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Banged Release Blitz Nov 17

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For a limited time only get 8 tales of hard-rocking, hard-loving, bad boys in one exclusive package. From the stage to the bedroom, these ROCK STARS are out to steal the show and your heart.

LUST’S RHYTHM (Heart of Fame) by Award winning author Lexxie Couper ~ She's the daughter of rock royalty. He's been warned off her by her famous father. But Jed Brody has lusted after Chloe Blackthorne for four years, and when Chloe lets him know the lust is entirely mutual, nothing will stop the bad boy of rock claiming her as his. Career be damned.

THE ROCK STAR’S SECRET BABY (Ballybeg Bad Boys) by USA Today bestselling author Zara Keane ~ When a beautiful former fling blasts back into his life, jaded rock star Darko Dunne’s peaceful seclusion on a private island comes to an explosive end. Faced with a band of ruthless criminals and a ticking clock, Darko and Muireann must pool their resources to rescue the baby he never knew he had. 
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THREE NIGHTS WITH A ROCK STAR (Half-Life) by USA Today bestselling authors Amber Lin and Shari Slade ~ Sparks fly when a hot rocker takes a good girl for a walk on the wild side…against the penthouse window, backstage, in the limo and on the elevator.

FORBIDDEN ROCK STAR (Red Hot Rock Rhapsodies) by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Madelynne Ellis ~ Nathaniel Darke: She knows just how to press all my buttons. Bass-playing bitch, crawling under my skin. I want to believe one good shag will cure me of her. But instead, I end up addicted.

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PAINKILLER (First Hit) by USA Today bestselling authors Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott ~ He's the rockstar she doesn't recognize. She's the fighter he'll never forget. Nothing stings as much as the first hit...or hurts so good.

DIRTY (The Horus Group) by USA Today bestselling author Ainsley Booth ~ Wilson: Tabitha Leyton is a mess, but now she’s my mess. To the rest of the world, she’s a superstar. Secretly, she's a witness to depravity and a train wreck waiting to happen. But I can’t get her out of my head. And for one angry, secret night, we have each other in every imaginable way. The whole time, I know she’s off-limits. So in the morning, I’ll walk away. Officially. 

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MORE THAN MUSIC (Chasing the Dream) by Elizabeth Briggs ~ When geeky guitarist Maddie Taylor joins tattooed rock star Jared Cross’s band to compete on a reality TV show, their attraction becomes impossible to resist—but their forbidden romance might tear their band apart and cost them everything.

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Release Blitz- Nov. 17 * MC: Brighton by L. Ann Marie




Digs has been an MC IT geek since he was recruited at 17.

Recruited by the best when he tried to hack into the MC and
got the shit kicked out of him, his life has been behind the computer for them.
He’s been with the Brotherhood since he was seventeen, he learned what taking
care of their own means, he learned what seeing everyone for what they
contribute means, he learned what kind of man he wants to be and he excelled at
getting there. As a valued part of the MC, the head of High Security IT, he’s
trained with his Brothers for everything--everything except Penny.
Digs can’t say no. When the MC asks you to do something the
only answer is ‘when do I start.’ He likes his body parts right where they are
and he likes breathing—so he takes the new job offer/order without resistance.
After one date that turns his bike into a pile of parts, he is moved into
Penny’s house to watch over her and keep her safe from her stalking ex.
Keeping Penny safe from her ex is no problem for the new
High Security Officer. Keeping her safe from him is another story. Digs dark
thoughts of rough sex, rope play and a dirty mouth keep him on edge with his
not so innocent Penny.
Penny was brutally abused by her ex, she’s been away from
him and safe in the MC backyard for years. Her ex is relentless, but the MC’s
new tracking program and her cover in Officer protection keeps him from getting
It’s time for her to start a new life. She thought it was a
simple date; she had no idea it would turn out to be the date that never ends.
Plagued by thoughts of Digs owning her, Penny has her work cut out for her just
to reach normal. Learning how to function as a couple, but not owned, is a
trying and stressful experience. Can she do it before she pushes him away?

A former account executive, mother of three and grand mother of two. L.Ann lives in central USA where she found herself unemployed and having too much time on her hands. She decided to spend some time going back to her first love, writing. An avid reader herself she found stories floating around in her head that were just waiting to be written and thought she would test the waters.

L. Ann has written two series, The MC and The Baxter’s, that’s a total of nine books to date dealing with Alpha males and strong women. She uses places she has lived as her backdrops, with Florida and North Carolina still waiting to be written.


Release: Never Fall (Faithfully Yours #2) by Anne Carol

Title: Never Fall

Series: Faithfully Yours #2

Author: Anne Carol

Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Published: November 17, 2015
“Your fairy tale is about to begin.”

Beth and David’s whirlwind romance has survived a year of long-distance dating—dodging exes, dealing with jealousy, and syncing future goals. Eager to move into the next chapter of their lives together, Beth leaves California after graduation to follow her heart, joining David in his native London.

While Beth keeps busy with her university courses, David focuses on building his music career—recording and touring with his band, Vinyl Fog. They’re young and in love with the world at their feet.

Life seems perfect.

But it doesn’t take long before a series of unforeseen events challenges them like never before. How will Beth and David cope with one battle after another, and ultimately hold each other up while life keeps trying to knock them down?

Falling in love was easy.
Surviving love is the challenge.

I was sitting at the desk, still poring over my studies, when I heard David quietly slipping in the door. A tingle moved down my spine at his mere presence, yet I feared he was bitter after my poor behavior.

With my nose still in my textbook, I could hear his breathing and sensed his warmth right behind me.  I shivered reflexively when he lightly tugged on my long braid.

“Study break,” he announced matter-of-factly. Hmm…he doesn’t sound mad. I cautiously looked up to see him place a record on the turntable.  The next thing I knew he stood behind me and casually slid the pencil out of my hand, putting it down. When he whispered in my ear, “Dance with me, Mrs. S.,” my arousal kicked in.

“What exactly are we dancing to? The Sex Pistols?” I kidded, indicating I was no longer angry with him.

He leaned down and kissed my cheek. “That was my first choice, but no…you’ll like this one.” He moved my chair back and held out his hand. “Come on.”

Anne Carol grew up reading, writing, and listening to English rock bands, obsessing over one in particular. Continuing her fascination with rock stars, she married a bass player and they now have two sons, also budding musicians. Besides reading, writing, and music, she also loves traveling, going to dance class, watching teen dramas, and exploring social media websites. Anne lives in Northern California, where she enjoys wine and chocolate every night as she works on her next novel.

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****Release Day of Heist by Casey Clipper****

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Title: Heist

Author: Casey Clipper

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 17, 2015




From the author of the international bestselling The Love Series, Contemporary Romance Author Casey Clipper, comes a new contemporary romance series:
Heist (The Men of Law)
Jason Campbell and his team are on a mission—to find the jewelry thief that has hit every store in their town. They have zero leads. Their cagey burglar uses equipment and uncanny skills to prevent the detectives from gaining ground in the case that has dragged on far too long. Jasonʼs endless hours working on this case are taking a toll. He has no life outside of his job. His nights are spent alone in a cold bed with dreams of a faceless bandit haunting him. Yes, their suspect is a woman bent on toying with law enforcement.
Hannah Lakely is doing whatever it takes to survive. After escaping from the men who her parents owe money, she vows never to be put in a vulnerable position to be injured again. Those men favor breaking bones, specifically hers. Hannah does what is necessary for a woman with no high school diploma, no college education, no skill set, and in need of a large sum of money immediately to pay off her parentsʼ loan. A world of crime is an empty life with no one to count on except for her only friend, who is also her conspirator. Sheʼs alone in the world, always looking over her shoulder for the mob or law enforcement, afraid of the day that either catches up with her.
Jasonʼs life of non-committed relationships is one that leaves him lonely at times, but he accepts that drawback after watching two of his LEO brothers go through hell in their marriages. Why does he need that hassle? Itʼs difficult enough to find a good woman, let alone one who can tolerate being in a relationship with a detective. A law enforcement career can test even the best of couples. But Jasonʼs world is turned upside down when he literally runs into a red-haired spitfire. Her fiery attitude amuses him. Smitten with the entrancing woman, he decides to pursue.
Hannah canʼt believe that sheʼs attracted the attention of law enforcement in a different manner than she ever expected. She knows she shouldnʼt entertain the officerʼs blatant attraction, but Jason wonʼt take no for an answer. When she relents, deciding to cave to the determined detective, she certainly never expects to connect to him on a physical and emotional level.
Jasonʼs personal life is settling into place. Hannahʼs world is crumbling around her as she finds herself falling for a man who could put her in jail for a very long time, if he finds out her secret. Jason admits he may be more than just entranced with this gorgeous woman. Hannahʼs desperate and attempts to walk away from the life sheʼs led, until the mob catches up to her. Again.
What happens when Hannah tries to rid herself of the men who threaten her life by heisting the most secure jewelry store sheʼs ever attempted? What happens to the couple if Jason and his unit figure out who their thief really is? What happens when Jason questions everything he thought he knew, including his career? And what happens when Hannahʼs life is put in danger because of decisions made by Jason and his team?
*This is not a cliffhanger series. Each novel in the series can be read as a standalone.


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About The Author


Contemporary Romance Author of The Love Series, Casey Clipper is from Pittsburgh, PA. She's a noted sports fanatic, chocolate lover (all right, maybe that could be classified more as an addiction), and is slightly obsessed with penguins (I mean, come on, they're forever dressed in tuxes!). Like you, she's an avid romance reader and loves to lose herself in a good book. Casey is an active member of the Romance Writers of America, Contemporary Romance Writers, the Three Rivers Romance Writers, Passionate Ink, ASMSG, and IAN.

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