Wednesday, June 5, 2013


By Olivia Cunning 

MY Sinners have a special place in my heart. They are my first selection I made all by myself without any recommendation or ever hearing about them from anyone......FATE, I tell ya. This series follows the HOT adventures of a rock band, Sinners.  

We start off in Backstage Pass with Bryan, lead guitar.  I swear to God, I now get a bit excited every time I see a guitarist's fingers.  I have to admit, Olivia, I was a bit like "WTF????" when I read the female's name, MRYNA.  I figured she was like 70 or something, but I was wrong.  Myrna is a college professor on human sexuality who decides to travel with the band and do research on sexual habits of groupies. Did I mention, these books are HOT? 

I like how these books are self contained BUT we still get to see progress of our favorites from prior titles. 

Rock Hard (LOVE that title hehehehe) picks up with Sed and Jessica, lovers who were torn apart by misunderstanding and immaturity but who were destined to be together........with some FLAMING HOT lovin' in Vegas. 

Hot Ticket features sweet Jace and Aggie......they are into.....ummmm a bit of bondage. Aggie even makes hand-stitched leather corsets that would be a fun thing to own..........On a serious note, I actually shed a couple tears in this one.  Very emotional. Not JUST total hotness.  

THIS is where it all gets WEIRD......I think it was an error somewhere along the line.  Books were published out of order.  The fourth actually isn't released until August (already pre-ordered TYVM).  Wicked Beats is sure to be just as amazing with our drummer, Eric. 

The fifth book, Double Time, is with the most sexually adventurous member of the group, Trey.  I love Trey, but ooooohhhh doggie, he has some issues!  Be prepared for some WILD times that are definitely not normal boy meets girl stuff.  

Also, throughout this series, we also meet Trey's brother, Dare, and his band, Exodus End.  Now THAT is going to be an adventure........Keep them coming, Olivia Cunning!  We CANNOT wait!!!!!! **Ann**

 WITH ME series

By Kristen Proby 

This is a series that keeps me on the edge of my seat begging for more! It was suggested to me at my book club.  I went home and purchased Come Away With Me that night, not really expecting too much, as I can be pretty picky.  I read it that night!  Luke is such a sweet hero, and Natalie is just lovely.  These books are very passionate!  I have been known to recommend them to total strangers in grocery store or a bar.  But, I learned quickly not to suggest them to just anyone.  I had one friend who was like, "Seriously, Ann, can we go back to PG13 for a while."  Well, of course, I totally lost respect for her (JOKING......kinda) and gave her Harry Freakin' Potter. She is the only person EVER to not like these after giving them a try. They are short enough and SMOKIN' HOT enough to be quick fun reads for people who work full time or just don't have a whole day or two to devote to a read. 

I also appreciate the fact that these come tied up in a nice little bow with a happily ever after, but we still get to drop in for a glass of wine and visit with them through the other titles.  Fight With Me, for example, picks up with Natalie's roommate.  

Play With Me was my FAV until Rock With Me came it seems like Ms. Proby is just getting warmed up.  She has Safe With Me coming out this summer!  THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!   **ANN**



BY Katie Ashley 

If you are following the links from Facebook, you know that I am new here, so please forgive me if I go back a bit and grab up some of my personal favorites that I don't feel any blog about adult romance would be complete without.  If you know these titles and have your own thoughts, PLEASE leave a comment.  Not much I love discussing more than books, sex, wine, nachos and sex (yes, that deserved two entries). 

I fell in love with Katie Ashley with Music From The Heart (which I loved but needs its own entry here).  I had these titles on my list for a while until I finally picked them up THEN COULD NOT PUT THEM DOWN!!! 

Emma is wanting -- no NEEDING -- to have a baby.  Aidan is willing to help -- as long as it is the old fashioned way to conceive.  These two characters were completely and totally human, right down to their stumbling words and blushes.  I LOVED them!  The entire Fitzgerald family was delightful as we see in visits from precocious young nephews.  I thoroughly enjoy stories with well-rounded sub characters!  I was so absorbed that I just wanted to reach out and pet Beau, the black lab.  (Of course, I have a chocolate lab, so I am kind of fond of the 4-legged friends. Yes, my eyes tend to glow like that when I get into a really good book.  I think I must have disturbed Lucy here.) 

There were a couple things that I wasn't that excited about.  I felt that at times the relationship was pretty one-sided and Aidan was pretty whipped, but he seemed to enjoy it HAHAHA!  Otherwise, I totally recommend you giving these titles a spin.  These stories are "real life" love, not just the intense craziness of love's first blush.  **ANN**


By Georgia Cates

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!  I made the mistake of not discovering the first novel, Beauty from Pain, until it was time for BFS to come out, BUT that made my wait so much less destructive to my sanity.  I had it on my list to be read for a long time.  The idea intrigued me -- the PERFECT vacation hot, sexy affair.  No strings attached.  No complications.  Of course, that didn't last long when Laurelyn and Jack Henry fell in love........

You all will come to discover that I cannot stand a weak female character.  Laurelyn is AMAZING! We know that she is better with him, but she can be her own woman too (successful at that).  In BFS, Ms. Cates develops characters I would love to have as neighbors and friends.  I sooooo want to sit down for a glass (or bottle) of wine with them! You will not only <3 <3 <3 the main characters, but Jack Henry's mom is that perfect mom/mother-in-law.

I enjoyed how the problems these people encountered were ones that "normal" people deal with every single day.  How to be in a healthy relationship but also be personally fulfilled. How to find a person who wants you for YOU rather than what you have.  And, heck, I admit it -- the sex was HOT as in sizzling HOT! ;)

It seems that Ms. Cates is going to work on a third installment for those of us who just cannot get enough of the delightful McLachlan family.  I CANNOT recommend this book enough! LOVELOVELOVE it!!!  <3 ann