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Fear University Release Blitz

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Fear University 

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Fear University
This book completely blew me away. It was not what I expected, it was so much more! The writing sucks you in and the mystery keeps you wanting more. I would definitely classify this in more of the supernatural/paranormal category, but to be fair it really does have it all, mystery, romance, action, angst…. I could go on and on.
Ollie is one of the strongest female characters I have ever read about. Her life alone is so interesting; it could be its own story. She pulls you in with her past and keeps you cheering her on with her strength and determination. Her upbringing and “disease” are unique and make her who she is.  I loved her. The Fear University Crew: Luke, Hatter, and Sunny are amazing as well. They bring Fear University to life and make is real and relatable, the relationship that builds between the four of them is wonderful to see and makes you want to jump right into the story. Especially the romantic tension between Ollie and Luke, trust me, I kept wanting more and more with them ;) The suspense and mystery of Fear University is truly what makes this story and it definitely isn’t what I expected when I picked up this book.
I don’t want to give anything away in the story, but I recommend this book to everyone, even if you don’t like supernatural/paranormal, trust me this book is that good!
Warning, this is a series and kind leaves you on a cliff hanger, but totally worth it.
5 fantastic stars – Can’t wait for book two!

Reviewed by Tonya Nichols of Eye Candy Bookstore
I’ve always known I was a monster, and I don’t
mean some teenage vampire shit either.

My mother abandoned me when I was ten years old
because I have a freakish mutant disease that makes me incapable of feeling
pain. I bounced from one foster family to another because too many people like
to test my medical condition in a game of “Try To Make Ollie Scream.” At
sixteen, I killed a man for taking that game too far.

Two years later, I’m still on the run in Kodiak,
Alaska. Here, I’m the most dangerous person around, until I come face to face
with a creature that should only exist in folklore. The monster is an aswang,
and I, with my medical anomaly, am uniquely qualified to hunt the beast that
haunts the night. At least, that’s what the two scarred, mostly crazy ‘swang
hunters tell me when they kidnap me and take me to Fear University, a school
where young students learn to hunt and kill aswangs.

I arrive at the university a prisoner, but I stay
because I finally find my freedom. 

For once in my life, I belong. I’m needed. I make
a home for myself inside the university masquerading as an old Alaskan prison.
Something close to happiness warms my icy heart when I’m with my scarred, still
mostly crazy tutor, Luke Aultstriver. For a murdering runaway like me, Fear
University is a haven where I can put my skills to good use hunting monsters in
the night.

But when certain truths come to light and even
more lies are exposed, I fear that I, Ollie Andrews, am the worst kind of
monster of all. And, maybe, they should be hunting me.

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About the author

Meg Collett lives deep in the hills of
Tennessee where the cell phone service is a blessing and the Internet is a myth
of epic proportions. She is the mother of one giant horse named Elle and three
dogs named Wylla, Mandy, and Drax the Destroyer. Her husband is a saint for
putting up with her ragtag life. 

Her paranormal romance novels include: 

End of Days Trilogy: The Hunted One, The Lost One,
and The Only One

Days of New Serial Series: Speaking of the Devil,
Full of the Devil, Better the Devil You Know, Devil in the Details, Luck of the
Devil, and Give the Devil His Due. 

Her contemporary romance novel, Fakers, is also

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