Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Fast Facts:
1) Chasing a Legend Released Today (here)!
2) Grab the free Kavanagh short story (here)! 
3) TBR Kavanagh Christmas Coming November 6th (here)! 



The most soulful Kavanagh brother tackles the challenge of a lifetime—with a little help from the girl of his dreams.

“Fans of Lori Foster’s SBC Fighters series will love the MMA atmosphere of [Sarah] Robinson’s Legends.”—Library Journal
A topnotch manager and agent, Quinn Kavanagh pictures a life outside of his family’s renowned MMA gym. Beneath his sleek exterior, Quinn has a secret passion for sculpting. But after a nearly fatal motorcycle accident, he’s struggling just to walk again, let alone get back to the studio—and it doesn’t help that the doctor in charge of his physical therapy is his childhood crush. Quinn’s always ready for a fight, but the bittersweet sting of unrequited love has him begging for mercy.
Dr. Kiera Finley is determined to make her medical residency a success. Six years ago, she gave in and shared a single passionate night with Quinn. Now she’s just hoping the cocky lover from her past doesn’t derail her plans for the future. Little by little, though, Kiera gets to know another side of Quinn. She knew he was a family man, devoted to his parents and brothers, but he’s also a free spirit trapped in a cage—and only she has the key. To heal both Quinn’s body and soul, Kiera’s tempted to give him a special kind of medicine.

 “This endearing story showcases Keira and Quinn’s easy banter, familiar warmth, and unquenchable heat.” – Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review
[See the full PW review here]


Last week, I sent newsletter subscribers a FREE short story about Rory Kavanagh and his wife, Clare! Make sure to download a copy to read before Chasing a Legend to find out what happened in the three years between Books 3 & 4!
Clare was sure she'd left her past behind her, but the man she once ran from has other plans. Rory is more than ready to help his new bride shed her past once and for all. Neither of them could have guessed that the trip into her past would also be the start of their future.
Download FREE here!
NOTE: This short story is set chronologically after Becoming a Legend (Book 3) and before Chasing a Legend (Book 4), and might contain spoilers from the first 3 books! 

3. TBR The Final Kavanagh Novel!

Add Kavanagh Christmas on Goodreads!

The final novel in the Kavanagh Legends series, Kavanagh Christmas, will visit will all of the couples you've come to know and love, as well as give a glimpse of what the future holds for the Kavanagh family. 
Preorder links and the cover are coming soon, but make sure to add it to your TBR list on Goodreads today!
TBR Kavanagh Christmas Here!

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