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Tyson by @authorkcoopmans is LIVE!


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I know what it’s like to have your heart split down the middle. 
One-half chases her. The other half chases after the lies, deceit, and betrayal. 
It’s a burning ball of hell. 
Seconds, minutes, hours, and years all spent endured the depth of my own burning inferno. 
All of it runs together while life passes me by.
Thirteen years ago, the woman I was in love with left me standing at the altar. 
Some say thirteen is a lucky number. 
Me? I curse the number.
Now she’s back. 
Reminding me.
Torturing me.
She says things are not what they seem.
That they weren't then either.
Do I believe her?
Do I forgive? 
Time and truth will tell.

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My insides
shake as she walks out with a warm breeze only to be replaced by the freezing
chills and the ice cold stare of Jude. He shuts the door behind him, stands
firmly in place and stares me down.
intimidating look may work well on the criminals you pick
up; I assure you,
it will not work on me. Now, what can I help you with?” Yes, I know that Tyson and his friends are
cops. I know everything there is to know about him. He left as planned for the
Army shortly after I left him. He’s a womanizer. Sleeps around, drinks and gets
into fights. He’s angry, bitter and out of control and it all reflects back on
me. I’ve studied the
symptoms of a broken
person. I’m one myself.
I know very
little about his time at war. I’m sure some of his anger stems from there. I
feared for his life every day. Kept up with the news and terror weighed on my shoulders
every second he was deployed. I’m so proud of him for what he’s done with his
life. Coming from a young kid with the odds of turning into a criminal stacked
against him to a man of honor. A soldier turned cop. I couldn’t ask for a
better man than him.
I still
haven’t been able to let him go. The man I left lives in the tattered mess of
my heart, and I never stopped praying our lives would have been different, that
fate wouldn’t have snuck up on me and kicked my feet right out from under me.
Stole our chance at happiness. I’ve loved Tyson
since the first day I laid my eyes on him. Through time and
therapy, I thought I would be able to stop
loving him. That there was no
way, love
could be this strong that months, years and a decade later it would still
linger. The precious memories I kept locked away swarmed to the forefront of my
mind the minute I saw him again. Stolen kisses, bodies tangled together. Our
hearts so full of promises to one another. I
broke them all.
Broke him. Broke me. I’m here to fix it. Somehow.
 I remain calm matching Jude’s gaze while every
cell in my body is a quivering mess. My stomach shifts uneasily and sweat
breaks out at the nape of my neck. But, I will not falter or allow him to see
that his presence is terrifying me.
“When Tyson
first told me it was you I didn’t want to believe it. I prayed for you to
disappear, to crawl back under your rock and stay the hell away from him. Now
after seeing what this is doing to him. I’ve changed my mind. Before I get into
why I think you owe me an explanation as
to what your plans are, I want you to know I’m standing here not trying to
intimidate you. I’m here to tell you if your reasons are not legit. I will
fucking destroy you.” Good luck. You can’t destroy something that’s already

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