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* Release Blitz - Dec. 11 - Dec. 15 * The Regency Risks by Natasha Blackthorne


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Erotic Romance ~ BDSM and D/s Elements ~ Rubenesque ~ Regency Historical ~ Character Driven ~ Drama ~ Angst ~ Shy Heroine ~ Three Novel Length Stories

He is her most dangerous temptation and now he is demanding her submission. Dare she take the risk?
Book one in the Regency Risks Series
Emotionally scarred in the horrific accident that took her husband's life, Lady Cranfield is imprisoned by her lingering terror of horses and carriages. She longed to be closer to the fascinating Earl of Ruel. She sensed intuitively that he could teach her how to overcome the terrors that held her in bondage.
And now she's willing to risk almost anything-her reputation, even her virtue-to find out. But what he proposes startles her.
When the shy, studious and socially awkward young widow approached him, Ruel instantly sensed she would be the sweetest, most submissive experience of a lifetime-if only he can gain her total and complete trust. He makes her a non-negotiable offer. His help in return for her submission and obedience.
But Lady Cranfield grew up neglected by her ducal parents, raised by servants and then later ignored by her handsome, charming husband. She's learnt to protect her heart at all costs and she trusts no one but herself.
How can the jaded Earl of Ruel break through her self-protective defences and show her how to love when he has spent his lifetime avoiding that tender trap?

Trust Me is the sequel to A Measured Risk

Erotic Romance, Regency Historical, Light BDSM and D/s Elements, Rubenesque / BBW, Character-driven Story, Shy Heroine, Angst, Drama, Novel Length

Anne and Jon's love was born in isolation. Now necessity has thrust them back into Society. Will their fragile bond survive the strain of slander and scandal?
All of Mayfair is staring at her and wondering if she is insane.
Anne Lloyd, the new Countess of Ruel, thought she'd finally begun to heal from having witnessed the terrible death of her first husband. But, from her new husband's grandmother to his ex-mistresses, it is all that is on everyone's lips. What scares her more than the potential social ruin is that even she isn't sure they aren't right.
There are times when it seems that the bloody battlefields of Europe were easier to navigate than the so-called civilized graces of Society.
Jonathon Lloyd, the Earl of Ruel, has commanded men on the battlefield and women in the ballrooms and bedchambers with his dominant personality. It tears him apart that he can't command his wife's terrors to go away. To top it off, he has to battle his grandmother, for Anne's acceptance as the new Countess.
There are those who will stop at nothing to tear apart the fragile bond between the newlyweds.
As external foes close ranks, Anne is pushed to the wall and forced to face the enemy within and to learn to have faith in herself before she can give herself fully. And Jon must come to grips with what it means to be truly vulnerable in love.

Can Lady and Lord Ruel learn to trust other each enough to keep their love, and her sanity, intact?
Erotic Romance ~ Regency Historical ~ Light BDSM and D/s Elements ~ Older Woman, Younger Man ~ Former Courtesan Kept Woman ~ Novel Length ~ Part of a series but may be read as standalone.
Rebecca is in grave danger. Accused of murder and blackmailed by a vicious, powerful aristocrat who demands she help ruin the noble protector she once loved, common-born, gentle-natured Rebecca is in desperate need of help. From the shadows steps forth a man offering her aid--a man she rejected years ago when he was but a youth. Now he appears before her utterly changed, no longer a boy but a man with a dark, mysterious past. How can she trust him? Yet with her time and options running out, how can she not trust him?
Stephen Drake lost Rebecca long ago. Back then, he was too young to keep a woman like
her. Now a spy for the Crown, he has power, funds, a title...and he's been assigned to follow Rebecca. But thoughts of his mission fade to the background as his old passion for her flares and his darkly erotic side--one he's fought to keep hidden for many years--awakens with a vengeance. This time, he is determined to possess her forever.
But as danger surrounds them, the two lovers must face secrets that could destroy them and the fragile trust they've built.
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Natasha Blackthorne writes hot & sensual Erotic Historical Romance where deeply flawed characters find love & trust. Her stories are most frequently about the intimate journey of the characters as they learn to open their hearts to love.

Natasha’s heroines are not perfect ladies. They are wildflowers and wallflowers who flirt with the forbidden. Whether they are bold or shy, these heroines’ strong desires and deep emotions drive the plot and drive their heroes to the point of no return. Natasha’s heroes are strong and dominant and live their lives with strength and purpose. They support their women in everything.

Natasha holds a B.A. in History, loves reading, cats and music. Readers are welcomed to Friend her on Facebook where she is most socially active online.


Tour: Lies by C.A. Harms

Title: Lies
Series: Phoenix Undercover #1
Author: C.A. Harms
Genre: Contemporary Romance Suspense
Released: November 24, 2015
FBI Agent Joshua Phoenix goes undercover…Deep. 

Thrust into a world of drugs and criminal activity, integrating himself into the Russian Mafia turned out to be much more than Josh bargained for. 

It’s dark and it’s dangerous. 

The lives they destroy along the way will never be the same. 

The things he is forced to do will haunt him forever. 

Even more importantly, he never planned on meeting her… 

A chance encounter with Real Estate Agent Gabriella Shannon, has Josh questioning his ability to complete his mission. 

And now the dark world may consume them both. 

He’s in too deep. 

Leaving now would only risk the safety of those around him. 

But when his cover’s blown Josh is forced to make a decision that will reroute his future. 

One decision. 

The hardest decision he will ever have to make in his life. 

And those he meant to protect will be the ones who suffer the most…

“There are a few twists that were cleverly placed that even I didn't see coming and the ending WOW that ending will make you want to stalk the authors ass it's a whammy!!”~ ✨✨✨✨ 4 Star Review Kitty Kats Crazy About Books
“This is a great story and one I will continue to anxiously await the next releases. I love some mafia and murder … for sure love me some hot ass FBI agents. I cant wait to read on. There is much more suffering to be dealt out.” ~✨✨✨✨✨ Ramblings From Beneath the Sheets 5 Star Review
“OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!! This was the best book I have ever read in my life!!! CA went out of her comfort zone with this book. And she made a home run, Detective Joshua Phoenix is my frigging hero.”~ ✨✨✨✨✨ Goodreads Reviewer 5 Star Review


This was my first CA Harms read but will not be my last. The book starts off with a bang and keeps you sucked in from then to the end. The mix of steamy scenes, suspenseful drama and comedic relief were unparalleled.  I absolutely loved the chemistry between Josh and Gabi and from the moment they met at the bar when Josh was on the date from hell with the clown (LOL!) and Gabriella was dragged along with her slightly immature and irresponsible younger sister, I knew I'd love the two of them together. I highly recommend this read to everyone- whether you like a sexy love story, a suspenseful and intriguing romance mixed with action, or a lighthearted and comedic romance, there is something in this story for everyone. Books like that do not come along every day and with that I will say, definitely 5 stars, definitely loved it and definitely will be reading more CA Harms books in the future. Amazing read! ~ Kellie

“I like the red ones,” Josh said before turning back toward the display of lingerie. “Oh, and this color. Is that teal?” He lifted up the pair of panties and held them out before him. 

I smiled as a younger guy three feet away ducked his head in embarrassment.

“Now these would look fucking amazing on you. Damn, baby.” Josh’s eyes gleamed in excitement as he looked up at me. “I may go broke if you keep bringing me to places like these.”

I giggled as I grabbed the pink, lacy, and completely see-through nightie he held in his other hand.

“We’ll take one of these in every color you have,” he hollered to the clerk. 

I hid my head against his chest and tickled his sides.

“What?” he grunted and tried to pull back from my assault. “You can’t blame me for trying, sweetheart.

Forget about getting dressed daily. I think you should live in these nighties.”

I tilted my head and looked up at him. “You are insatiable.” I rose up on my tiptoes, bringing my lips close to his. “And extremely adorable.”

He closed the distance and kissed me, wrapping his arm around my waist securely. His tongue rolled with mine, and for a moment I forgot we were standing in the center of a department store. Someone cleared their throat, and I broke the kiss to look over my shoulder. An older salesperson was giving us a disapproving glare. 

“Sorry,” I offered. When I turned back to face Josh, he was grinning from ear to ear. 

“So—” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively. “—we are getting some of these. Right?”

I lifted up the light pink nightie and shook it in front of his face. “We’ll get this one and the red one,” I assured him as I walked toward the sales clerk at the checkout counter. When I looked back over my shoulder, Josh was smiling brightly and following close behind. 

“Now that’s my girl. Looks like tonight we’re staying in.” 

I rolled my eyes and turned forward again as he chuckled.

C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn't always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.


Blog Tour : Remembering Home: a Novella by J.M. Adele

Title: Remembering Home: a Novella

Author: J.M. Adele

Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Published: October 19, 2015
How do you forget your first love?

The girl that haunts your dreams.

The one that no other woman could ever live up to.

The one you left behind...

It takes a tragedy to wake Aiden Thomas from his stupor, prompting him to return to his home town. Nothing could've prepared him for what he finds when he gets there. His life, as he knows it, is about to change. It was time to stop hiding behind his lens.

Angel Murphy had her heart ripped away when she was a teenager. She survived the toughest times of her life, with the help of her family. Fifteen years later, after another cruel blow, she is again scrambling to adjust. Angel doesn't know how much more she can take, when the man she never thought she’d see again returns.

Can she trust him to stay this time, especially when he discovers the secrets he left behind?

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.*


Aiden’s face was a picture of desire, his lids heavy, beautiful lips parted. The muscles of his chest heaved with each breath. He stood still. One hand grasped the towel and the other hung limply at his side.

At that moment, she waivered. She didn’t come for this. If he left tomorrow without the chance of return, she’d always wonder what it would be like to be with this man. What they could have together. After an awful few weeks, she needed something life affirming. Something to make her feel alive and connected with someone she loved. Sitting here seeing Aiden, the man, and realizing her feelings had never faded, she just wanted to be reckless. To have just one night with him before everything changed. Before he leaves again. She promised herself she would be truthful with him in the morning, but for now, she needed him. Only him.

Her gaze raked up his body to his eyes. Angel unfurled her arms and stood.

“Don’t say a word.” Her voice quivered from lust and fear. Fear that he might not want her as she wanted him.

He didn’t speak, only stalked towards her, reaching to cup her face in his hands. His eyes searing as he lowered his lips to hers. She closed her eyes and reached her hands up to grasp his wrists. The feathery brush of his lips against hers sent divine tingles shooting through her body. It was always like this when they kissed. He set her heart alight, and branded her as his with every stroke of his touch.

His hands moved to the nape of her neck and travelled down her shoulders and arms. She grabbed onto his waist, knocking the towel loose. His kiss became bruising. He reached down grabbing her thighs, urging her to wrap them around him so he could carry her to the sofa. She was way ahead of him, jumping at the suggestion.

Their tongues were tasting, licking, remembering each other, while her hands learned the matured contours of his back and shoulders.

He knelt down on the mattress and dropped forward, bracing himself on one hand. The springs squeaked as Angel bounced, dropping her legs from his body. She looked down his exceptional body to see his erection jutting out proudly. He was magnificent. She wanted him now. Skin on skin.

Angel wrenched off her top and started fumbling with the button of her jeans. Aiden’s hands covered hers “Let me,” he growled. She flopped back on the pillow and grabbed onto the edge of the mattress above her head, lifting her hips when he slid her jeans down.
J.M. Adele is the author of the contemporary romance novella, Remembering Home, and paranormal romance, Sensing You—coming soon. She lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband, three boisterous boys and two geriatric Labradors.

Working as a nurse in a former life allowed her to meet all sorts of wonderful people and gain many different perspectives on life. Her love of, and addiction to stories prompted characters of her own to take up residence in her daydreams. When they became more insistent, she finally took pencil to paper.

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