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Hiding Away by JM Witt

Title: Hiding Away
Series: Anchored Hearts 1.5
Author: J.M. Witt

Who do you trust, and who do you love, when the secrets of your past are so painful that they have you Hiding Away?

Jane Whitford had everything she ever wanted, at the tip of her fingers, when it was violently ripped away. The man who was supposed to love her turned into a monster. Broken and bruised, she fled his clutches back to her hometown, ready to rebuild her life and her career. Love is the last thing she wants when she meets Cal. The only thing on her mind, when it comes to him, is fun. Lots of it. Will she open her heart to him before it's too late?

Calvin Charles is a cop on the streets, working hard to achieve his goal of joining the SWAT team. He strives to live with no regrets and has everything he needs; friends, family, and the occasional woman to warm his bed. Until he meets Jane, and she quickly becomes everything he wants. Will he be able to get her to open up when she’s convinced that exposing her secrets will cost her his love and respect?

Will his love be strong enough to survive? Or will her secrets be the death of him?

J.M. Witt
I’m a stay-at-home mom with four young children and one extremely supportive husband. We've been married for nine years and reside in Highland, Michigan.
I've dreamed of writing romance novels since I was little. After having baby #4, who may or may not have been fathered by Christian Grey, I decided it was time to pursue my dreams.
When I'm not volunteering at the schools of my children, running to various appointments, enjoying time with my friends and my book club, dating my husband, or avoiding cleaning my house, I'm writing!
I love music and believe that books and music can't exist without the other. My goal is for you to read more than a good book, but for you to have an experience!

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Cover Reveal ~ The Intern Volume Two ~ Brooke Cumberland

My cock noticed her before I did. She came out of nowhere. Completely unexpected.
And I let her in…unwillingly. But she gave me no choice. She sledgehammered my thick walls, leaving me charmed by her knowledge, and seduced by her beauty. I was captivated.
And now…it was about to tumble down in a tsunami of lies. Uncertainty riveted my core as my anger spread…she was impossible to forget. After all, she was still my intern.
Forbidden. Lust. Betrayal.
I felt all of those things for her at once. But only one would destroy us.

About The Author
Brooke Cumberland is a USA Today Bestselling author who's a stay-at-home mom and writes full-time. She lives in the frozen tundra of Packer Nation with her husband, 3 year old wild child, and two teenage stepsons. When she's not writing, you can find her reading love stories, listening to music that inspires her, and laughing with her family. Brooke is addicted to Starbucks' Caramel Macchiatos, yoga pants, and sweets. She found her passion for telling stories during winter break one year in grad school--and she hasn't stopped since.

You can find Brooke on Facebook, Twitter, and on her website.
Twitter @blcumberland

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Cover Reveal ~ Fearless Love ~ Kennedy Kelly


After tragic loss, walls aren't easily destroyed.
Professor Audra Cole lives a life of heartache after losing her husband in a tragic accident. She simply goes through the motions of caring for her 5-year-old sons and puts on a brave act for her close friends and family When she hires a young man to remodel her home in hopes of helping her move on from memories of her husband, she is unprepared for who walks in. The sexy contractor, with his swagger, single dimple and caring ways, shows Audra that her heart needs a little work too.
Brecken Michaels has closed himself off after a devastating loss. When a beautiful, new client turns his head and makes his heart skip a beat with her quirkiness, brilliant mind and loving ways, Brecken may have to re-evaluate the blueprints of his heart.
Just as Audra and Brecken discover friendship and trust, a life-altering tragedy threatens the new foundation they are building. Will these two crumble under the pressure, or become FEARLESS and blend together to make one solid unit built on LOVE?

About The Author
I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO where I grew up with four older brothers. I now reside in Overland Park, Kansas. I'd always loved to write as a child. My teachers would call home not because I was in trouble but because I had a creative imagination and they wanted my parents to know about the crazy stories I was writing. I've always been a hard worker. I started working with my family's company when I was 15 and still haven't stopped. I am a wife, mother of two, hold down a full time job and am now trying to be a indie author. I have a passion for reading and before I started writing I could be found with a Kindle in my hand morning, noon and night. I'm a picky reader so it's hard to please me but I feel like I have a keen eye for a good book.

I hope you all will join me on my new journey as I release my first book Fearless Love. It can be very scary but with my passion for the written word I hope it will be well worth it.

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Pretty Instinct by S.E. Hall Blog Tour


“If opposites attract, then I am nothing. Because you, you are everything.”

There’s no easy road traveled to such an intense sentiment, one I never dreamt I’d feel…. 

But I also never planned on Cannon Blackwell climbing aboard my tour bus.

Pretty Instincts Cover


S.E. Hall Author Pic

S.E.Hall resides in Arkansas with her husband of 18 years and 4 beautiful daughters. When not in the stands watching her ladies play softball, she enjoys reading and writing. She's also being clutch at Baggo, when it's warm outside!

“I can’t let a stranger on the bus with Bubs. What if he’s a mass murderer?” What if he’s not as pretty on the inside as he is on the outside?

“Ah, Mama Bear, run him through all the tests. You’re careful. And he might say we’re crazy and tell us to fuck off. Let’s ask before we worry about it.”

Biding my time, I chew on the inside of my cheek and look back, confirming Conner’s still tossing the Frisbee happily, Rhett watching him. “You asking or am I?” I sigh, hopefully masking the foreign tingle of anticipation working its way up my battered spine.

“He’s hetero, I can tell from here. I say we send in,” he flicks a finger back and forth between my boobs, “the big guns.”

“Don’t lick your lips!” I shove him, mouth agape. “You’re like my brother. That’s illegal in at least forty states, and gross.”

“You didn’t think it was gross when—”

“Enough.” I slap my hand over his mouth hastily. “I’ll go, but you stay right here and watch, closely. He makes a move for a weapon, dial 911 as you run to rescue me.”

“On it.” He grins at me, full of victory, a hint of his earlier teasing still lingering in his expression.

Girding my loins, I think, do women have loins and can they be girded or is that only a guy thing? Summoning my courage, I move with slow, hesitant steps in the miraculous unknown’s direction, reminding myself with each one that it’s for the boys, the band, the overall goal of staying the hell out of Sutton. And it is, but I’m kidding myself if I don’t admit I wouldn’t be this anxious if I was walking up to an ugly man. Or even a kinda good-looking man. Shallow much, Liz? Nah, I have no control over biological response.

Almost there now, his head lifts and turns at my approach, connecting eyes as sable brown as thick molasses to my own. He was tummy-turning enough far away. Up close, he’s better than photoshopped, a clear-cut case for Guinness Genetics. His lips are full, much plumper than my own, and he has a strong nose and jawline, both very masculine, the latter covered in a dark scruff. His hair is the same rich chestnut as his eyes, not too short, but definitely not too long. “Just fucked” hair (isn’t that what they call it?) be damned. He’s got “just fucked her and she had to hold on” locks, unruly in the most intricate fashion. The black boots at the end of long, thick legs are scuffed, faded jeans worn, well, and the long sleeved black thermal he’s wearing? Oh, he wears it, or rather, every muscle in his torso holds it up flawlessly.

Bottom line—he’s easy to look at.

“Are you a deranged serial killer and/or rapist?”

I like to open subtly.

“No, are you?” His timbre is deep and gravely, sending my vagina subliminal messages. Something along the lines of “yup, you want it.” With a voice like that, I’m praying he isn’t a chain smoker. To fuzz this perfect picture with the stench of an ever-present cloud of smoke would be one helluva slap in the face of the Almighty creator.

“No,” I answer too defensively, this instant, highly unusual attraction frying my staple “too cool to care” attitude that, up until right now, I’d like to think I pull off fabulously. “You any good?” I lean and point to the instrument on his back, brows bowed in questioning antagonism.

“Define good,” he deadpans, head down as he pulls the guitar off his back and puts it back in its case.


“Not left-handed.” He shrugs as he straightens back up and captures my gaze.


He laughs, treating me to one seriously enlightening sound, accompanied by the sexiest blindingly white smile. “Then no, not even close to good.”

Damn, I should’ve gone with a mediocre guitarist! Now I’ve backed myself into a corner, Stranger Danger not giving me anything in the form of segue. Struggling, I shove my hands in my back pockets and rock nervously back and forth on my heels, forced to come up with another revealing yet seemingly aloof question.

“Why do you ask?” he rescues me.

“Our band.” I toss my head back toward the bus. “We need a bassist. And since you’re hitchhiking, I thought maybe—”

He drops down from his perch on the top edge of the bench and stands, well over six feet of sinister sex appeal stretching out before my eager eyes. “Do you know what a hitchhiker is?”

“What?” I shake my head to clear it and take a step back. “Yes, of course.”

“You sure about that?” He eats up the steps I’d retreated, placing his body close enough to mine that I can literally feel the battle of push and pull between us. “‘Cause where I come from, hitchhikers stand at the road, where you can see them. It increases their chances of actually landing a ride.” His left eyebrow curves up at one end and that same eye, I swear it, twinkles at me. “Seeing as how I’m sitting at the back of a desolate rest stop, I’m either the worst hitchhiker in history,” another step closer, “or you’re labeling me with the wrong tag.”


About a year ago I read a book with feet on the cover ( I know weird but check it out now- it's beautiful) called Emerge by S.E. Hall. I sat down and devoured that baby in ONE sitting. Stayed up all night to finish. I never in my life had been more in love with a book. Until now.

Pretty Instinct :
“If opposites attract, then I am nothing. Because you, you are everything.”

There’s no easy road traveled to such an intense sentiment, one I never dreamt I’d feel…

But I also never planned on Cannon Blackwell climbing aboard my tour bus.

Oh the mystery right?! Well, you know it's obviously about a band and tour bus. Let me set the record straight. This girl LURVES rockstar/musicians. Kellan Kyle, Dane Kendrick- YES! This is SO MUCH more than that. Yes, they are musicians. They are on tour but that is a very tiny snippet of what this story is. 

Elizabeth (Liz) Carmichael has suffered from a very broken past. Now on tour with her two best friends Jarrett and Rhett Foster & her brother Conner- she is a complete control freak. After losing the other girl in their band (and by losing I mean Liz kicking her off the bus) they are in desperate need for a guitarist. 

Enter Cannon swoonworthy pantie dropping Blackwell. Sure Liz finds him on a park bench and he's possibly a hobo but what do they have to lose. With his guitar in hand - he is given the opportunity of a lifetime. Cannon has a bit of a mystery to him so you are drawn to him immediately. He throws back everything Liz hands to him. Of course the sparks are off the chart between them but Liz is way too absorbed in her own issues to even consider anything ever happening between the two of them.

Let's backtrack a little and inform the world. Cannon will make the world fall in love with him no doubt. Jarrett is the bad boy so yea, the girls who love the naughty ones will love him. Rhett- "Broodingly intense and analytical to a fault." I.claim.Rhett. Like, if I were a male dog I would be peeing all over- marking my territory-
*"I would die for you and kill myself if my life ever didn't include you in it." He's mine.mine. mine. <-- bring="" can="" got="" i="" if="" in="" it="" my="" nbsp="" needed="" nemo="" seagulls="" span="">

Moving on, you learn all kinds of *spoilers* that I can not spell out but I will tell you this, just when you think the story is over- it's just getting started. This story isn't just a story. It's a beautiful masterpiece of words fused together eloquently in between a gorgeous cover that will forever be a part of your soul after reading. S.E. Hall outdid herself. Conner Carmichael (Beautiful Boy) moved my heart in a way none other have. The bond between him and Liz is one I have never experienced nor do I want to ever again because it's theirs. Every once in a while in life you meet people that change you. Change your heart. Change your views. Make you want to be better. Conner will be that person. He's just precious and I want to carry him around in my pocket

Before I leave I want to leave some highlights that I loved. Sure none will make sense til after you read but I promise- these words will MEAN something to you after

Here are some of Liz's highlights::

**Get our poop in a group. aka Get our Sh*t together!! HAHHAHA

**"If push come to shove and Rhett is truly unhappy. Cannon goes, bottom line." <-- loved="" span="" this="">

**"My dry wit isn't for everyone, almost no one infact, but he's confirmed what I've suspected all along… I'm funny as F*ck" <-- hahhahaha="" span="">

**"Who's Ruthie, your grandma?" LOVE. VANESSA. <-- hard="" here="" i="" laughed="" span="">

**"Your not in charge Cannon Blackwell. You do not eat my P***Y or pay my bills so you do not get a say."
**"How many times have I been called inflexible? My A$$. I'm a dang pretzel over here.

** Have a little faith in me<-- are="" falling="" off.="" panties="" span="" swooooooooooooooon.="">

*Multi colored penis's? HAHAHHHAHAHHH

**"Are you hitting on me?" 

** All the kisses in my life combined held not a fraction of this intensity. <-- best.first.kiss="" span="" wow.="">


Some of Cannon's sexiness:::
**"I know your heart and your character. I know that anything you do gets your all, especially your love of someone. I know you long to be cherished, but you'll never ask for it. And I want desperately to know the rest."

**"I don't believe in magic or luck or fate. I do believe in destiny, because that's just another word for what is planned anyway."

**"In for me… Out for you"

**"You have me, God do you have me."

**"Gonna have to think of a new phrase now baby."

**"This is where I belong, my Eden."

**I'm madly, forever in love with her."

**"Poot" <--- hahahhahah="" span="">

** "I live because you make my heart beat.

CHAPTER 33- Rhett broke m heart and healed it all in one. I LOVE HIM HARD. Romeo whistle Britches- AKA Cannon is set in his place by Rhett (LOOKING OUT FOR LIZ) and as much as you want it, it hurt a bit. "Let him love you."

Chapter 34-39 THERE ARE SO MANY AMAZING MOMENTS. BUT THEY ALL CONTAIN SPOILERS. Just know this I ugly cried from chap 33- epi. Not from sadness. I wept from joy, from the beautiful story unfolding, from the love story that makes you want your love story to be even a tenth as amazing. Liz and Cannon's love story is a "Noah and Allie" type love story. The kind that makes you realize loving someone means loving their flaws. Their flaws are what lead them to the path you were on in the first place. 

The EPILOGUE. this Epi. OMG. One of the best I have ever read in any book ever of all time for ever and ever amen. It's just.. perfect. PERFECT. 

TCo rating- as many stars as I can give. HUGE SHINY BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN STARS. 

Pretty Instincts Jacket
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Michelle Warren's HE + SHE Release

We are excited to announce the Release of Michelle Warren's "HE + SHE"!  Make sure to watch the Book Trailer, Add to your Goodreads & ENTER THE GIVEAWAY below for a $50 Amazon Gift Card & a Signed Paperback of HE + SHE!

“With twists and turns I never saw coming, He + She is a beautiful story about finding love, redemption and yourself.  Everyone needs to read this story!”

“Quirky, fun, heartfelt and sexy—this book knocked my socks off.This is Warren’s first New Adult Contemporary Romance…and I sincerely hope it won’t be her last! One of my favorites of 2014!”

HE is trying to piece together his broken life.
SHE is running away from her wedding day.
TOGETHER, their world is a beautiful lie.
APART, their world is a perfect mess.
He + She is a free-spirited romance about soul-awakening second chances, heartbreak, and hopeful beginnings

Michelle Warren didn't travel the road to writer immediately. She spent over a decade as professional Illustrator and designer. Her artistic creativity combined with her love of science fiction, paranormal and fantasy led her to write her first YA novel, Wander Dust. Michelle loves reading and traveling to places that inspire her to create. She resides in downtown Chicago.
Twitter: MMichelleWarren
Amazon Author Page:




Book Trailer -You Tube:

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