Monday, July 8, 2013

Review of Kelly Harper's Ruined by You

Ruined by You
by Kelly Harper

Holy shit! Yes, I started a review like that! I read this book thinking a happily ever after MUST be right around the corner. Annnnnd it wasn't. It ended on a MAJOR cliffhanger that made me jump up off the bed and say "No she didn't!" and then right after that give her a standing O while I was on my feet. 

Love, love, loved this book. Having page after page of good reviews and just one bad one should tell you that this book is worth a read, as it is just so damn good! The one bad lost her damn mind obviously. 

Haden and Maggie's story is slow to pick up steam but once it does all you wanna do is push them together and make them stay there. Both of them ending up in the same small Texas town leaving behind the scars and disappointments of the past is F-A-T-E and who doesn't love a good ole fashioned meant to be? 

Please read this- you will love it. If you hate a cliffhanger though, wait until July 25th and read them both together. 
Five stars for this one, for sure. <3 Kellie 

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