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Paparazzi and Star F*cking by Andrea Smith Pre-Order Blitz

Pre-Order Blitz
Paparazzi (Book 3) and Star F*cking (Book 4) in Evermore Series by Author Andrea Smith

(Book 3 Evermore Series)
Releasing November 15, 2016

Book 3 in the Evermore Series finds Neely Evans enjoying a lucrative career, but not the one she aspired to as a child. Neely is one of the top, most sought after celebrity photographers, freelancing her expertise to the highest bidding tabloids. In the world of paparazzi, Neely is known as the clever and elusive "Grace Evangelista."
Her career takes her all over the world, and eventually she finds herself living on the fringe as her current assignment involves one of her favorite subjects: Seth Drake. He's filming a movie on location, but the candid shots Neely captures bring consequences that give her pause. It would be so easy for her to sell the photo, and collect the huge bounty it would bring, along with settling an old debt from her past.
But, it's not that simple. It's never that simple where Seth Drake is concerned.
Adult Content 17+

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Star F*cking
(Book 4 Evermore Series)
Releasing December 12, 2016

Book 4 is the conclusion of the Evermore Series. Seth and Neely's paths have crossed over the years, but not the way they had hoped. The misunderstandings between them stem from issues beyond their control, but the truth has now been revealed. They are no longer at odds with one another. And though Seth has issues with Neely's career, they are determined to go forward together and focus on making a future together.
No matter who the players are that come in and out of their lives, one thing cannot be denied: Seth and Neely are meant to be together. Their love is destined to endure.
Almost anything.
Adult Content 17+

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(Book 1 Evermore Series)
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About the Author

Andrea Smith is a USA Today Best-Selling Author.

She self-publishes Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, and Sensual Romance with a paranormal twist. She also writes New Adult Romance, and has recently collaborated with Author Eva LeNoir on three M/M Romances!

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Trapped Blog Tour: Amanda Lance

Trapped (1)
Title: Trapped
Author: Amanda Lance
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 28
On the way to investigate a fugitive sighting, 21-year-old news intern Aubrey Kent is injured when an unexpected storm destroys the newscopter—along with the rest of the crew. Now, stranded in the Canadian wilderness and on the brink of death, Aubrey is rescued by a handsome stranger whose cold disposition is as frightening as the remote cabin in which he lives.

With no way to reach civilization before spring, Aubrey becomes Jack Gordon’s unwanted roommate. Her hope for rescue is much more desperate when she sees his hostile attitude and violent behavior. Aubrey and Jack wait out the winter, they grow closer—their delicate friendship blooming into feelings neither of them could have anticipated. But the weather and the wolves aren’t the only dangers in the mountains. As Aubrey uncovers the reason for Jack’s self-imposed isolation, she realizes she’s closer to the story than she imagined—a story that might cost her life.

Trapped Teaser 2Trapped Teaser

The bed squeaked as he moved.
“How’d you know I’m not from here?”
“Your accent is off. There’s a twinge there, but it sounds more mid-western than Canadian.”
I felt him tense beside me, and the feeling that he would walk out on the conversation became strangling. Fortunately, he sighed, an indication that I hoped signaled he was lightening up. “Very good, Lucky. Very good.”
I kicked him as hard as I could with my right foot. “You said you’d quit calling me that.”
“I lied.” Jack smirked in the dark. I couldn’t see it, but somehow, I just knew he was. When I realized it, I had the insane desire to reach out and feel his expression, much like a blind woman.
“Are you going to tell me where you’re from?”
“Hmm. I should have guessed that.”
The clicking noises told me he was cracking his knuckles. I found it comforting, but had no idea why. “Why is that?”
“It’s the mitten state, right?”
“Yeah, how’d you know that?” he asked.
“I don’t know if you went to college or not, but if you didn’t, trust me when I say you didn’t miss anything with tequila and trivia night.”
A husky laugh emerged from him, drawing my attention, and illuminating the darkness of the room. I regretted not having the oil lamp on—I felt like a fool for missing an opportunity to see what his face looked like when he laughed.

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About the Author
A native of New Jersey and lifelong nerd, Amanda Lance completed her Master in Liberal Arts at Thomas Edison State College after her BA in English Literature and AFA in creative writing.
She currently resides in Easton Pennsylvania with her boyfriend and their spoiled dogs. She is a cliché booknerd who is terrible at math, clinically obsessive, and prone to addictive behavior. She may or may not be a recluse.

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Cover Reveal: Oct. 31 - Black Widow by Jenni Moen




“I bet I could make you fall in love in a week.” The offer seals Scott Russell’s fate.

After a bitter betrayal and an ugly divorce, the detective is forced to make a fresh start. His new position in a quiet suburb should be a walk in the park compared to his years in Chicago. However, he quickly learns that small towns come with their own issues, with citizens who are slow to forgive and even slower to forget.

The town’s wealthy and reclusive author is a mystery to most. To Scott, she’s just another nameless girl on the train. With a reserved smile and shoes worth more than a month’s rent, his only concern is she might be out of his league.

“I can give you seven days, but not my heart.” The acceptance is one more in a string of lies.

Celeste Smythe doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Relationships take time and sometimes even that isn’t enough. Not with the secrets she harbors in her guarded heart. Yet fate keeps pushing her toward the handsome and absurdly persistent man, and resisting may be more than she can endure, no matter the risks.

When the week is over, Scott may think he knows her. Celeste may know she loves him. But when the truth is revealed about the town’s most talked about citizen, he may discover he’s put more than his heart on the line.

Jenni Moen lives in her hometown in Oklahoma with her husband and three crazy, exuberant kids who have the potential to burn the house down at any moment.

When she's not chauffeuring kids around town, performing her mom duties as a short order cook and maid, or vacuuming for her fastidious husband, she hammers away at her keyboard. Sometimes that means she's up to no good. But every now and then a new book is born.