Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sawyer & Fin Release with Review

Title: Sawyer & Fin
Series: Adventurous Hearts Series
Author: Zeia Jameson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 31, 2017

To live without adventure defeats the purpose of living.

Fin knows all about living life to the fullest. She had everything - freedom, excitement, and a promising athletic career. But it was all torn from her when a night of risky behavior ended in tragedy. Now she's doing everything she can to protect her sister from following in her tarnished footsteps.

Sawyer has never had boundaries of any sort. He asks for forgiveness rather than permission. Until one bad decision has him running from someone who doesn't forgive easily - or ever. In order to stay alive, and out of prison, Sawyer has no choice left but to rely on boundaries.

When the two cross paths, mixed feelings of hesitation and curiosity taunt their emotions and convictions. Chances are taken. Rules are broken. And they both know it all could lead to the lives they want - lives too perilous to live. Can they grow a relationship in their current safe and ordinary lives? Or will the temptation for adventure lead down a path from which they can't return?

Sawyer & Fin is Book One of the Adventurous Hearts series
Live and love your life, one adventure at a time.

Sawyer & Fin by Zeia Jameson

You meet Sawyer and Fin who both carry secrets. They clearly have family that love and support them but they both seem to keep people at arms length. Both of them want to move on with their lives without causing too many ripples.
When their paths cross, Fin fights the attraction he feels for Sawyer, and it confuses her but she won't push the issue. The past stays with Sawyer and sticks to her, making her struggle through getting people to see her the way she wants them too. The sexual connection heats up but their slow friendship is front and centre. Issues stop things from progressing.
Until the issues aren't there. They share things from the past and the barriers come down. But the past has a habit of coming back and hurting those they love.

I enjoyed the way that Fin and Sawyer connect, even if they didn't want it at first. It was nice to see a friendship grow but the physical aspect of their relationship starts, which is hot! You see that Sawyer is a strong woman who is out to prove herself. While Fin is a strong will guy who is trying to keep the people in his life safe. That says a lot of the characters. It was a great read and I was happy to see that after their darken past, they find their HEA.

4 Stars - Amy Davies, Eye Candy Bookstore

“What are we doing?” he questions, as he pulls hastily from our kiss. He shakes his head. “We can't do this. I can't do this with you.” He backs away a step, taking the heat of our passionate moment with him.

I step forward, not wanting to let it go. “We can do this. It's okay. What are you so afraid of? We need this. And you are lying to yourself if you say or think otherwise.”

We stand silent for a moment. Then, I make a decision for us both. I lean in and curl my fingers around the back of his neck. I brush my lips against his and he takes them forcefully while wrapping one arm around my waist, pulling me tight to his body. He gently tugs at my braided ponytail.

“You have no idea how much this braid drives me wild,” he speaks into my lips with a wicked grin.

“You could show me just how much,” I speak back, attempting to match his expression.

He lets out a low growl and my insides burn. I want all of him to consume all of me. We kiss more, hard and fast, and our hands roam and explore each other. I move my hand under his shirt and rake my fingers up his taut abs. As I make my way up his chest, I feel a raised line of skin.

The scar.

My mind races over what could have caused such a sizable mark. I've had my fingers on it for no longer than a second when Sawyer flinches and pulls away again. He removes my hand from his shirt and then runs his fingers brashly through his hair.

“I can't do this, Fin. I can't. I want to. Believe me. But you deserve better.”

I look down at my feet while my hands wring within one another. “You have no idea what I deserve,” I say, ashamed at thinking for even a second I had a chance at being happy again.

“You know why I'm here, Fin. And you know I'm no good for you. I have so many secrets. Secrets that if you knew, you'd run away faster than the wind.”

“So tell me!” I exclaim in frustration. “Make me run. That's the only way you're getting rid of me.”

He shakes his head again while gripping the back of his neck. “I can’t.”

I sigh.

I step toward him again, my inner daredevil taking control of me. I lean in close to his ear and whisper.

“If you tell me your secrets, I'll tell you mine.”

Zeia Jameson's passion for writing compels her to get into the zone and type until her fingers go numb. When not submerged within her own stories, she enjoys curling up in her large reading chair, snuggling underneath a blanket, and feeding her addictions of coffee and reading. She is fond of humor and laughter and believes these are elements that keep the world sane and spinning.

Zeia lives in Georgia with her husband and daughter, where they spend most of their time exploring recipes, binging on Netflix, drawing chalk-art on sidewalks, and avoiding pollen at all costs.


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