. Heaton—she's the AI miracle of the century. An advancement that many would kill to own.
Including himself, no matter how hard he fights against it.
A girl determined to protect her creator. A man determined to protect her...
Despite the fact that she is not Magdalena, Sapphire is bent on taking her place as Mr. Heaton's daughter in order to keep her creator safe. Deimos knows that he has to honor her wish. But the thing inside him is demanding more. More than a touch. A lot more than a taste. It responds to everything about her...every stuttered breath that lets him know she wants him as much as he wants her.
How does he walk away when he knows that no matter how far he is from her, she’ll always be in danger and he'll always hunger for her?
Genre Erotica/ Sci-Fi
Expected Publication Date April 30th 2014
About the Author

N. Isabelle Blanco was born in Queens, NY (USA). At the age of three, due to an odd fascination with studying her mother’s handwriting, she began to read and write. By the time she’d reached kindergarten, she had an extensive vocabulary and her obsession with words began to bleed into every aspect of her life. An avid reader in her teens, her fascination with Japanese anime eventually led her to the universe of fan fiction, which became her on-again, off-again hobby for the next ten years. During that time she amassed a following of fans that, by her own admission, she would never be able to live without. It was those fans who encouraged her to step beyond the fan fiction realm and try her talent in the publishing world. N. Isabelle Blanco now has three novellas and two full-length novels under her belt, and spends her days working as an author, web programmer, marketer, and graphic designer. That is when she isn’t handling her “spawn”, as she calls her son, and brainstorming with him about his future career as a comic book illustrator.
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Breaking Alexandria by KA Robinson Review


Where to begin......oh, that is Joel <---------. Actually it is Oliver Sykes but when I read Breaking Alexandria he is who I immediately pictured as Lexi's first love, Joel. Covered in tatts, wrong side of the law, bad influence that had her parents pulling their hair out? Yeah, him. We've all been there, right? "But I love him!" Yeah, him. 

Loved this story. In the span of a few years, Lexi went from being herself to losing herself in a guy that she thought was her everything and forever thing to being forced to find herself again. The book is probably supposed to be YA since Lexi is 17 but the book just seems to fit so many emotions and situations of people every age so I don't think you have to be "into" YA to really enjoy this book. 

There are for sure some life lessons and changing events to be learned for everyone in this book- Lexi needs to see who and what she is supposed to be in life, Joel needs to see that the life he lives is not one that will keep Lexi in it, and Landon, the perfect distraction and escape from real life, yeah, he just needs to get in my a few years when he's older....

Seriously, I highly recommend this book, I loved it and will probably read it again right now. 5 ***** <3 Kellie 




Synopsis:  March 30, 2014
This book is a standalone. (No cliffhanger.)

Alexandria’s drug-dealing boyfriend, Joel, isn’t exactly the white knight she’s always dreamed of, but she can’t deny the crazy connection they have. She would do anything for him, including helping him sell drugs in order to fit perfectly into his world.

After catching Alexandria dealing for Joel, instead of turning her into the cops, Alexandria’s mother forces her to move to her grandparents’ farm in West Virginia. Spending the summer in the country, away from Joel, is the last thing Alexandria wants to do. But lucky for her, the sexy farmhand, Landon, who helps out around her grandparents’ place, is a very nice distraction. She tries her best to ignore her attraction to him, especially since she still loves Joel.

When Joel does the unforgivable, Alexandria turns to her new friend, Landon, for comfort, and it ignites an undeniable spark of attraction between them. Soon, she finds herself caught between two very different men, and the struggles within her heart just might end up breaking Alexandria.

Work count: Approximately 87,000 words. 18+