Saturday, September 28, 2013

Black & Blue by Khelsey Jackson

Black & Blue by Khelsey Jackson

Black & Blue by Khelsey Jackson

I absolutely loved this book. It wasn’t a long story, at first I thought it was going to be your typical Romeo and Juliet Love tragedy, but I was very wrong. I was captivated from the start and couldn’t put the book down. The ending left me wanting more.

Henry Roarke Is a blue, leader of the revolution, everything planned to make life better for the blues that is until one night he meets Jamie Moore the chemistry between them is instant.
Jamie Moore Is the daughter of the head of the council, who keeps her hidden from everyone, no one must know who this girl is. However she is also the one thing that could change everyone’s plans!!!

Henry and Jamie meet and its love at first sight however two colours Black and Blue could tear them apart forever. This is an amazing story about fighting for what you truly believe in and hoping that love can win. <3 Katie

Synopsis: What happens when the rich and powerful decide that they’ve had enough? 

A whole new world order comes to pass with the assassination of a President, and the rich and powerful of the nation have declared themselves to be the elite. No one of a lower class will ever be as good as the higher order and the Blues shall forever remain subjugated to the Blacks. 
But what if love sees beyond the new class system?

When wealthy Jamie Moore meets poor Henry Roarke, the line between social classes is blurred and they soon find themselves fighting for love in a world that would rather see them dead than together. 

Is love strong enough to change the world?

Join Jamie, Henry and the Blue rebellion to find out If Love really does conquer all!

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Perfect Match by Kelly Arlia

Perfect Match by Kelly Arlia

The minute I started reading this I couldn’t put it down.

At 14 years old Noelle and JJ were friends through growing up together with their dads being wrestling buddy’s, they were close until he broke his promise to her, HE LET HER FALL!!!

Many years later there paths cross again only this time he is the guy that she’s meant to say no to and she is the daddy’s girl that is off limits.

Jackson (JJ, Bullet) is a professional wrestler who you are guaranteed to fall in love with (I did) perfect book boyfriend material.
Noelle is the daddy’s girls with big dreams and a book from her late mother telling her what not to do when it comes to men, however the chemistry she has with JJ is undeniable, can she fight it or will true love conquer all.

This book has it all,, Forbidden love, lies and amazing friendship, this book was beautifully written with great character building from the start, it is definitely a must read. <3 Katie

Synopsis:  September 19, 2013
Inside the ring, Jackson, aka Bullet, is a high flyer, the fearless risk taker and takes people down with his signature move, Shot to the Heart. Outside the ring, it’s his heart that takes the shot. He has fallen head over heels in love with the perfect woman. She knows all about the wrestling life, the people in it, and what it takes to succeed. She is his best friend, and the one person he is not able to have.
Noelle Reid is not a risk-taker. She has been burned before, and likes the stable path her life is on. Meeting Jackson did more than throw her life upside down. He has her heart beating faster, and stealing every thought she has. The problem? She doesn't date wrestlers.
What if the one man she's not supposed to love, is the only man she ever really trusted?