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In celebration of That Man being released in paperback That Man 1 e-book is being offered free for a limited Time.
Title: That Man 1
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: April 8, 2014

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There’s a new beautiful player in town…

Blake Burns, the sexy head of SIN-TV, who goes through women like some go through water. Until he meets Jennifer McCoy, his outspoken new assistant and development executive.

Newly engaged Jennifer has no idea that her devastating new boss is the man she kissed, blindfolded, in a game of Truth or Dare. That kiss, that man, that beautiful stranger she cannot forget.

Blake hasn’t been able to stop thinking about that kiss either…and he’ll do anything to win Jennifer —even if it means being a beautiful bastard and breaking all the rules.
“Kiss him, kiss him!” I heard my friends chanting in the distance. Oh, God. What was I going to do? I couldn’t let them down or I’d never live it down. I’d come this far. Without overthinking, I blindly ran my hands over my victim’s face. His skin was soft with a fine layer of silky stubble, and his features were distinct and defined—a straight manly nose, a strong, slightly clefted chin, and above it, a set of lush, velvety lips. I lingered on his lips, tracing them with my fingertips, building up the courage to touch down on them with my own. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m playing a game of Truth or Dare, and I have to kiss you.” God, how ridiculous I must sound and look with my blindfold. I took my victim’s silence as a sign he was willing to play along. Okay, here goes. Clutching his angular jaw between my hands, I bent down to kiss him. But before I could latch my lips onto his, he rose and, in one swift move, crashed his lips onto mine. Oh. My. God. A heat wave shot through me. It was one of those kisses like in a movie. Fierce, delicious, passionate. Opened mouth and oh so consuming. And he tasted divine—the sweet taste of champagne lacing his breath. He bit my upper lip, forcing me to part my lips, and plunged his warm, velvety tongue inside my mouth. His tongue instantly found mine and they entwined, dancing like they’d been together forever. He tugged hard on my ponytail, yanking back my head, and coiled it around his hand, tearing at my roots. The delicious pain mixed with the delicious pleasure of his kiss, sending a rush of erotic sensations through me. Every nerve ending was a sparking little fuse. My breathing grew shallow. Already lightheaded, I was now borderline delirious. I’d never been kissed by a man like this before. I didn’t want him to stop. What was wrong with me? I’d just gotten engaged. In the background, I could vaguely hear my friends cheering and whistling. “Go, girl!” For sure, head cheerleader Chaz. My inner voice told me to stop, but no matter how much I willed it, I couldn’t get my lips to part from his. In fact, I deepened the kiss, pulling him closer to me by the collar of his shirt. The material felt expensive, like the gazillion thread Egyptian cotton kind. Everything about this man tasted and felt divine. He squeezed my ponytail tighter. I moaned into his mouth and he moaned back. God, the throaty sound of him was sexy! And then suddenly, as fast as he had plunged his tongue into my mouth, he withdrew it. In tandem, he let go of my hair. I gasped, desperate for more. “Wait!” I cried out, my hands grappling for him. Instead of finding him, I found myself knocking over a chilled glass. My heightened sense of smell told me it was his champagne. “I’m sorry,” I croaked, struggling to tear off the tight, blinding tie. “I’ll buy you another glass.” Finally, I undid the tie. I blinked once. He was gone, and I was painfully all alone. Where did he go? My eyes frantically searched the pulsating crowd, darting left and right, but he was nowhere to be found. Even if he was facing me somewhere, staring into my eyes, I wouldn’t know it because I didn’t know what he looked like. My friends were now all standing and applauding me. I’d lived up to the dare. Kissed a strange man on the lips, Oh those lips! Dazed, I staggered back to the group and dared not tell them how much I’d enjoyed it. And wanted more.  
About The Author
Nelle L’Amour is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Los Angeles with her Prince Charming-ish husband, twin teenage princesses, and a bevy of royal pain-in-the-butt pets. A former executive in the entertainment and toy industries with a prestigious Humanitus Award to her credit, she gave up playing with Barbies a long time ago but still enjoys playing with toys with her husband. While she writes in her PJs, she loves to get dressed up and pretend she’s Hollywood royalty.
Her books include the highly rated Seduced by the Park Avenue Billionaire Boxed Set, Undying Love, Gloria’s Secret, Gloria’s Revenge and the That Man trilogy. Gloria’s Forever, a novella, will be published in Spring 2014.

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Sizzle Release Blitz- August 1

Molly Ramsey lives a nice, normal life. Her cat, her dog, and her two best friends are more than enough for her, thank you very much. Working for her brother’s best friend helps pay the bills, even though she often wants to strangle the sizzling-hot egomaniac with his own outrageously expensive tie! 

William “Devil” Delancy built his vast empire through sheer determination and corporate takeover. The millionaire always gets what he wants.from women to companies and all points in between. And when he is done with them, he discards them without another thought. So when his sainted, dying grandmother voices her concern about his lack of a wife, he does what he knows best: he takes what he wants! And it just so happens that the woman nearest and dearest to him is his own assistant – the beautiful Molly. 

What happens when the Devil asks you to pay your dues? Molly Ramsey is just about to find out! Join this racy, rollicking romantic comedy and see just how far the Devil can push the unsinkable Molly before she sets both their worlds on fire? Romantica, erotica, humor, comedy and much more in this 110,000+ word standalone.
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Safe Excerpt; all rights reserved

Molly Ramsey needed a good man. An honest man. A man brave enough to not shudder in the face of evils like Devil Delancy and his tap-dancing hot harem of harlots. Finding that guy was becoming what she quickly was finding an insurmountable challenge. Between Dev, his floozies, and her overprotective big brother, the odds of finding that magic male were dwindling at a lightning pace.

She was never going to get laid again.
She figured part of the reason that Devil’s exploits irked her so much was her own sexual frustration. She hadn’t been to bed with a man in two years.

Two incredibly long, supremely unsatisfying years.

At first, the dry spell had been intentional. After a bad breakup with her college boyfriend, the whole intimacy deal had left a sour taste in her mouth. In the intervening months, the taste had faded and her heart had healed.
Her long walk through the sexual desert had continued, however, with nary an orgasm in sight.
It wasn’t that she hadn’t had opportunities. Her gal pals had thrown unsuspecting men in her path – and some of them had actually been quite gorgeous. Sadly, she hadn’t felt one iota of lust for any of them…not a single speck of desire had flared. She tried to ignore the fact, however, that butterflies fluttered whenever Devil happened to turn those incredible blue eyes of his on her.

She didn’t understand it. She was a healthy, not unattractive chick. So, why was it that she couldn’t get worked up over any of the hot, young men her friends introduced her to? Why did it have to be the irascible, irritating, and very, very forbidden William Delancy that got her juices flowing freely?
There were two plausible explanations as far as she was concerned.
Either God hated her, which she doubted since she regularly attended church and worshiped devoutly, or – and this was much more likely to her way of thinking – she was mentally unstable.
Yep, that had to be it. Devil had finally driven her around the bend during the year she’d worked with him and somehow seduced her psyche into dreaming about him every time she closed her eyes.
There had to be a twelve-step program for that. Perhaps she should contact some of his throng of tramps and find out if they’d formed some kind of self-help club that might help her recover her sanity.
She was sure about one thing, though. She absolutely could not continue down this rabbit hole. Alice needed to get the dickens out of Wonderland before she threw herself at the Mad Hatter’s mattress.
Getting horizontal with her brother’s best buddy was not in anybody’s best interest. Blowing the tumbleweeds off her woo woo with Devil just wasn’t a viable solution - even if the man was a walking, talking sinful temptation.

Nope, she’d just continue her tour through the sexual Sahara badlands all alone.

Growling at the window, Molly ran a hand through her loose red hair, gathering it at the base of her neck. “Get a freaking grip here, Mols. This isn’t the end of the world,” she muttered to herself. If the worst thing she had to complain about was her lack of a good lay, then life could definitely be worse.
Sexy excerpt; all rights reserved
Dropping his hands to her narrow waist, Devil pulled Molly down on the couch until her head rested on the cushion. Stretching out over her, his lips latched around one rosy nipple before she could voice another concern. Better to keep her overwhelmed by pleasure than give her time to think of reasons not to do this, he thought a little desperately. Using his tongue, he circled the engorged bud between his lips while his other hand worried its twin peak. She tasted like strawberries. Tart, but sweet, and utterly intoxicating. Shifting his head between the two glorious mounds, he grinned as she whimpered underneath him, her back arching with pleasure as she offered herself up to him.
Using his teeth, he nipped one tight nipple and drew a breathless cry from her lips. Smiling when she shuddered, he lifted his head to look down into her dazed eyes. “You liked that, didn’t you, minx?” he whispered, claiming her lips for another kiss as he used his thumb and forefinger to twist her swollen nipples.
“Mmmm,” she hummed into his mouth, seeking out his tongue with her own and stroking it sensually. She felt wild and wanton, hot and needy. “Devil,” she breathed, wrapping her arms around his neck when he deepened their kiss again.
Plunging his tongue back into the sweet heat of her mouth, Devil grappled with the button of her jeans and yanked down the zipper. Sliding his hand over the satiny skin of her flat belly, he teased her skin just above the material of her panties. Sucking her lower lip, he groaned. “Let me touch you, Molly. I need to touch you.”
Molly opened her eyes to stare into his stormy face. Licking her lips, she nodded slowly and lifted her ass for him as he pushed the denim past her hips. She knew she’d regret her actions later, but right now, all she could think about was finding a way to quell the building ache inside her. She instinctively knew that Devil could do that for her better than any man breathing. “I want to touch you, too,” she whispered, reaching for the buttons on his shirt. She could feel his eyes watching her as her trembling hands quickly unfastened them and pushed the material over his broad shoulders. She kissed him back when he leaned forward and seized her lips while he shrugged out of the shirt.
Sliding her hands over his now naked chest, her pussy clenched as her hands drifted over the hard muscles. Devil worked out and it showed. Lean and strong, his body was sculpted perfection. Scratching lightly at the soft mat of hair on his chest, she kissed his neck.
“God, Molly,” he groaned, clamping one hand around her ass as he ground his erection against her soft mound. “You’re going to kill me,” he growled when her hips lifted and she rubbed against him, the friction of her still-covered pussy moving against his cock nearly bringing him to the point of no return. “Stop that or you’re going to make me cum,” he growled against her mouth, slapping her bare ass and pulling a gasp from her lips.
Grinding against him again, she hoped he’d spank her again. That little jolt of pain had sent a current of pure pleasure straight to her pussy. Hearing that she was driving him to the edge by just rubbing against him only heightened her pleasure. “I was wrong,” she murmured against his lips.
Lifting his head, he frowned down at her amused face. “Wrong? About what?”
Sliding her hand between them, she cupped his dick through the thin slacks he wore.
“There’s nothing little about your willy after all.”

Sarah O’Rourke is actually two besties who live three states apart and write at all hours of the day and night! Born and raised in the Southern United States, they are overly attached to their one-click accounts, can’t make it through the day without copious doses of caffeine, and spend way too much time on the phone with each other. Between them, they have four children and eighteen years of to a super soldier and the other to egomaniac engineer. They hate empty chocolate wrappers and writer’s block, love to talk to readers...and by the way, they write about strong, kick-ass women and hot alpha heroes!


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Devil’s Prey 
A Dance With The Devil Novel #1
Dance With The Devil Trilogy
SE Chardou

WARNING: This is a dark romance with a hot alpha male, an anti-TSTL heroine and steamy good times. Due to explicit language, violence, adult situations, scenes involving m/m/f and m/f, alcohol and drug use, this novel is recommended to adults that can separate fiction from reality. 

"I'm hot as Vegas desert in the summertime. He's arctic, complete and utter ice.
I don't think past the end of the day. He has long term goals.
The adrenaline is like a spike in my veins. He doesn't seem to have a conscience, let alone a pulse.
I like him enough to stick around. He doesn't seem to care whether I live or die.
Neither one of us trust each other, and in a life of crime, that can be a huge issue."
- Mags

Magnolia "Mags" Reynolds is no shrinking violet. Her innocence is taken away from her at a very young age. Since she can remember, she's been a ruthless criminal but she's managed to survive to see her twenty-fifth birthday. 

Maxwell "Max" Cartier, an expert in his craft, enters her life shortly after a sudden change of circumstances leaves her adrift yet again. He doesn't want to be her lover or friend. He only wants her for one last job that will mean a fortune and his retirement.

The best laid plans are always the first to go awry, and their situation is no different. Both will have to learn the hard way there is no such thing as easy money when they are both merely Devil's prey.

***Although this is a trilogy, all novels are cliffhanger free and should be read in the order they are released to understand the overall plot arc.***

Devil's Prey 

Devil's Pawn (October, 2014)

I sat up and glared at Max, not the least bit happy with him scaring the shit out of me. “You couldn’t just tap me on the shoulder?”
He smirked, his blue-green eyes bright yet mischievous. “That would have been too easy. Besides, I have to admit, it was quite fun to see you have a full on freak out.”
It was my turn to laugh as I tossed my black and silver iPod aside and stood to my full height. Granted it wasn’t much underneath him but he wouldn’t be expecting me to pull anything either. “Babe, do you think that was me freaking out?”
“Uh, yeah! You jumped at my touch like your ass was on fire.” He chuckled as he shook his head with a hint of arrogance.
I balled my right fist and sucker punched him in the gut. Max lurched forward, the air knocked out of him for a moment, as I advanced and promptly grabbed him by the balls and squeezed. Hard.
His gorgeous aquamarine eyes rolled into the back of his head while his breath hitched, uncomfortable and in a certain amount of pain most men wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy.
“You scaring me like you did . . . I was only annoyed. This . . . is me freaking the fuck out. You understand the difference now, baby cakes?” I mused into his ear with a faint hint of amusement.
He nodded his head, his face growing scarlet by the minute, as his fingers dug painfully into mine in an attempt for my hand to free him.
Max’s actions only made me squeeze harder and a groan that almost sounded like pleasure passed between his slightly parted lips. “Sorry, what was that? I couldn’t hear you. Are we clear?”
“Yes,” he croaked.
I immediately let go of his balls before wiping my hands together like I had dust on them. “Good to know we have an understanding.”
My eyes scanned his but something in them had changed. Before I’d sucker punched him and grabbed his family jewels, he’d been playful and relaxed. That was no longer the case. Now, his eyes were stormy, two ocean blue orbs of fury surrounding pinpoint pupils. I took a step back but the Macallan affected me more than I’d previously thought. 
Before I could step completely out of his reach, he grabbed my right arm and crushed me to his chest. Once there, he steadied me with a strong arm while in his free hand, a MR9 Eagle nine-millimeter materialized. He held the compact, semi-automatic pistol underneath my chin and pressed it hard enough into my flesh it would leave a bruise.
“Is this your idea of fun, sweetheart?” Max’s accent became thicker and I could faintly hear the Russian inflections in his English-spoken words. “We can fuck each other up all night if that’s what you had in mind. On the other hand, I’m too fuckin’ old to play these games with you. So, if I take this gun away, will you promise to sit down and behave like a good little girl?”

Selene Chardou is the alter ego of Elle Chardou, and a professional liar. 
When she isn’t busy writing about hot, exciting times with the wild, damaged, out of control set in the world of Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense, she’s planning her next trip to France. 
She is currently working on a vast array of books about good girls gone bad, bikers, gangsters, rockers, fighters, lovers, tattooed alphas, strong women and anyone else she finds remotely interesting. When not glued to her laptop, she enjoys daydreaming about her next great idea, visiting friends, traveling to her favorite locales in the world, jet-setting across the country to author signings, and playing taxi driver to her school-age daughters.
Ms. Chardou currently resides with her two children and their multitude of stuffed animals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hourglass Blog Tour


Title: Hourglass

Authors: K.S. Smith & Megan C. Smith

Genre: Contemporary Romance

  hourglass cover 

Best friends since birth, Brooke Reid and Savannah Prescott, spend their days working together at top fashion magazine Hourglass, while enjoying all that the Denver nightlife has to offer – but sharing a man – no way.

One of Denver’s most eligible bachelors, Luke Wellington, can have any woman he wants and he knows it. Putting his player skills to the test, he destroys a friendship and makes two women fall in love with him as he sits back and enjoys the best of both worlds.

Brooke Reid is a woman looking for her happily ever after, and the day she literally ran in to him, she thought she’d found it. Charming, charismatic, a true gentleman – what more could she ask for? Things are going perfectly until her best friend struts in the elevator and claimed his lips right in front of her.

Savannah Prescott is interested in one thing, having a good time with every single man Denver has to offer. Being tied down is too much of a bore for her free spirited ways. Or so she thinks, but when her best friend starts dating her Friday night fling, she realizes she may be ready to turn in her game card and settle down into a real relationship.

When both girls come to the realization that they are after the same man, it means all-out war. Best friends until the end, or at least until him.







Finally! I thought to myself, taking Luke’s face between the palms of my hands and laying an earth shattering kiss on him right in the elevator for my best friend to see. “I’ve been dying to introduce you to my…” Releasing Luke’s face I looked to my left and then to my right. “Where in the hell did she go?”

Glancing back at Luke’s panic-stricken face, I tried to figure out why Brooke had bolted. What in the hell is wrong with that woman? Wrapping my arms around Luke’s neck, I kissed his cheek. “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost. What’s wrong?” As he was shaking his head no, I pulled my arms from around his neck and placed them at my side.

“Nothing, today is just really busy. Do you know by chance where her office is?”

Confused, I scrunched my eyes together. “Who, Brooke?” Luke nodded. “Well of course I do, Luke, that’s my best friend, the one I’ve been dying to introduce you to.”

His face turned white as a sheet. “Shit” he mumbled under his breath.

I stepped out of the elevator on the ninth floor and walked with Luke toward our parking spaces, he was clearly shaken as beads of sweat were now lining his hairline. “Luke, you’re sweating and I’m not even wearing a revealing top, are you sure you’re okay?” He nodded again. What is wrong with everyone today? I’m dealing with Brooke’s disappearing act, and Luke seems to have swallowed his tongue. “You better be because I’m not in the mood for another rain check tonight.”

Winking at him, I hopped into my car and then took off for my photo shoot. I picked up my phone to dial Brooke as I zoomed through traffic. Her cell went straight to voice mail, so I called the office and got the same thing, voice mail. Trying her cell one more time only to be dumped into her voice mail box for the third time, I conceded. “Brooke, what happened to you in the elevator? I wanted to introduce you to Luke. Isn’t he gorgeous? I’ll be out at a shoot all day, so we’ll have to catch up later. In the meantime, Google Lucas Wellington, his pictures are to die for, but nothing compares to the body under those clothes, and most importantly, his huge you know what! Let’s do a quick dinner tonight, my place. I’ll pick up takeout on the way home, and we’ll have Carl sneak us into your new condo for a tour. We’ll have to wrap up early though; I’m planning on having Luke as my dessert. Love you.” After I hung up, I cranked my music up as loud as it would go and sang along with Katy Perry and Juicy J, making up my own lyrics to their chart topper, Dark Horse. “Her love is like a drug, Luke was tryna hit it and quit it. But Savannah is so dope Luke messed around and got addicted”

4 stars 

This is a great story. It is so much more than the normal love story. This is my first time reading anything from these authors and I am hooked.

The main characters are best friends, Brooke and Savanah. Each of their romances is different and amazing. The plot twists are so good that I couldn’t put the book down. It kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting more. You gotta love the happily ever after and they way these girls get there is beyond words. Men all over should know; Do Not come between best friends!

Reviewed by: Rachel Farradzs



K.S. Smith

K.S. Smith

K.S. Smith is an aspiring new contemporary romance author. When she is not writing you will most likely find her tanning on the beautiful Florida beaches, spending time with her family and friends or dedicating her time to the military through her favorite non-profit organization.

K.S. Smith was born and raised in Tampa, FL and continues to build her life there in her new home with her boyfriend of ten years who will hopefully one day put all book boyfriends to shame with an out of this world proposal.


  Megan C. Smith

Megan C. Smith

Megan Smith was born and raised in beautiful Tampa, Florida where she spent her days falling in love with fictional characters from a very young age.

After marrying her best friend she relocated to North Carolina to support her husband’s career as a U.S. Marine. During her time in North Carolina Megan was blessed with 3 beautiful children who have kept her constantly busy chasing after them and enjoying the daily routine of motherhood.

Most recently Megan and her family have relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida where she has spent the past few months achieving her lifelong dream of publishing her very first novel; as well as continuing to submerge herself in some of her favorite books while appreciating a glass of wine and her favorite, salted pretzel Milanos.



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